Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oregon Coast Vacation

This past weekend we ventured up to the Oregon coast to meet up with Carrie's family. It was Dad's 60th birthday, which seemed like a great excuse to get together. Grandma, Grandpa, Shane and Rio came down from Chewelah, WA (near Spokane) and Jerry came over from the Portland area. We also had some other family come to town; Dad's brother Bruce, his wife Roberta and their son Beau with his family Becky and Hazel. We all had a great time. Keith and I really had a nice relaxing weekend and enjoyed the slower pace that we don't usually get at home. On our way from the Portland airport to our destination in Rockaway Beach, we stopped off at Cannon Beach. We were greeted with a blue sky day.

Keith, Oliver and Carrie at Cannon Beach
There was a truck doing some work that Keith and Oliver were quite impressed with.

Take a good look at these blue skies. We didn't see them except for a small patch here and there for the rest of the weekend.
Playing in the sand
Oliver with his first shell find

Having fun on the beach

Our sunset view from our balcony in Rockaway Beach

Saturday in Rockaway Beach

Saturday was our first full day in Rockaway Beach and true to Oregon Coast form, it was cloudy and cold. Bummer!

Saturday morning Keith introduced Rio to the games on his iPhone. It was a big hit! It was quite a bit colder Saturday than it was Friday. We forgot Oliver's hat so Keith and Shane went out to get hats for the boys. They searched high and low and finally found some on clearance for $2.
Even Grandpa was bundled up for our walk on the beach to meet the rest of the Garner gang who was in town.
Rio and his Dad, Shane Finally, we meet!

Becky and I have been corresponding via email since we both got pregnant around the same time. Becky is married to my cousin Beau and we had only met once before. We got to know each other through email as we shared our experience of being pregnant together. She had Hazel in September '07 and we had Oliver the next month in October. She is also the one who introduced me to blogging! We were very exited to meet up again and introduce our little people. Here, Oliver and Hazel meet for the first time. After a lunch with the whole group, we headed back to the condo so the kids could take naps.
Here, Oliver is having fun with Grandpa.
But alas, the sleep monster got the best of him.
Once again, Rio is intrigued by the iPhone.
The south view from our condo balcony.
The north view from our condo balcony
That afternoon we went and toured Tillamook cheese in Tillamook, OR.
Oliver meets his first cow. MOOO!!!

Ahhh, free samples... FINALLY!
Hazel with her Tillamook Cow.

Sunday at Rockaway Beach

We spent Sunday at Rockaway Beach with the Garner gang so I have several pictures of us just hanging out having fun.

Oliver LOVED the beach. He could run around, throw his ball and just be a boy! Rio enjoyed the beach as well. The poor kiddo had a bit of a cold so he wasn't up to his usual par, but he still had a great time.

This picture makes me laugh! I don't know why, it strikes me as humorous. Maybe because it reminds me of the movie Castaway with Wilson.
Keith and Oliver with the Twin Rocks in the background.
Oliver enjoyed playing with Hazel's bucket and shovel.
Ahh... Dirt!
Hazel was even kind enough (and so cute) to share a few sandy snacks with Oliver.

"You had me at SNACK"

(For some super cute pictures of this, check out Becky's Blog)

Oliver wasn't too thrilled to stop his dirt digging for a photo op.
After some play time on the beach, we headed back to the condo for lunch and naps.
Check out these major G Brow's (Grandpa Garner Brows) going on.
Even the toughest of boys fall asleep on their Dad.
Wow! Sunshine in the afternoon.
That night, we were invited over to join the Garner's and Jordan's for dinner. They were all staying at a family friends house in south Rockaway Beach. On the menu, oysters, grilled shrimp, halibut and salmon. YUM!!!

This is Becky's Dad John and my Uncle Bruce preparing the oysters.

Becky enjoying the oystersWe got the kids some pin wheels and Oliver just couldn't get enough of his. He loved blowing on it to make it go around. He loved it even more when the wind would do the work for him!

The Garner Gang!
From Left to Right with relation to Carrie
Jerry (Carrie's older brother)
Richard (Carrie's Dad)
Barb (Carrie's Mom)
Roberta (Carrie's Aunt, Bruce's Wife)
Bruce (Carrie's Uncle, Richard's youngest brother)
Becky (Beau's wife)
Beau (Bruce and Roberta's son, Carrie's cousin)
Hazel (Beau and Becky's daughter)
In Front - Rio (Shane's son)
Shane (Carrie's younger brother)

View from the back yard.
Keith and Oliver headed out to check out the view
Keith took a few Mother/Son shots. Check it out! I think he did great. Do we have a photographer in the making?

WOW!! There IS sunshine in Rockaway Beach!
Sunset on Sunday
Becky, Beau and Hazel Garner
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