Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Once again, we are having a very mild winter in Colorado.  We have yet to report any major snowfall in our yard but we do have plenty of sunshine and warm air to report of.  With temperatures hovering in the 60's, Oliver exclaimed that it was due time that he wanted to learn to ride his bike without training wheels.  
You see, Oliver was a pro-Stryder Rider.  Then, in the Christmas of 2011, Santa decided that Oliver was ready for a pedal bike.  Since Oliver was a pro-Stryder Rider, Santa opted to get Oliver the next size up in pedal bike.  Unfortunately, Oliver couldn't touch the ground and the pedal bike was a bit intimidating with it's height.  So, he has spent the last year riding with training wheels and fighting with the little voices in his head telling him that he could or couldn't do it.  Finally, Oliver decided to take on those little voices and told them who was boss on the day that he decided to learn how to ride training wheel free.
Don't be worried, Oliver's little voices are no different than anyone else's.   There is no need to seek professional help. In fact, he may have learned how to manage them earlier than most.  You see, when Oliver makes up his mind to do something, he does it.  He puts the little voices in their corner and tells them to stay while he conquers his goals.
On this Sunny Sunday, he wanted to learn how to ride his bike.  He had a New Years Resolution to fulfill.

In the meantime, Kellan tried out the Stryder.  That lasted about 2.2 second.
Oliver pedaled and Daddy pushed while Oliver built his confidence.
Kellan watched from the side while he straddled on the Big Wheel.
Even Dawson the neighbor Dog came out to encourage Oliver to GO FASTER!  Oliver is Always up for a good race.
Oliver didn't quite make it Daddy-free this day, but his confidence grew in leaps and bounds.
The neighbor girls came out to check out all of the excitement under the sun.
Oliver, Keith, Dawson (the dog), Samantha, Kaitlyn and Kellan
The Lane Gang
All fun days in the sun are more complete with a snack.
Then, out came the Barbie Jeep.  Doesn't every neighborhood need one of these?  We think so!
Oliver and Samantha out for a spin.
The big kids riding while the little kids run away.
"Run Kaitlyn... RRRUUUUNNNN!!!!"
Who knows what happened at the end of the street, but Kaitlyn and Kellan came back behind the wheel of the Barbie Jeep.
They didn't control the ride long before the five-year-olds interrupted the fun.
Samantha decided that the Jeep needed some work done under the hood so she jumped into action.  It was quite cute to see.
Then, they were off.
Finally, time for lunch.
Before the day was done, Kellan and Oliver took the Jeep for a spin.  There is nothing more handsome that a couple of young gents who aren't afraid to cruise in pink.

Weekend Warrior Cowboys

When we bought our house, Oliver thought our yard was big enough for a horse.  Lucky for him, when we bought our area rug, the furniture store gave them free stuffed animals and they picked out the horses.  Kellan LOVES to ride his horse around saying "clippity clop, clippity clop".  One fine weekend morning, the two of them were out for a ride.
The ride can get a bit rough and you've got to have one hand up and one hand on the horse.

Then... the cowboys really came out when they put on the hats.
Saddle up and Ride!

Whoa Cowboy!  That horse is getting WILD!

Outta the way, Lady, this Cowboy's Gotta RIDE!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Broncos Stadium Tour

When a Google Deal comes along to tour the Sports Authority Field at Mile High, home of the Broncos, you don't pass it up.  Well, we didn't pass it up.  With Oliver's LOVE of the Broncos, we thought he would LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  We went with our new friends from Primrose and had a great time.  Well... except for Oliver falling ill toward the end.  Poor guy!

As we entered, we walked down the long entry way hall.
Straight away, we got to see the Broncos two Super Bowl trophies and meet two of the cheerleaders.  Oliver was all smiles but Kellan was playing shy-guy.
We toured the halls and all of the memorabilia.
These are the very halls that the players, coaches and cheerleaders walk through to get to their locker rooms.
Then, we emerged out to the field.  Look at the big eyes on Kellan.
Owen and Oliver FINALLY made it to the field!!
So anxious, but still striking a pose for Mommy.
Running some sprints along the sideline.  They couldn't go out on the field, but they could run up and down it over and over again.

Coming in for the finish line.
Then, they pretended to run out from the locker room.
Go Boys GO!
Oliver didn't break the rules by touching the grass.  No one said you couldn't touch it, you just couldn't stand on it.  Someday, maybe he'll get to walk out on the field, or maybe run out of the locker room suited up in his NFL uniform.  You never know where this kid will go.  The sky's the limit.

The crowd listening to the historian talk about the stadium.
Bronco Loving Brothers

This is the scoreboard at the south end of the field.  Take note, they were working on taking it down while we were there and they are installing a new and improved scoreboard.

Back in the hallway, we headed to the visitors locker room.

Before going in, we stopped at the keg locker.  This guy talked about the capacity of the keg lockers, how many there were and how many feet of keg lines there were.  Maybe it's because I have spent most of my career in the beer business in the world's largest brewery, or maybe it's because their primary beer sponsor is not us (boo hiss), but I was under impressed.  Yes, it's a lot, but I would be more impressed if they were MillerCoors beer lines.
Inside the visitors locker room was the cold and hot therapy tubs.  We heard there were several of these in the Broncos locker room.
Kellan was ready to take a dip.
Visitors lockers.

Kellan was checking out one of the visitors chairs.  
Every time I asked for him to say "cheese" he gave me this pose.  Such a Cheesy Ham!

Boys in a locker

Of course, locker rooms have showers.

They also have toilets, or urinals in the mens locker room.  I'm still trying to figure out why there is a short urinal in a locker room for grown men.  Maybe I don't want to know why??
This is the sign you see when you leave the locker room.  The tour guide told us that showing the elevation was intentional to mess with the opponents heads and remind them that they are a mile high and the air is a bit thin up here.
On our way out, we saw some additional memorabilia.

Division Championship trophy's.

There were are also a few retired players.  Clearly, I'm not an ideal fan.  I have no idea who these guys are.
Heading out, Oliver was clearly not feeling well.  Before we got to the car, Keith was giving him a ride.

Before we left, I ran Kellan up to see the horses.  Without a doubt, this was the highlight for him.
Kellan and his favorite site, the horses.
By this time, Daddy was calling Kellan and I to tell us we had to go.  Oliver wasn't feeling well.  We buckled him in the car and he was sleeping before we pulled out of the parking spot.  He was still not feeling well on Monday morning so we kept him home and took him to the doctor.  One look in his throat and you could see that something wasn't right.  The Dr confirmed, he has a nasty case of strep throat.  Poor guy!!  He was a SUPER TROOPER for this tour and he loved it as much as he could.  It's a bummer that he wasn't feeling better, but at least he got to run some sprints with Owen and sit in the lockers.  What a treat to see where the Broncos play, up close and personal.
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