Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Balloon

You would think that I would title this post something like Labor Day Weekend Update or Oliver Photos. As I was going through my recent photos I notice one big theme.... THE BALLOON!!! On Wednesday when Oliver and I went to the grocery store, I splurged and bought him a balloon. He LOVES the balloon's at Red Robin so I thought he would like one from the grocery store. I had NO idea how much he would love it. He loves it so much that it goes nearly everywhere with him. He always has it in his hand or nearby. As he moves from point A to point B he takes it with him. Today, his big frustration was how to move with his balloon and the new ball he got from the Hess'. Such dilemmas. Here are MANY photos of Oliver with one major theme, the balloon.
Here is Oliver in King Soopers with his new balloon. Even though he doesn't looked thrilled, he really is. This was Wednesday, the day his first tooth broke through. He was a little grumpy but I'm happy to say that he has worked through it and he is back to his happy self.

We knew he liked balloon's, but I didn't realize how much. He even took it to his favorite play corner and never let go.

The balloon went outside with him, securely tied to the blue barking dog.
Life is a little black and white without the colorful carousel balloon...
...never fear, the balloon is near!
"I see you Mom, around the balloon!"
Geoff, Stephanie and their kids Evelyn and Freddie came down Saturday evening for a BBQ. Evelyn and Oliver had a great time playing in the yard, with the balloon.
Miss Evelyn
Freddie checking out the world. Don't worry Freddie, you'll be running around with the big kids in no time!
We have been trying to teach Oliver that Madalyn's food and the wine rack are not toys. We have been much more successful than we anticipated. However, Oliver thought if Madalyn was eating that was a free ticket to check things out. Maybe he thought he would pretend to pet her and sneak in on the food. We were on to his schemes though and were keeping a close eye on the action. Poor Madalyn was just trying to have lunch.
Oliver finally decided to just hang out in the cat food neighborhood and leave it along. Notice the red balloon string with the blue barking dog in his arms reach.
Geoff and Stephanie got Oliver a new ball, which he loves. He loves all balls but this was is a new favorite. He got SO frustrated when he would try to crawl with the balloon and the ball. Most of the time he would get high centered on the ball.
We went out to dinner tonight and these are a couple of pictures of Oliver. I think he looks like such a big boy in these pictures. He sure is growing up fast!

Birthday Dinner

Friday night we went out to celebrate my 32nd birthday with Jen, Craig and Katie. We followed dinner with a comedy show at Comedy Works. Here are a few photos from dinner at Il Posto in Denver Uptown.

Carrie, Keith, Katie, (girl at next table), Jen, Craig
Carrie and Keith
Craig and Jen
Keith and Katie

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sprouting Teeth in San Diego

This past weekend we flew to San Diego, CA for Keith's younger brother Jeff's graduation. Like always, we hoped that Oliver would travel well and we would all be healthy and have a good time. Little did we know that Oliver was going to get serious about sprouting teeth over the weekend. It all started on Saturday, the day we took off. He was a little fussy. That night he was up practically every half an hour. By Sunday he was in full blown teething mode. Keep in mind, Keith and I have been thinking he was teething for the past six months. This weekend, there was no doubt, he was teething. We made the most of the weekend, even though we didn't get to do as much as we had hoped and planned. Oliver didn't make it to the Pacific Ocean, but he'll have a week of opportunity when we go to Hawaii soon. We flew home on Tuesday and Oliver was still toothless. Last night he has a nice long night sleep and I'm happy to say that by this afternoon, he had sprung his first tooth!!!!

HUGE thanks to Jeff and Lindsey for your excellent hospitality. We really enjoyed our visit and stay with you. Thanks also for bearing with us while Oliver sprouted his first tooth. We probably owe Daisy the dog a few milk bones for being such a good sport about it also.

The only way to travel.... crashed out in the middle seat.
If the flight attendants would have quite coming on the intercom to ask if anyone had change for a $20, he probably would have slept the whole way to San Diego.
Sitting up like a big boy, giving Michigan Duck a little love.
(Michigan Duck because that is where Keith got it for him and is says Michigan on the front of the duck. I know, we're not very creative with names yet)
We have arrived.
Keith and I are the FIRST to admit that we aren't light packers. Adding Oliver to the mix has doubled our load.
Chillin' with Uncle Jeff
The first night we were in San Diego it was Jeff's graduation party at Miguel's mexican restaurant. Oliver was a trooper and did very well through dinner. By the time dinner was complete, he had crashed on Dad's chest while we were all chatting.
Sunday morning Jeff graduated from the University of California at San Diego with his MBA.
Here is the happy graduate with his very happy wife, Lindsey.
Jeff and Keith.
Jeff posing in front of the ocean view, that wasn't much of a view. Unfortunately, the marine layer of clouds was quite thick this morning and we couldn't really see the ocean. The good part was that it kept it cool for the graduation ceremony.
This photo cracks me up! Keith stood in the back with Oliver. Oliver hardly slept the night before and he was in and out of naps during graduation. We left him in the stroller to just be cozy. I thought this looked like Oliver MUST be famous and Keith was his body guard. HA HA!! What a great Dad!!
Graduated.... AT LAST!!!

Family Photo. We pulled Oliver out of the stroller for a quick family photo. I'm not sure that he was too thrilled, but he looked at the camera anyway.
Monday we went to Sea World. Oliver didn't have many smiles, but he was quite attentive to the Shamu and Dolphin shows. He also loved the Shark tunnel.

Here is a photo that Keith took of the beluga whales eating that I thought was very cool.
There was a tunnel that had a moving sidewalk that we rode through. Around the tunnel were sharks swimming very close by. Oliver was so mesmerized that we went through twice. His eyes were HUGE and right on the sharks. You can tell by these photos how he doesn't feel well. Poor little guy.
After the first ride through the tunnel we stopped for a family photo. Oliver is hanging on to Dad's head like the monkey's we see at the Denver zoo.
Round 2 through the tunnel. I wish you could see the sharks, but they were all around us and very large.
Oliver watching the Shamu show. He had his eye on the big whales jumping around. I think he was analyzing the whole thing. Sometimes, I wish I knew what he was thinking. He sure seems to have a lot going on in his head.
Jeff, Oliver and Keith waiting for the dolphin show. Oliver seemed quite impressed with the Dolphin show and was feeling a little better. We actually saw a few smiles!
Oliver LOVED Daisy the dog. Here he is trying his flirtatious side look with Daisy to see if she'll let him pet her. She was very good with him.
Ahhh.... Oliver finally got to pet Daisy.
Monday was my 32nd birthday and after Sea World Keith and I went to dinner at Peohe's in Coronado. We were nervous to leave Oliver since he hadn't felt well, but we figured he was in good hands with Nana, Papa, Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Jeff and Daisy the dog. Dinner was great and we had a very nice time. Here we are standing in front of the San Diego sky line.
After dinner we went for a walk on the beach. Since we were the only ones there we took a few self portraits.
Having fun on the beach.
AHHH.... so refreshing on the toes.
After a long weekend of being tourists and Oliver teething, he was quite tired. While we were waiting for the airplane to depart, he literally Crashed on Keith. He leaned forward and went to sleep. This was a first! Crazy Kid!!
Happy to be on the airplane.

Legs up Loungin'.
I had a leg fence in front of Oliver so he wouldn't tumble off the chair. I guess he thought he should have a leg up also.
Ahh.... another nap. Life is good as a 10 month old!

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