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We hope that everyone had a great Christmas. We had an excellent Christmas and we hope that you enjoy reading about it on this blog.

Christmas Eve came and we were all set for Santa. The only thing left to do was read Oliver his bedtime stories. Another new tradition is Keith likes to read The Night Before Christmas to Oliver on Christmas Eve.

I'm not so sure that he is buying into this story.
The finishing touch, to bring out the rocking horse from Grandma and Grandpa Garner.
Christmas morning, Oliver looked ready in his Christmas PJ's. However, he wasn't so sure about the horse by the tree though. It took him a while to warm up to it.
AH... Mama LOVES gifts from JF Options! A new bracelet and necklace this year!!
Oliver talking to the horse, but still warming up.
Oliver checking out a new book.
Tearing into the paper...
Doodling on his Aqua Doodle. The best invention ever!
Oliver received this snoopy from the neighbor girl, Aimee. He LOVES it and cuddled it the second he saw it. He was quite cute.
Oliver checking to see if there is something exiting in the bag.
Keith, surprised with his new Blue Angle Citizen Eco Drive watch.

AH.... Being the cutest kid ever on Christmas Morning is very hard work.
Oliver taking a goldfish snack break.
Christmas Day, the Sanderson family with Phil, Shawna, Abigail and Ian came down from Fort Collins so that we could have dinner and then go to the zoo. They have Zoo Lights at night, which is a big Christmas Light display. If we were there by 4:00 we could use our zoo passes and not pay. If we got there later, they would re-open the gates at 5:00 and we would have to pay for zoo lights. We literally got in right as they were closing the gates at 4:00. Notice the gates are closed in the back ground. It was also a beautiful warm day in the 50's. What a great way to work off dinner and get some fresh air on Christmas!
Keith and Oliver scoping out the lions, tigers and bears... oh my!
These sea lions cracked me up with their pose. I think they had been sunning themselves in the evening sun. We got to them just as the sun was going down. They sat like this the whole time were were at their exhibit.
Ian riding along in the backpack.
I bet this bear was exited for winter. This is also the place that we notices that Oliver can say "bear" and grrr!! All of Keith's bear hunting talk is coming to fruition.
This isn't a great example of Oliver saying "bear", but it is an example.
One of the light displays. It was tough to capture so we didn't take many photos.
Now you see Keith an Oliver (with flash)
Now you don't (no flash)

Christmas Eve Morning

Christmas Eve Morning, Oliver helped me with a few finishing touches while Keith was at work.

The decorations were out, gifts were under the tree and we were ready to roll into Christmas.
Santa was riding into Christmas in style on his rocking horse that matches Oliver's.
Oliver enjoyed watching the snow fall on Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care!

In hopes that Saint Nick, Soon Would Be There...
because the cookies and milk station was ready for action.
... and Oliver was peaking in the shopping bags!!! Luckily, there was nothing but an empty box left inside.Is that a look of guilt?
In the midst of last minute prep, Oliver found the ribbon stash. Yeah, I knew it would be a tangled mess, but he had a good time and it made for fun photos.
As if that wasn't enough ribbons, he found the second supply by the fire place.

We are all set and ready for Christmas!

Christmas Eve Lunch

For Christmas Eve lunch, we met the Hess Family in Boulder at Pasta Jays. YUM!!! We had a great time and it was a perfect way to kick off Christmas.

Freddie and Geoff
Miss Evelyn
Evelyn, Geoff, Stephanie, Freddie, Keith, Oliver and Carrie
The Hess Family
Geoff, Freddie, Stephanie and Evelyn
The Hamilton Family
Keith, Oliver and Carrie
How cute is this?!
Evelyn giving Oliver a hug good-bye!
Notice Oliver travels with his own balloon. We couldn't get it away from him!

Christmas Prep

I am WAY behind on updating the blog, but I wanted to share some of the photos from Christmas Prep. Not only am I behind on updating the blog but we were behind on Christmas as well. We didn't get the tree up until the Friday before Christmas and we finished our shopping on Dec 23. Whew! Here are some of our favorite photos from that week.

Typical one-year-old!
Who needs toys when you have packing material?
This kept Oliver entertained for a good 30 minutes.
The kids at Oliver's school had a book exchange the week before Christmas.This is Oliver opening his book that he got from Charlie with a very inquisitive look on his face. Oliver has become more and more expressive. Here, I think he is saying "mess, who, me?"
"But I'm SO cute! How could I have made a mess"
Madalyn loves cuddling in the winter. She is always bound to find a spot to curl up. Even if there isn't much room left for her.
AHHH..... Oliver LOVES balloon's!
We went out for breakfast last week and they gave him this balloon that he carried around EVERY WHERE!!
While we were laying on the floor watching TV one night, Oliver was walking around by holding onto us. Before we knew it, he had let go and was standing alone, hands free! We had to get up to get the camera but by then he was not going to stand alone for the photo. He did, however, find a nice seat with Dad's hand.
Oliver LOVES Peak-A-Boo! Since we made room for the Christmas Tree, he discovered that he can play peak-a-boo around the couch.

Check out that static cling hair!
I was trying some new settings on my camera and ended up with these two shots that crack me up!
Can you see the brain power action?!
Since this is the second year for several events with Oliver, we now declare them traditions!
This is Oliver's 2nd annual Christmas Ornament.
This is the 2008 Hamilton Family ornament.
You can tell that last year was Baby's First Christmas because he has a wide variety of ornaments to prove it. This was one of my favorites.

Keith, taking it easy.
Oliver in the light of the Christmas Tree.
Never fear, the balloon is near!
Mama and Oliver

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