Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Having Fun

Sometimes, we stay home and have fun around the house.
One morning, Oliver was up before Kellan.  While I was getting up I asked him to go and keep Kellan company as I heard Kellan stirring.  When I went into Kellan's room, Oliver was in his crib and they were playing.  By the time I came back with the camera Kellan was looking for an escape route.

Two crazy kids.  Yes, Kellan is screaming at me to get him out of the chaos.  After a few photos, buddy.

"Is there anyone out there who can save me from this contraption?"
Oliver always has a good time in the crib.  He never wanted to give it up in the first place.
Kellan is growing in leaps and  bounds.  He's crawling on all fours and pulling up on furniture and his toys.  He usually panics when he wants to sit down though.  It's as if he has gotten himself on his feet and he's not sure what to do next.

The next day, the other side of the table.

Oliver demonstrating the functions of the activity table.
Later that night, Kellan and Daddy had some strange looks toward the living room.
Was it a bird?
Was it a plane?
No, it was dance party USA in the Hamilton House!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Evelyn and Freddie's Birthday Party

On June 25 we celebrated Evelyn's 5th birthday and Freddie's 3rd birthday in Longmont.  We had a great time and as always, the Hess family threw an amazing party.
All the kids sitting around with the singing and guitar playing children's entertainment.
Even Kellan was entertained by the entertainment.
Audience participation time.  I have no idea what these sticks are called.
Drum time!
Even Kellan got to participate this time.

Everyone was having a great time!
Oliver is not one to miss cake, ice cream and a round of the Happy Birthday song.
Oliver keeping a close eye on Operation Birthday Cake.
Kellan enjoying pizza crust.
The birthday girl, Miss Evelyn.  Happy 5th Birthday!
The birthday boy, Mr Freddie.  Happy 3rd birthday Freddie.
The kids all went out back to release lady bugs on the hop plants.  I hear they are good for the plants and eat the aphids.  This was a BIG hit with the kiddos. 
Oliver examining the lady bug process.
Oliver helping the lady bugs to find the hop plants.

I love this photo of Evelyn.  She flinched right when I took it.  She's checking out a lady bug on her shoulder.  They were everywhere!!

Oliver has a hitch hiker on his back.
Freddie and Oliver under way with Operation Lady Bug Launch.
We hear that if a lady bug lands on you it is a sign of good luck.  These kids should have good luck for many years to come.
Meanwhile, Keith and Kellan were enjoying the shade with a drink and an empty glass.  Regardless of who's was empty or full, they were happy.

Looks like a tad bit of Mom's lemonade is still in the bottom of the glass.  Maybe that is what had Kellan's interest peaked.
Kellan got some time with the youngest Hess, Johnny.  Johnny is only 2 months younger than Kellan.

What summer birthday party would be complete without water balloons?
Oliver inspecting his next water balloon bomb.
Oliver scoping out his next target.
Carefully pursuing the target.
What you didn't see was off to the right he was after his target Jeff Hess.  Keith and I may or may not have had something to do with his choice of target.
Then this one had a little hole, perfect to get Oliver with.
What a great party!  Thanks for including the Hamilton family in the Hess birthday celebration.
Happy Birthday Evelyn and Freddie!

Last Saturday of Spring Soccer

The spring soccer season has come to a close and Oliver loved each and every game.  We saw improvement each week and he always had fun.

Oliver going for the ball.
This is a great example for why even the 3/4 year olds need shin guards.  Sometimes, they miss the ball and kick their opponent instead.  This would also explain all of his shin bruises that magically appeared.
Mmmmm Banana Boat!
Oliver was always content to swipe one of the Metzger's seats while he was not playing.  Here he is with Michael, Charlie's older brother.  Notice Oliver's crosses leg casual pose.  Maybe he is just working on high thigh tan.  This kid cracks us up, even when he's not trying.
I love this photo of Oliver going for the ball.
Here is a video clip from the last 2 minutes.  I was so busy taking still shots that I didn't get much video.  They let all of the players from both teams play for the last minutes.  It was a bit chaotic, but fun to watch.  You'll hear me saying Oliver was crying.  It was as if he thought about it, changed his mind and went after the ball instead.  Go Oliver Go!!

The last cheer of the season.  Go Dynamo!
(Notice the older brothers standing guard in the background making sure their little brothers and sisters know what they are doing.

The whole team.  Oliver and Charlie are on the far right and Michael is on the far left.
Oliver accepting his trophy and ribbon.

Showing off his new trophy and ribbon.
Best Buddies Charlie and Oliver.
Spring season may be over but don't fret, fall soccer will be here in two short months.
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