Saturday, June 30, 2012

So Long June

What better way to enjoy your last day of June than to kick it off with a pancake breakfast at Mommy's annual work picnic?
Oliver and Kellan thought it was a mighty fine way to spend the morning.
Especially now that the employee picnic is on it's way to the last soccer game of the season.

Since Coach Dan was out of town, Dad's Keith and Patrick pitched in for the day.
Kellan was a bit skeptical of the change in leadership so he buried himself in his peanut butter crackers and hid in his man-of-mystery shades and hat.
Oliver had some great moves with the ball.
Hustle was this kids middle name!
We think that we had played this team just a few weeks prior and our Team Union had shown some great progress since our last meeting with Team Dynamo.
Coach Patrick strategized with the three-some before kick off.
Kellan and his Babiators.  Cute is an understatement.
Look at those kids move the ball.  Good thing Oliver is in his red socks so you don't miss him in the mob of kids.
The kids had another great soccer season, complete with a medal from the league.
Owen and Oliver posed for a picture on their last day.  We were just missing Charlie and his brother Michael who were vacationing.

Oliver was SO proud of his new medal and couldn't wait to take it home to display it next to his trophy.
Saturday evening we went to the Stack's to treat them to dinner and catch up.
For dessert we had ice cream bars.  Oliver and Parker were so excited that they both wanted to carry them outside so they decided to do it together.  Now there is a sign of team work.
Cheese Boys!
Notice the left shoe/sock club?  Kellan joined in some time after this photo.
They had such a hard time with the concept that they should stop eating the ice cream to smile for a photo that I told them to take a big bite and smile.  Oliver is leading by example.  Kellan is not so sure that is an example he wants to follow.
We did get to see baby Benjamin and snuggle him a bit but we didn't get any photos.  
Go ahead and say it....  WHAT?!
Next time.  I promise!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


At Oliver's new Primrose School, they take them on field trips 1-2 times a week in the summer.  He LOVES LOVES LOVES It!  Plus, parents have the option to be a chaperon.  I picked a few dates that worked and gave Oliver the choice of location.  He picked the Aquarium, so on Thursday, we all loaded up on the Primrose bus and headed out.
Every kid had a partner that they maneuvered with.  Oliver's partner was the cutest little thing, Miss Dylan.
There was SO much to explore at the Aquarium.
All 19 of the kids would huddle around the glass to see the fish and in this case, the otters.
They braved the tunnels with sea turtles, sting rays and VERY large fish.

To their surprise, there were even real live mermaids splashing around to "Under the Sea".

Hey Look... a scuba guy too!
Not everything was hands off, when they came upon the star fish exhibit they were ready to explore.
The class all gathered for a quick rest and photo op.  Here is all 19 of the Pre-K I class.
Oliver and I had a GREAT time on the field trip.  Next up, Daddy is joining them for some great fun in July.  Stay Tuned!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Circus, Afro, Polka Dots

Did I mention we have been breaking heat records with temperatures in the 100's?
Can I hear an "UGH!" for Mother Nature?!
There are several new kids movies out this summer that look great and we have been anxious to take Oliver.  Since Kellan is free at his under 2 status, we braved the theater with all four of us.  We loaded up with slushies and popcorn and settled in.
The pre-previews were so good that Oliver couldn't peel his eyes away.
Ready... Set.... Start!
We took the boys to see Madagascar 3 and it was deemed a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!
Oliver was fabulous, as you would expect for a movie loving 4.5 year old.
Kellan was fabulous for a 22 month old little boy.  He sat perfectly still for a VERY LONG TIME.  He laughed and laughed when the audience did and sometimes, he laughed just to laugh.  Maybe he thought it was funny or the right time to laugh.  It didn't matter since it was a comedy.  In the last 10 minutes he got a bit antsy and had to stand in the aisle but we made it all of the way to the end.  We left singing the praises of a funny movie, we all agreed that Madagascar 2 is still the best, hands down and we had a new tune stuck in our head for DAYS!  Something about a Circus, Afro and Polka Dots. 


As the heat blazes on in Denver, breaking records in the 100's, team Union's fire was sparking at best.  They had a good go of it, but toward the end of the season they were faced with some tough teams that were bigger and faster.  In this 4 and 5 year old league, those other kids had to have been an old 5.  Out kids were full of energy, enthusiasm and drive and we celebrated each and every goal.
Once again, the new chairs were a bit hit with the Ham Fam boys.
Oliver had several great drives with the ball.
(I know this isn't golf where you DO drive the ball, but I'm thinking I'm going to adopt that term for soccer too.  It sounds more aggressive than dribbling the ball.)
It is so much fun to watch Oliver's drive and determination come out on the field.
The kids gathered around to watch the other team kick the ball in.  Oliver is wearing his flashy red socks that match his Nike swoosh.  At times, that was the only way I could find him in the mob.
A highlight of the games is ALWAYS the half-time snack.
At the end, Team Union always give a "good game" to the opponents.
The Grand Finale tunnel always seems to be a highlight as well.
This was the second-to-last game but Coach Dan's last since he was out of town for the final game.  In honor of the great season, Coach Dan recognized each team member with a trophy.  Here you can see him teasing the boys as to who was going to get the last trophy.  Oliver was volunteering since he knows, you save the best for last! :)

Great Job on another Soccer Season, Oliver.
We couldn't be more proud of how you play the game.  You show drive, determination and dedication.  This season you learned that it's just as important to make the goal as it is to assist your team mates in making goals.  You celebrated every goal and recognized that you can't win them all, but you can always have fun.  We Love You Soccer Star!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ice Cream

What is summer time all about when you're a kid?
Playing with your friend, running in the water, staying up WAY past your bedtime and ICE CREAM!!!
After soccer practice we went over to the Martin's for pizza and Owen's Mom busted out these ice cream cones for the boys.  YUM!!!  Is there really anything cuter than a bunch of water drenched, summer time happy boys eating ice cream on the patio?  I think not!

I can't get over how much I LOVE this photo of Cole and Kellan.  
The trouble and curiosity stirring in these two could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E someday.
"Mommy, do you want some?!"
Oliver and Owen, loving life in the summer time.
We sure do love these boys!
Full of character, these two.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Benjamin Henry

On June 20, 2012, the world was blessed with a new Stack, Benjamin Henry.

I was absolutely honored that Jen asked for me to photograph Benjamin's first moments.  This is such a special and personal time in a couples life that to have them ask for me to be there meant the world.  However, Benjamin's due date was at the same time we were due to be at the Davisson Family reunion.    Parker was five days late, so it was highly likely that Benjamin would arrive while we were out of town.  On Saturday, I missed a call from Jen.  I called her back as soon as I saw it and she said "sorry, I didn't mean to call you.".  Oops, pocket dial.  Jen was still 40+ weeks pregnant and Benjamin hadn't even knocked on the door to come into the world.  Jen was out running errands in the blazing Denver heat.  Benjamin was gracious enough to honor his Mommy's request to have me home to photograph his first moments but with that he request fulfillment she paid the price of being pregnant just a bit longer.  It took ALL day on Wednesday, but at 4:21 PM, he was welcomed into the world by his Mommy and Daddy.

Congratulations Jen and Craig on the arrival of Benjamin!

Benjamin made his presence known at a whopping 9 lbs 5.4 oz.
Of course all of the sweet moments with Benjamin were wonderful, but this was one of my personal favorites when he was already trying to scale the side of the bassinet by the tips of his adorable toes.  (and those buns... don't you just want to give them a pinch?!)
He is already standing tall at 21.5"
Parker is a proud big brother.
He has big plans for everything he and Benjamin are going to do together.

Welcome to the Big Bro club, Parker!
Parker even made a special card for Benjamin.  He was so proud of it he had to tell everyone what stickers he had put on the card.
Benjamin is one lucky little guy to have such a great Big Brother.

Congratulations Stack Family!
We Love you and your Family of FOUR!
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