Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

New Years Eve 2012 was at the Martin's.
When I went downstairs to check on the kids, this is what I found.
There is nothing like the Wii.
Of course, I had dibs on these two handsome gents for a New Years kiss.

The adorable Mr and Mrs Hamilton.
(Hey... If the kids are adorable, surely their Mommy and Daddy are too as that must be where they get their wit and charm)
The kids took over the kitchen table for dinner.
The guys relaxed in the living room before we busted out some Catch Phrase. 
 Living Wild!
First, it was the fun glass the night before.  Now, he's taking over Owen's mini chair.
Ahh....  here we are again!
I may have shamelessly asked Kristi to check out our cool new camera and "hey, test it out, you can take a photo of us."
Miss Kristi, the hostess with the mostess.
Finally, midnight arrived... in New York... and we celebrated in style with blow horns and smooches.

Then... after the ball had dropped and the kids were wound up, we decided to pack up and leave when the Jedi Master started showing his after-midnight-colors.
Thanks to the Martin's for a great New Years Eve!  We look forward to many more adventures in 2013!

New Years Resolution

I'm not a fan of New Years Resolutions   I'm more of the school that we should work to better ourselves all year long, not just in January.  However this year, I do have something in mind.  This is based on some recent events that made me think I need to take this on.  If you know me, you know I'm a social media addict.  This is where I get my news, current events, friend updates, social info, etc. On the downside, as much as it has created an outlet for me to share our current events, it has also given me a sense that I'm connected with friends that live near and far.  In fact, this is a false sense of connection.  I may know what they are up to, but I don't KNOW and I'm not connected like I may believe.  So, I have a New Years Resolution.  Plus, I'm going to take a page from a celebrity blog that I follow and post our families New Years resolutions just like she did.  (You know, Tori and I are TIGHT, whether she knows it or not.)  I cornered each and every one of our fine Ham Fam boys and asked them their resolutions.  Keith knew his, it's been his for a few months now.  Kellan popped his off in 2.2 seconds flat.  Oliver is a thinker and hesitant to commit.  He's always been this way.  (I'll take note to warn his girl friends when they wonder why he won't commit.  He'll drive them crazy!)  Oliver finally agreed to some, but it didn't come without question.

In 2013...  The Ham Fam will once again, have an amazing year.  Life is what you make of it, and we choose to make it amazing!

In 2013... The Ham Fam will have less TV and more music!  Music makes us happy, especially accompanied with a good dance party.

In 2013... Carrie will connect more with friends on the phone.  Hold me to it!

In 2013... Keith will continue with the 1% model of forming new habits.

In 2013... Oliver will become independent with skiing and riding his bike.  No more safety straps or edgy wedgies on the slopes and no more training wheels on his two wheel bike.

In 2013... Kellan will spend more time with his Choo-Choo's.

As a follow-up... Oliver's agreement to his resolution was followed with questions of "HOW?".  He is absolutely on board for these goals, but saying it's a New Years resolution was tough.  We had to explain that this didn't mean it was happening tomorrow, just in the New Year.  He is already well on his way to accomplishing both thanks to a ski lesson on Saturday and his training wheels that are bending nicely to stay out of the way without his knowledge.  Oliver is really no different than many of us.  I already wonder how I will hold my commitment to connecting more with friends on the phone.  Keith has been practicing his for months and has found success and areas of improvement that he would like to continue to focus on.  Kellan is currently carrying around a choo choo so he's well on his way... oh wait... he just dropped it on the floor and picked up a football.  Resolutions are meant to be worked on, not perfected in the first day.  Besides, today is still 2012, so this is just practice.  Resolutions and goals are meant to improve our lives and something to strive for.  If we didn't always have something to strive for, life would be rather dull and boring.  Here's to a fabulous 2012 and an Amazing 2013.  May you strut into 2013 with your head held high ready to face a new year full of high anticipation for nothing short of Amazing.  Life is what you make of it.  CHOOSE to make it Amazing!

PS... I'm still working on Christmas posts.  They are coming!  Be sure to check below to see if they are slowly appearing with back dates.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ho Hey - Lumineers!

Months ago, six or more, Kristi and I bought four tickets to see the Lumineers at the Ogden.  They 
were playing on New Years Eve but knowing that there was no way we would get a baby sitter that night (those twenty-somethings have other ideas of a good time on New Years Eve other than babysitting) we were excited when they opened a second show on December 30.  Our hot little hands dialed up those tickets lickety split.  This was long before they were nominated for a Grammy for the Best New Artist.
Prior to the show, we went to dinner at Steubens and bellied up at the bar while we waited for our table.  This is the "You brought the camera!!" with a happy surprise look.  I usually bring it but I was nervous that cameras wouldn't be allowed so I was going to do like everyone else and use my iPhone.  I was SO happy that Keith brought the camera!!!
Keith and Patrick
Krist and Carrie
When you get a drink in a glass like this, a fun photo is a pre-requisite to drinking it.
As we walked in, the second opening act was just finishing up with a few songs.  Not arriving earlier put us in the back of the theater, but after a few minutes of the second opening act we knew we had made the right decision.  Listing to that guy was pure torture.  
The Ogden is not a large venue and there really isn't a bad seat (place to stand) in the house.  There really are no seats so you just stake your claim where you stand.  I'm guessing the venue is 30 yards from the stage to the back of the crowd.  It's not far.

Half way through the show, the band said something (which I completely missed) and walked off the stage.  A few moments later, they were on the balcony right above us singing an acoustic Ho Hey.  Literally, half of the band was above our heads, the other half was on the other side (see below) It was AWESOME!  No mics, no speakers, nothing.  Just a guitar, a base drum and their voices.  Epic!
I suspect that before we know it, we'll be watching them as a headliner at Red Rocks saying "we saw them when".

Sunday Football and Blue Angel

After Christmas Weekend was crazy busy, we welcomed New Years weekend which provided much more rest, relaxation and BRONCOS FOOTBALL!
The boys were FIRED UP to wear their new Broncos Jersey's.  Daddy had said that if the Broncos went to the Super Bowl he would buy them for the boys.  Since we know they are going, we bought them ahead of schedule for the boys to exchange at Christmas.
Granted, the other Manning brother plays on another team, but someday, we may have Hamilton brothers jerseys in the house.
Grrrr.... Broncos Power!!!
Then... I busted out the camera and did some more experimenting.  How can you resist taking a bazliion photos of this cutie pie.

... and this mystery cutie pie...
I bet you know who this is.  Hint.. He's one of the two brothers wearing Broncos jerseys.

At half time of the Broncos game, Keith took Oliver outside to fly the Blue Angel Kite.  They would watch Keith's new Anemometer that is mounted to the roof of the house, watch for the wind and then GO GO GO!!!
As the sun was setting over the mountains, it was magical to watch Keith and Oliver fly the kite.

At the air show in September, Oliver said he wanted to fly a Blue Angel just like the ones we saw.  Maybe this is just the beginning.

Meanwhile... Kellan was relaxing in his own style on the couch.

That is until he noticed Daddy and Oliver outside and then he wanted to be bundled up to go outside as well.  The three of them chased the wind as they flew the kite until it was practically dark.  They came inside with red cheeks and full of laughter and stories of flying the Blue Angel.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oliver's Ski Day

After Patrick's ski lesson invite, Oliver was fired up.  The lesson was from 1-4 at Loveland and the guys had a leisurely drive up late morning, after the crazy I-70 traffic.  The boys were on fire and storming toward the lodge.
There was plenty of fresh snow for some nice turns.

Once at the lodge, Oliver was fitted for Ski Gear.
Then... the memory card on the camera was full.  Major Bummer!!
However, Keith did send this photo from his phone of Oliver and Owen geared up and ready for their lesson.
They did VERY well and are well on their say to being black diamond skiiers.  Oliver learned his turns a bit better and can stop on his own.  Owen prefers the straight down method with someone tackling him at the bottom, but he always has been a bit more fearless than Oliver.  We're hoping to get Oliver up for a few more lessons this year to get him well on his way.

Here is a video Patrick took.
You'll see Owen on the left and Oliver on the right with Keith giving a push.
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