Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oliver Flag Football Fall 2016

This Fall, Oliver started his tenth season as a Dragon.  He loves playing flag football and looks forward to it every season.

Sometimes, he and his team have to play against friends that they hang with every day.  It's tough and fun, all at the same time.  Regardless if they are friends off the field, they are still tough competitors on the field.  
It's a good thing that Ethan has some fancy feet because Oliver was ready for him.
Oliver's personal favorite and specialty is rushing the quarter back, even if he knows Sam.

He played quarter back himself a few times.  Ironically, every photo I have, his buddy Owen is hiking him the ball.  They must be a good pair.

For the championship game, Oliver busted out some "O" eye black.
The Dragons are ready to dive into another championship game, even though they are once again playing their buddies.

Wahoo!!  Their opponents gave them a challenge and then Dragons took home the Championship trophies for Fall 2016.

You played another awesome season, Oliver!  With plenty of flag pulls, touchdowns and great runs. We are so proud of you and love to watch your drive and determination when you play.

Kellan's Fall 2016 Flag Football Season

Kellan had another great flag football season with the Polar Bears.  He's not the most die-hard flag footballer or sportster, but he enjoys it and improves each season, so that's the most important part.  Kellan is very creative and outgoing, he's all about having a good time and makes a party out of most any situation.

He's always Mr Social on the sidelines (and sometimes on the field but the coaches are quick to focus him).

Kellan tried and tried to get flags but it was often just out of his reach.  That was, until this game.  The coach (AKA his Dad) was so excited that he pulled him up into the air in celebration.  I was so happy to have gotten that photos :)

Kellan has such a great game that he got a sportsmanship medal for the week.

The kids has an AWESOME season!  They were (almost) undefeated.  There was one team that was tough to beat so their final game wasn't for the championship but they were champs in our minds, even though the kids were disappointed. Most of the kids had just barely turned 6 in this 6-7 year old league, so they were up against some big kids.  It's so fun to watch these kids grow and improve each season and form lasting friendships.

It's important to have championship hair at the final game and run off the field with killer cuteness.

When it was all done and said, the kids had an amazing season and were happy to get their trophies.
It's fun to see Keith coach the Polar Bears and it was especially fun that he got to give his son his trophy.
Kellan was SO happy :)

Our Ham.

So proud of these guys!  What a great season.

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