Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Ahh.... Easter 2013
One year from last years big move and Easter chaos.  
We are glad that Easter 2012 is behind us and we're able to make Easter memories for 2013.  What Oliver remembers from Easter 2012 is that Daddy wasn't there for the egg hunt.  At least that's the worst of it.  He doesn't remember the highly stressful move out of our old house, having to unexpectedly move into vacation housing and having the spend the whole day at the Martin's house without us on Easter.  I did make it for the egg hung. This year, we were calm, relaxed and all together.  MUCH better.
The Easter bunny had no problem finding our new home and filled the baskets with oodles of goodies.
The Easter Bunny took on the tradition of hiding the baskets so the kids had to run and find them.  Oliver found his on the potty (silly Easter Bunny) and Kellan's was under the living room table.
The boys loved discovering what the Easter Bunny brought special for them.

Then, they discovered the chocolate bunny.
Yay!  Chocolate!
Oooo Colored Eggs for breakfast.
Eggs and Cinnamon Rolls that were hot from the oven.
Oliver has his eggs picked out and he's ready to go.

Kellan was eager to dive in and pick out his eggs.
The boys were dressed and dapper in their coordinating Easter shirts.
As we were leaving for the Martin's, we saw the neighbor girls on their way to their Grandma's house. They were absolutely adorable in their pretty dresses.  Getting the four kids together for a photo was quiet entertaining.  Oliver took it like a pro, Kellan was playing shy, Samantha and Kaitlyn were trying to get Kellan to smile, while making sure their pretty dresses looked just right.  So cute!

Samantha was very excited about her shiny anklet.  She insisted that I take a photo of it.  You can bet that she didn't have to ask twice.
The two Hamilton boys on Easter morning.
When we arrived at the Martin house, we were greeted by a gorgeous brunch table, including Mimosas.  YUM!

Owen and Cole had greeted us outside and Oliver and Kellan couldn't wait to join them.
Owen was a crack up as he posed for the camera.  He was the perfect model.

Owen and Oliver planning their biking strategy.
I couldn't get enough of these two in their handsome coordinating shirts.  They have the best bright orange shorts to match, but it wasn't quite shorts weather.  Next time.
Cole was rippin' it up on the Stryder.
Oliver had a big day on his bike.  His confidence soared as he sped up and started and stopped on his own.  Apparently, someone has had a growth spurt.  He can finally touch with his tippy toes while he's on the bike seat.  This helps in leaps and bounds for starting and stopping.  We sat back and watched him kick off on his own for the first time.  We are so proud of him.

Patrick and Keith on kid duty in the front yard.  Looks like they are working hard, eh?
After some fun in the sun, we all came in for brunch.  The bunny bunch: Oliver, Cole, Kellan and Cole.
After a wonderful brunch, it was finally time for the big hunt.
The boys were lined up and ready to go.

Try not to laugh historically about Kellan's facial expression in this photo.  I dare ya.

Then, they're off!

Kellan's becoming the master egg hunter.  Picking up one egg while looking for the next.

This is the one photo that I got of Oliver.  He was FAST!
I did get some shots of his sneaky paws picking up a few eggs off of the swing set.

Cole that it was COOL to discover what was inside.
Oliver was very excited about his find.
Watch out!
Bunny droppings!

Owen didn't let heights get in his way of grabbing the last egg.
Whoa Nelly!
That's a full basket of goodies!
After the hunt, the four boys sat down to check out what they had and pose for a quick photo, or three.
Cole, Kellan, Oliver and Own

Happy Easter!!

Thanks to the Martin's for a wonderful Easter.  Fun was had by all!
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