Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Ahhh... finally, the sun has returned and it feels like summertime in Colorado again!
This past Saturday, we celebrated our friends daughters third birthday.
Happy Birthday Adie!
All of the kids around the table, ready for cake and ice cream. Yum!
Yay, for cake frosting!!
After the party, we went to Golden to treat Keith to pizza at Woody's. He LOVES Woody's, but rarely gets to go there. Since I work just down the road, it's not much of a getaway for me on the weekends. On nice days though, Golden is a great place to be.
Below: The photo setup.
After dinner we walked down Washington street to take in the sights and to take a few photos.
The Photo!
We had to go check out clear creek since it is running high and fast. We have had serious amounts of mountain run off lately with all of the rain and then the quick warm up in temperatures.
From the Washington street bridge, there is a great view of the brewery, my home away from home.
Keith and Oliver checking out the rushing water down below.

An early Fathers Day photo.
Happy Fathers Day Keith! You truly are a great Dad. Oliver is such a lucky little boy to have you!
Another photo moment with a few "local kids".

We saw this Indian totem pole outside of a thrift shop and just had to take a picture of Oliver with it. What a funny kid!

Sanderson Family Visit

A few weekends back, we were excited to have the Sanderson family come down from Fort Collins for a visit. We had big plans for a relaxing BBQ in the back yard where the kids could run and play. Instead, the rain continued to pour down so we stayed indoors. The kids didn't seem to mind and Oliver's new bedroom, complete with a train table was a big hit. We all had a great time and enjoyed their visit.

Here are Oliver, Abigail and Ian making the most of a rainy day around a table of trains. Choo Choo!!
Ian and Oliver got along famously and seem to have a love of trains in common.
Abigail enjoyed showing us her cowgirl skills by taking the horse for a few rocks back and forth.

Days of Rain

Several weeks ago, it seemed as if the rain would never stop. It was a clear reminder of why I was not made to live on the Pacific Northwest Coast. We are much more of a sunshine family. Rain or sun, Oliver had a bad case of cabin fever and just had to get out. We gave him an umbrella and sent him out on the back porch. The rain didn't bother him and he made the most of the dreary weather.

Spinning of the Green

Who is to say that a two years old is too young to help cook dinner? Oliver's favorite activity, spinning the salad. He has proven to have several different methods. He usually starts out like everyone else, lots of enthusiasm with a few arm pumps. After a while, he begins to slow and lean into the counter.
Then, he gets serious, grabs the refrigerator and gives the lettuce a few leg pumps. Oliver is here to prove that spinning lettuce is a full body work out. Nothing like a little exercise prior to your super spun salad. We could make an infomercial with this kind of information!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday at the Backyard Beach

I can't believe it. I almost missed posting about our Sunday afternoon at the beach in the backyard. Wow! We had such a good time and are finally having nice weather. It would be a huge shame to not share these. Besides, Oliver has some super hot sunscreen spiked hair. Ooo La La!!

Wahoo!! Riding the edge of the pool.

In search of his next target.


28 Weeks and Counting

This past Sunday I was 28 weeks pregnant with only 12 weeks to go! The time is going so fast and before we know it, our new little guy will be joining us in the big world. I had my check-up on Monday and everything looks great. It was a quick 10 minute appointment with nothing but good news. I go to the Dr every two weeks for the next two months and then I move to weekly appointments as the time gets closer. I'm feeling good and doing well. I have occasional lower back pain, but nothing major. It's kind of funny that Oliver was always high in my belly and this baby is always hanging low. He is a mover and shaker also. Oliver was slow fluid movements. This one is high action with pokes, jabs, kicks, punches and occasionally all of the above a the same time. I'm curious to know if this is all a sign of what is to come. We will find out very soon!

As always, Oliver love to jump in the photos too. Ahhh... a kid after my own love of photos! Or... is it the "Ham" coming out in him. Maybe both.
Here Oliver is giving the baby a little pat. Just in the last few days he has an opinion on what we should call his baby brother. Up to this point he has had no opinion. The other day we thought he was saying Pierre. Today we thought maybe he was saying Peter. Finally, we got it right, according to his response. Oliver would like to name his baby brother Pia... or is it spelled Pea or maybe Piya? However it is, he has stuck with it for a few days. We'll see if it evolves. I'm not sure that we'll be putting that on the name list anytime soon. You never know, it could grow on us :)

How Could You Resist?

How could you resist this guy?
This is what I see when I pick him up from school at night or when I come in the door at home. Such a cutie, ready to give me a big squeeze!

Saturday Night at the Stack's

Saturday night we took a drive to see the Stack's. Oliver loves sportin' his new Thomas the Train sunglasses. They are a little big but Keith says they make him look like Tom Cruise with aviator glasses. Hey, I'll take that!
Parker is Walking!
We have heard that Parker is walking and now we have witnessed it for ourselves. He was anxious to keep up with Oliver around the backyard. When I went to take Parker's picture, Oliver wanted to be in it too. Aren't these two quite the pair?!

Kuhn Wedding Reception

This past December, my friend Melissa married her High School sweet heart in Fiji. Yes, they have been dating since High School! We had the pleasure of celebrating with them at their reception this past weekend. Congratulations Melissa and Evan!
Melissa is one of the first people that I met when I started working at Coors. It's crazy to think that it's been 9 years and how much has changed in both our personal and professional lives.
As always, Oliver loves a good party. Especially when there are cupcakes for dessert! YUM!
Oliver playing in the garden
I tried to take some photos of Oliver by all of the flowers but do you know how hard it is to get a little boy to sit still for a photo? I opted for these action shots instead.
Self portrait of Oliver and his Mommy.
Back inside, Oliver was charming the ladies with his moves.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swim Lessons

It's that time of year again for swim lessons. Oliver hasn't taken them in two years. Since he is showing signs of interest by swimming in the bath-tub and next year he'll be in class without Mom or Dad, we thought we would give it a try. He did great and LOVED it!

Memorial Day Weekend in Sheridan

This past Memorial Day weekend, we spend time with the Hamilton family in Sheridan, Wyoming. Keith's Grand Dad passed away late last year and we all headed up to Sheridan for his Memorial on Monday.

To start the weekend, Stephanie (sister-in-law) threw a baby shower for Lindsey (sister-in-law) and myself. Lindsey is due only eight days earlier than I am, also with a little boy. It was a wonderful evening and I was so grateful for Stephanie for organizing a great time.

Carrie and Lindsey at the restaurant Oliver's for the shower.
The gals at the shower:
Aunt Donna, Aunt Patty, Mother-in-Law Jacquie, Sister-in-Law Lindsey, Me Carrie, Sister-in-Law Stephanie.
Lindsey and Carrie with our baby bellies.
The sister-in-laws
Lindsey, Stephanie and Carrie
Jeff and Lindsey have a great dog, Daisy.
Oliver fondly refers to her as Daisy Dog.
He liked checking on her while she was napping to give her some extra snuggles.
The weekend started off cloudy, cold and rainy.
By Sunday, the sun came out and it started to warm up a little. Some of the guys went out golfing and they stopped to say hi when they were on the 6th hole, right behind the house. Oliver loved it!
We decided to hop in to ride the next two holes and then Oliver and I walked back to the house. Oliver got to ride in the cart with Papa and Uncle Jim, which he Loved!
Future Golfer!
Sunday afternoon, relaxing on the porch. Keith, Jeff, Oliver and Daisy Dog.
Sunday night, Cousin Lauren read a book to Oliver and Cousin Kaden.
The three Hamilton cousins.
By Monday, the weather was fabulous. Warm and sunny. A perfect day for Pop's memorial in the backyard.
Oliver spent some time in the morning hot roding around Nana's yard.
Nana bought this new tee pee for the kids to play in and they loved it.
Oliver and Lauren in the tee pee searching for bugs with the bug finding kit.
This photo cracks me up. Somehow, Oliver managed to convince the other kids that they should pull him around in the wagon. Eventually, Kaden jumped in too. As they were flying by, I snapped this photo. Everyone is hard at work and Oliver has his parade smile on.
As they swung around, I asked for a photo. Immediately, this was the pose they struck. I couldn't have planned it better myself.
Lauren, Luke (Keith's cousins son) Oliver and Kaden.
The Hamilton Family
Keith, Oliver and Carrie
Brian (Keith's brother) and Stephanie
Jeff and Lindsey
Keri (Jenni's Daughter), Aunt Patty (Jenni's Mom) Jenni (Keith's Cousin) and Doug (Jenni's Husband)
Uncle Jim and Donna (Jenni's Dad)
Bill and Jacquie (Keith's parents)
Luke (Jenni's son), Kaden and Lauren (Brian's kids)
Family Photo - Carrie, baby-in-the belly, Keith and Oliver.
The two babies-to-be
Carrie, Lindsey and baby bellies.

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