Wednesday, May 29, 2013

T-Ball Grand Finale

Due to Mother Nature, this was the t-ball season that seemed to go on forever.  Tuesdays were practice, Wendesdays were games.  Nearly every single Tuesday and Wednesday we were buried in snow or drenched in rain.  It was crazy.  The boys missed a few practices, but all of the games were made up, which pushed the last two games to a double hitter.
Since there was a foot of snow on the field and only four kids were in the team photo, we took some photos before the 6:00 game.  Oliver is right next to coach Eric.
Oliver has really enjoyed t-ball.  From the first game to the last, he smiled ear to ear and bounced as if he was playing on a cloud.  He loved it!
It was fun to watch his skills grow through the season.
Improved skills or not, Coach Eric always knew to hold the bat on the backswing setup.
Each setup came with explicit directions on where to hit the ball for the perfect shot.
Swing batta batta...

Whew! Safe on first.
After the first game, Coach Eric gave out the medals for T-Ball.

Oliver and Owen flashing their medals.
Nice Job Buddy!
We're SO proud of you!
Oliver and Grant, another buddy from Primrose.
Photo Bombs turned Dog Pile!
In between the two games, we took another team photo since a few more team mates arrived.

Oh yes, Kellan was there, with Mickey Mouse on the tiny screen.
The next game, Oliver got to play the coveted first base.  He was SO excited as he had been talking about it for days, maybe weeks.

Oh yes, he's got moves and oh yes, this would have been an out, if they actually had outs and not all players got to score.
It drove Oliver a tad crazy that there was no official score, but it was a good lesson about not always focusing on who's winning or losing and instead learning how to play the game and have fun.
The ready pose, complete with tongue in place.

Up to bat again and ready for a big play.

Nice Job Oliver and Team Rockies!
Oliver had a GREAT season, once Mother Nature quite throwing down snow.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was spent together as a family, enjoying the day.

As we watched the boys ride bikes and create masterpieces in the driveway, we also watched some old war planes fly back and forth overhead.
The boys had a great time making masterpieces with sidewalk chalk.
Kellan threw down a wrinkled nose or two.

What makes a nice day great?
Ice Cream!

That afternoon, the boys went to take naps and Oliver just couldn't fall asleep.  He is at the age where he doesn't always need or take naps.  He came downstairs and sat next to Mommy where he promptly fell asleep.  Such a sweet pea.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Morgan's First Birthday

It's hard to believe that Morgan is already one year old!
Happy Birthday, Miss Morgan.
Morgan had her party at a neighborhood park, which was a big hit for the big kids.
They even had pony rides.
Giddy-up Cowboy!
Overall, the party was well balanced, as demonstrated by the boys.
The pretty birthday girl in her fabulous dress.

Laura and Carrie, the culprits in the creation of the party.
Stacy was on the fence as to whether to have a party or not.  Laura and I may (or may not) have told her that not having a party wasn't an option.  A first birthday party was a requirement.  So of course we were there to celebrate in style.
The three ladies:
Laura, Stacy and Carrie
Miss Morgan, the birthday girl.
Some of the guests:
Laura's girls: Anabel and Adie.
Happy Birthday, Miss Morgan
We look forward to watching you grow in your next year!
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