Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

When you're headed up to 9,300 feet, a nap is in order.
As we were getting ready to head out the door to spend a night with our friends Mike and Linda high up in the Rocky Mountains, Oliver took a cat nap while he was putting on his shoes and having a snack.
See the one shoe on, one shoe off?
See the golf fish in hand?
See the amazing core body strength to sleep while bridged between the couch and the coffee table?
The last time we saw Mike and Linda, they told us about how they BBQ pizza.  We were amazed and Keith wanted to know how to master this skill.  Instead of giving us instructions, they invited us to dinner and put Keith to work in the kitchen.  This is also known as On the Job Training.
The pizza was fantastic!
The kids were the first up with some ooey gooey cheese pizza.

Our boys have a love for pizza AND dogs!  Fortunately, both were plentiful at Mike and Linda's.  Their neighbor dog happen to be over for a visit and she hit the jackpot when Oliver and Kellan showed up.  We found Oliver giving her some great belly rubs.

Sadly, Oliver is quite allergic to dogs so we can't have one of our own.  The good news is that he has learned how to manage it so that he can enjoy their company for short periods of time.
Linda was definitely the host with the most as she was fully prepared with a fire pit and fixin's for s'mores.
This Mama had to exercise extreme self control and the act of letting go while she watched her children with dangerous objects.  Luckily, with all of the adult supervision, there was no concern to be had and plenty of fun for the kids.

Miss Linda is a true angel and I think that there was quite a bond developed between her and our boys.  Of course, s'mores and homemade pizza didn't hurt in sealing the deal.

Oliver loved making and eating s'mores.
Linda loved helping Kellan experience one of his first (if not his first) s'mores experience.

Yes, it passed the test.  How can you not love an ooey gooey treat at 9,300 feet?
Many, many, many times, Keith heard "we really need a fire pit on our patio" this evening.  Yes, we do, just for nights like this.

What a fun evening we had.  Homemade pizza grilled to perfection, s'mores over the fire pit, a Rocky Mountain sunset and most importantly, truly fantastic company.

The weekend didn't end there.  The next morning, Mike and Linda hosted an amazing breakfast and then Mike lead a hike down their hill for the boys.  The boys had been exploring their mountainous backyard, but they had to stay within sight.  Finally, the time had come to find out where the creek was and where it went.
With walking sticks in hand, we headed down the hill.
Oliver kept up with Mike and the two dogs; Jake and Brecken.
At the bottom of the hill, we stopped for some photos.
Technically, we were far from the bottom, but this was a nice settling spot since for every step down the hill, we had to hike up the hill.
Jake was perfect for a photo op.  His buddy Brecken was way too excited to explore rather than stop for a photo.
Jake with Kellan and Oliver
With the photo op over, it was time to find a hiking trail back up.
The boys did awesome and hiked the entire way.
Thank You to Mike and Linda for hosting a fantastic weekend!  We can't wait to do it again very soon.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

In 2013, Keith built a backyard bar over Fathers Day Weekend.
In 2014, Keith received a granite top for that bar.
For Father's Day Dinner, we ate dinner at the bar and the neighbor girls stopped by to join us.
Happy Fathers Day, Keith!
We are so glad that when get to call you Daddy (so says the boys) and that you're such an mazing Father to them.  We couldn't imagine it any other way.  We love you dearly.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baseball Grand Finale

I'll admit, Oliver's first baseball season sure did seem long.  It was a shock to our family to work in two practices each week and games on Saturdays.  By the time it was over, we had worked out a good routine and it wasn't nearly as rough as the start.

Not only was the family adjusting, but Oliver was learning and growing too.  He went from the beginning of the season of barely hitting or catching the ball to the end of the season to hitting every time at bat and catching many of the balls.  We saw tremendous growth in his skills and confidence in our little baseball player.  So much so that we're signing up for both baseball and football in the fall.  Yes... we may think that we're crazy when it starts up again.

Of course, every baseball game has the cutest cheering section and these two make up 2/3 of it; Kellan and Evan.
Oliver is always baseball ready.
As luck would have it, we happen to know one of our opponents.  Introducing Owen Martin, on the opposite team.  The Martin's live south of us a bit so it was only a matter of time until Owen would be on a team closer to home.  Well, the time has come.  Don't fret, he's sticking around on the football team.

The photo that I didn't get was when Owen got Oliver out at third base.  We've never seen such a big fist pump as we did when he noticed that the guy he just got out on third base was his buddy, Oliver.  They both took it in good fun as the good sportsmen that they are.
At the top of the hill was the Redhawks cheering section with one honorary member, Owen's little brother Cole.
Evan, Cole, Kellan and Emmerson.
Cutest 3 and 4 year olds in Colorado.
As the game ended, so did the season.
The boys had some baseballs to sign for the coaches.
Don't they look like they're ready for the pros?
Owen signing above.
Oliver signing below.
Owen was so excited to receive his trophy from coach Eric.

Hey, Hey, the Team's All Here!
Thanks to the three coaches and all of the other Dad's who helped out to coach this team to a fantastic season.  We don't officially keep score in baseball, but we may have unofficially won all but two games.
Our little baseball star.
Way to Go, Oliver!
We are so proud that you took on the new challenge of baseball and you came out a super star.  You tackle every challenge with drive and determination and you succeed at everything you put your mind to.  You are so fun to watch learn and grown and we are so very proud to be your parents.  You're truly one of a kind, kiddo.
After the game, we went to Owen's grandparents house for a celebratory pool party.
Kellan was a fan of being in the hot tub all by himself.
The swimming pool was quite busy with the baseball team.
As the team left, we lingered to visit with the Owen's family.  We love them and can't get enough of them!
Owen, Oliver and Kellan settled in for some quiet time while they waited for the adults to wind down too.
These boys and their love for each other truly does melt my heart.
This puts another sports season in the books.
We're looking forward to fall ball, but until then, we fully intend to enjoy summer to its fullest.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bat Boys

Several months ago, our friends Jennie and Eric told us how they won an awesome Bat Boy experience  with the Colorado Rockies for their son Owen at a silent auction.  Then, they told us that Owen could bring a friend and they wanted Oliver to be that friend.  We were SO excited!!!!!

Oliver and Owen talked about it for months.  Unfortunately, the date landed on the same Saturday that Mommy was in Palm Springs, but that didn't stop Daddy from taking Oliver for the fun.  Kellan... well, he stayed home with a sitter.  Sometimes, it's good to have date days with just one kid.

Jennie and Eric were kind enough to share their photos so that I could preserve the story forever on our blog.  Thanks Jennie and Eric!

The boys were fired up!  Can you tell?
The boys had their very own lockers.
The lockers were filled with all of their loot.  Shirts, hats, bats... all of the essentials.
Apparently the program is gender neutral as they were celebrity Bat Kids, not Bat Boys.  However, since we have 2 boys participating, we just stick with calling it Bat Boy.   If we had girls, we would call it Bat Girl.
Sometimes, the only way that I can tell them apart is by looking at their shoes.  They have different shoes, thankfully.
The Whole Gang!
Jennie and Eric's family and friends, including the two bat boys.
The family and friends said good bye to the Bat Boys and then entrusted them and Jennie's camera with their tour guide.  

Meanwhile, the adults were asked to go back to the stands, where Keith and Jennie found some frosty beverages and Eric was able to test out his new zoom lens.
Did you know that the Colorado Rockies had underground batting practice? 

Yeah, neither did we but we weren't completely surprised.

Since the Rockies practice got rained out, the boys got to watch them in the underground batting practice prior to the game.
Their Rockies tour guide took them to a frosty beverage refrigerator and he let the boys pick out any drink that they wanted. The were over-the-moon to have such a large soda all to themselves.  Likely, their Mamas may not have approved, which makes it all the more sweet.
For the next... however long (who knows, we weren't there), the boys perched in these chairs while professional baseball players talked with them and signed their bats.

A couple of boys look like they may be having a ton of fun.

After their bats were signed by most of the players, they went to what looks like the media booth.

Underground at Coors Field.
You know, just another day of sitting in the bull pen.
The field from the bull pen.

As the game time was approaching, the boys were lead to the field.
They look like professionals, don't they.

Much to their luck, South Dakota was representing and took the field with the Bat Boys.
These four definitely made us want to take a trip to Mt Rushmore.

Such handsome boys.
Likely the most handsome Bat Boys ever!

Can you tell them apart from their shoes?
I can ;)
Oliver's are blue and silver.

Dinger is always a hit, especially when you get him all to yourself and you didn't even have to wait in line for a hug.

Dinger is always good for some giant triceratop hugs.
As well as a noogie or two.

The Bat Boys even got to meet four famous Presidents from South Dakota.
Owen said to his Mom, "It was fun to see ourselves without looking in the mirror."  Kids are So Fun! :)

As the pre-game festivities came to a close, South Dakota gave a wave good-bye and so did the Bat Boys.
Keep an eye on these two, you may see this pose in many years to come as the take the field in the pros.
As Daddy Keith tells the story, they watched the boys on the field and he noticed Oliver fidgeting.  As the National Anthem was about to start, he saw Oliver say something in their tour guides ear and shortly thereafter, they all exited the field.  Come to find out, Oliver really had to go potty.  See what happens when you give two Bat Boys two large sodas and no potty break?  A fidgety potty dance on the field.

To Jennie and Eric, Thank You SO much for including Oliver in your very special day.  It is definitely an experience that he will cherish for a lifetime, just as we will yours and Owens friendship.
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