Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mmm Milk Shakes!

MMmmmm Sunday Afternoon Milk Shakes!!!
I was having a hankering for a chocolate milk shake so Keith ran to the store to get ice cream. What a great guy! When he got home I whipped up some milk shakes and Oliver got to try his first one ever. As you can imagine, he LOVED it!
The sun was setting behind Oliver so you'll have to excuse the washed out photos.
Oliver giving the official "cheese" of approval.

Sunday Cat Nap

This morning Oliver was up at 4 AM, asking for breakfast. He didn't eat much for dinner and I suspected this might happen. Lucky for me, Keith got up with Oliver and I got to stay in bed. WAHOO!!! By 9:00 AM, Oliver was starting to get grumpy. He jumped up on the couch next to Keith and fell asleep at 9:20, sitting straight up while leaning against Keith. I didn't get a photo of that, but it was quite cute. I was nervous the flash would wake him up.

At 10:30, he was still snoozing on the couch, but Keith had laid him down so that the could get up.

At 11:30, he was still snoozing. I couldn't resist taking pictures. He was just so darn cute. He looks so precious and innocent... which he is, most of the time. We did get him up after this so that he could eat some lunch and we could get to the grocery store. It's football Sunday so we had to get some chili fixins. We also didn't want Oliver to oversleep lunch. He has done that once and woke up grumpier than a bear after hibernation.

Splish Splash

I have heard from some of our readers that they enjoy the videos of Oliver, especially his cousins in Wyoming and Washington.

Here are a few videos of him splish splashing and having fun in the tub.


Silly Sunday

Last Sunday (Yes, I'm a week behind!) I was headed up stairs and I heard all kinds of hooting and hollering going on. When I peeked in our bedroom, I saw Keith and Oliver on the bed and Oliver was very animated about the exciting Discovery Channel show they were watching. Every little thing got him excited. It was SO cute that without hesitation I ran downstairs to grab the camera and scurried back up the stairs in hopes that the moment hadn't passed. It hadn't and I was able to get a couple of action shots. I also got a video at the end but you will see that Oliver discovered that he was on camera and he turned up the drama with some rolling around. I missed the best parts but I think you'll still get the point. (don't mind the nose pick. He is two, ya know) He's such a fun little guy with a contagious laugh and smile.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Day at the Zoo

This past Saturday we spent the day at the zoo with the Stack family. We tend to utilize our zoo pass more in the winter than in the summer. It's a great place to go when we get a nice day in the winter. It was nearly 60 degrees by the time we left the zoo and the sun was out. What a great day! It is always fun to watch Oliver get excited about the zoo. We get to experience the new excitement all over again with Parker. He is really starting to check out the animals and see what's going on.

The elephants are always a big hit. I don't take as many pictures of the animals since we tend to go to the zoo quite often. I had to take the elephants picture this time since they just finished getting a bath! These are the two cleanest elephants I've every seen!
Now that Oliver is two and loves trains, the Choo Choo train is always a must ride. He LOVES it!
Here they come!
Look about 2/3 of the way back.
Action shot as they rode on by.
We also tried the carousel this time. The last few times we tried one, Oliver wasn't thrilled. That was about a year ago so we figured it was time to try again. The first few rounds he wasn't too happy, but he warmed up.
He even went one handed to give Mom a wave on the way by.
Check out Jen and Parker, chasing Oliver's zebra on their lion.
As we strolled along, Oliver helped Jen push Parker. He was a great helper and he was sure to keep his blond hair far away from Parker's hair loving hands.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nana & Papa, Stock Show and Pistachios

It's that time of year again to strap on your boots, slide into your jeans and head on down to the National Western Stock Show. Keith and I have been going to the stock show and rodeo since we first started dating. We love it and now we find it even more enjoyable to take Oliver. Keith's parents, Nana and Papa were in town also. They stopped by for the weekend on their way back to Wyoming from San Diego. We had a great time with them. Oliver especially liked the company and extra attention.

Keith and Oliver checking out the cows in the stock yard from the over look.
Some spiffed up cows. You won't see a cleaner cow, than the cows at the Stock Show.
A couple of cows having their hair blowed dry after a bath.
One cow = four groomers and one bather.
Walking through the stock yards.
Were we checking out the cows, or were they checking us out?
This weekend was the poultry show so we saw numerous chickens, ducks and a few turkeys.
I had to post this photo.
Have you ever seen a chicken with such long legs?
Oliver loved looking at the chickens, but occasionally wasn't so sure as to what he was looking at. This photo is moments before he discovered the turkey that was as tall as he was. Oliver was fine until it started gobbling really loud. It startled Oliver and he was done with Turkeys.
The big hit of the exhibits was the petting zoo. Oliver loved the petting zoo and it capped off his list of animals he wanted to see.
Horse, Cow, Sheep, Pig, Chicken, Duck and Dog. I didn't take pictures of every requested animal, but we did see them all.

This was a super soft chicken. Not that I recall petting any other chicken, but this one was super soft. He slept through all of the kids petting him.

Here we are, at the 2:00 PRCA Pro Rodeo. Why do I try to take pictures when Oliver is watching a show? He's probably wondering the same thing.
We love the rodeo and had a great time. Oliver was especially fond of the horses. It is dark in the arena so photos don't usually turn out. I did get this photo of the stage coaches.
Back at home, Nana and Oliver enjoying a book by the fire.
When we got home, the furnace had given up on us. It tried quitting the weekend before but Keith nursed it back to life. This past weekend it was gone for good. We ended up calling a repair man who came out and replaced a circuit board. It was getting quite chilly in the house. We are very thankful for the repair man who had just the right parts.
I love this picture of Oliver coloring at lunch on Sunday. It really shows off the concentration he puts forth when performing a task.
Sunday afternoon football and pistachios for the guys.
What a great weekend.
Thanks Nana and Papa for spending the time with us on your way home. We loved having you here.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing in 2010

If you have or have had kids, you know that a New Years celebration can be a little different with little people in tow. The past three years we have opted to celebrate low-key and with Oliver, which we always thoroughly enjoy. This year, the Stack family hosted a gathering at their house. Oliver was fired up to go and see his favorite little guy, Parker. He talked about it the whole way there. He even had the New Years party hat on that he made at school. It got quiet in the back seat and this is what I found, BIG Eye Rubs! Uh Oh... what could this mean for our celebration?
Parker was puckered up and ready to ring in the New Year.
Don't you just want to squeeze his cheeks and give him a big smooch?
Carrie and Keith's New Years Eve self portrait.
Some of the kids playing on Parker's pad.
Is Oliver calling his homies or prank calling Parker's speed dial list?
Ahh... nothing like quality time with Elmo, reading about Elmo in the Elmo chair.
Group photos of the boys, Oliver, Noah and Parker.
Hey... I think Parker is ready to go to Hawaii. Check him out throwing down the Hang Loose sign.
BTW...My red eye reduction software isn't working :(
Some things haven't changed yet, Parker is still a hair puller.
Noah doesn't quite know this yet, but he is suspicious.
Oliver is well aware of what Parker is capable of and goes into an instant panic when he sees Parker headed his way. He still loves the little guy though.
At 10:00, we were shocked that Noah and Oliver will still going strong. (The big eye rubs must have been a false alarm) We decided to celebrate with New York and ring in the New Year. Do you think in New York they wait for West Coast time and celebrate at 3:00 AM? I'm sure some do.
Craig and Oliver toasting to the new year.
Giving knuckles or dappers... whichever you may call it.
This is our attempt at a New Years family self portrait. Ok, so it wasn't our most successful.
Oliver does have one message, "Happy New Year to YOU"!
On New Years day we had to get out of the house and soak up some Vitamin D. We headed out to take Oliver sledding for the first time. There wasn't enough snow to sled the whole way to the park so the sled flew part way, thanks to Daddy. If Santa's sleigh can do it, so can Oliver's sled. You only have to believe.
The only way to sled, with your own Daddy powered tow rope.
Headed down the hill. There really is a smile in there, but it's all bundled up.
Taking a tour through the park and headed over to the play ground for a few rounds down the slide. Really, why walk when you have a personal Sherpa?
Happy New Year!
Welcome 2010

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