Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Writer

With the start of school, Kellan was inspired to work on his writing.  It was so much fun to watch this kiddo create his words and see how proud he was of them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finishing Out the Thirties with the Best Year Yet!

On August 25, the actual day of my birthday, I cashed in my "it's my birthday and we'll dine where I want to" and went to sushi on Pearl Street in Boulder.  I LOVE Pearl Street!  Keith complains about it.  Something about not enough parking, too many people... blah, blah, blah!!

When we arrived at our favorite place, we discovered that it was packed and reservations were almost necessary.  Who knew that Tuesdays were all-you-can-eat night?  We lucked out and just after we arrived someone called to cancel their reservation so we got right in.  It's a good thing because this is a sushi loving family!

(excuse the photo quality.  The iPhone isn't nearly as good as the SLR)
Dinner is served!  YUM!!!
Oliver LOVES sushi!

Kellan is still trying to figure out how to eat sushi and if he likes it.

His favorite part is the rice.  He leaves the fish for his Dad at this point . Give it time, he too will learn to love it.  Our bank account may not.

Happy Birthday, Mama!!  39 has never been so good!!!
Sushi lovers photo, courtesy of Kellan.  This kid is getting good.
Kellan LOVES the jelly fish at Japango, so he likes to photograph them.
Edamame?  Yes, Please!
More Sushi?  YES Please!
After a fantastic birthday dinner, we took the boys for Ice Cream.  Yes, the boys had ice cream and Keith and I passed.  The boys LOVE to get ice cream whenever we go to Pearl Street.  It's become a given.
Thanks to my amazing boys for a great birthday dinner.   39 is going to be the Best Year YET!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kellan Turns Five

August 23, 2015, Kellan turned 5!
It's crazy to think that he is already 5, but alas, he is.
He woke up to find balloons floating above his birthday gift, a new soccer net to support his love of the game.  He was SO Excited!
First up for the day, opening a few gifts.

Ahhh... giving his big brother some love for the gift.

We sure love these two boys and they sure love each other.
Wahoo!  New soccer ball.  Now he's ready for the upcoming soccer season.

Before we could head out to the party, Kellan couldn't wait to get started on some of his legos.

To celebrate, we took Kellan and some of his friends to Build-a-Bear.  Kellan LOVES stuffed animals and adding another one to his collection was a dream come true.
Getting started, they heard all about making a new bear.

As the birthday boy, Kellan marched them all over to pick out their bear.
Giving their bear heart some love.
Giving their bear heart a kiss.
Bringing their bear to life with a bit of stuffing.

Ahhhh.... nothing but love for this new puppy named Pup Pup.

Emerson with her new bear.
Lily with her new bear.
Cole with his new bear.
Samantha with her new bear.
Evan and his new bear.
Giving their new bears a bath.

Oliver decided that he was too old and too cool to be building a bear, so he opted out of the fun.  He may have tried to opt out of Mommy hugs, but this Mama wouldn't let that happen.

Captain Build-a-Bear to the rescue.

The whole party gang.
Kaitlyn, Oliver, Evan, Emerson
Samantha, Lily, Cole

Once the bears were built, Kellan rang the bell.
Then he blew out the candle and made a wish.
New Bears in hand, we all marched down to Red Robin for a bit of lunch.
Kellan and Kaitlyn had a lot of catching up to do.
Who's that man behind the stache?

Ahh... birthday boy, Kellan.
Lemonade Lily
Stache Lady Emerson
Milk Man Kellan and Kutie Kaitlyn
Kutie Kaitlyn and Mystery Man Oliver
Mystery Man Oliver
Stealthy Samantha
Eye-See-You Evan
Birthday Boy, Kellan and his Big Five cake.
Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

Mmm.... cake!

Happy Birthday Blue Eyes!

After a fantastic day of celebrating, we headed home to relax on the patio.  As much as Mommy and Daddy wanted to relax, Kellan was ready to dive into his gifts, so he did.
Oliver was right by his side to help him discover the full capacity of his gifts.

As the day started winding down toward an end, Kellan fielded many calls from family.  He loves talking on the phone but believe-it-or-not, he eventually declined phone calls from being worn out.

Happy Fifth Birthday, Kellan!
We LOVE you and Loved Celebrating You!!

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