Sunday, June 30, 2013

Patio Project Phase II D

Patio Project Phase II D - D for DONE (enough).

Finally, we decided that the patio was done enough, for now.  Keith still has some facing / cupboard type doors to put up, but he will get there.  We are still trying to figure out an outdoor refrigerator solution and we're having a hard time finding one that we like.  That may be playing into the delay in completion, but we voted that it was done enough, for now.  Now, it's time to enjoy it.
I found Keith and Oliver hanging on the patio, having a chat.  They are sitting approximately where we would like to put a fire pit and sitting area next summer.  
My favorite part of these photos is how Oliver is putting his hand on his Daddy's arm while they chat.
As dinnertime neared, Oliver bellied up to the bar for a Ginger Ale.
Wild and Crazy around here, eh?

Kellan bellied up for a matchbox car shoot out.

Keith was excited to really use his grill for something other than hot dogs for a play date.
Grilled asparagus, mmmm.
The boys were bellied up and ready for our first meal at the bar.
(Honestly, they were blowing bubbles in their drinks, which is SO off limits, but produces great smiles so was forgiven for a few photo moments.)

Mommy and Daddy were ready with their juice too.

While Mommy was chatting up the evening with the boys, Daddy got a hold of the camera.  I like to think of this as an advertisement for the wine, or to come and relax with us at our new bar.
The boys and their Mama, bellied up for dinner.
You're never to young to toast a great night with family.

Daddy finishing up on the grill.
Checking to make sure that the pork tenderloin is grilled to absolute perfection.
First family dinner at the bar .
Cheers from the Ham Fam!
Kellan, Oliver, Mommy and Daddy
Keith showing off his grilling perfection: Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa and a side of grilled Asparagus.

Time for Daddy to enjoy the bar too!
He's all thumbs and it's all good.
After dinner, Oliver talked Daddy into a game of baseball.

While there was a game going on in the yard, Kellan was busy racing cars on anything and everything.

The baseball player taking a break.

The race car driver racing on.
His favorite car, a Jeep.
My kind of kid!
What a great evening.
Once again, thanks to Big Daddy Keith for the amazing bar.  This will the first of many great family times bellied up to the backyard bar.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Patio Project Phase II C

After the bar was built in 2 days and we had a bad stain choice, Keith spent another weekend fixing the aesthetic nature of the bar.  Oliver loved it so much that he gave it one melted popsicle vote.  That's a really good vote, if you were lost in translation.
What was the aesthetic fix? Knotty pine boards aligned like a fence.  I don't know how else to explain it.  Keith also sanded the top down through the layer of polyurethane.  Now, we just need to stain it again.  Lets hope that we make a better choice the next time around.
Plus, we needed bar stools.  We found several online and I needed to know what the measurements really meant so I put our kitchen high top chair at the bar.  The kitchen chair was a bit short and measured 4" shorter than the ones we liked online, so we figured they would be perfect.  Oliver was our official chair height tester.  

Play Date

Oliver asks for play dates often, and often, I don't get them scheduled.  When we don't have things going on, we usually take full advantage of downtime.  Downtime usually involves running errands, going go the pool, doing chores around the house and relaxing when we can.  However, when Oliver recently asked for a play date with Preston and Colby, we didn't have anything planned for the upcoming weekend so we made it happen.  It was great fun for the boys to be all together.  It took them about 2.3 seconds to hit the backyard with a football.  It's SO great to see the kids play sports together.  They have such fun and learn so much about working as a team.
(Colby, Preston, Oliver)

While I was talking to Preston's Mom just after arriving, the boys had made it to the backyard and Kellan came in saying that he needed a hat.  He came downstairs with the Broncos helmet.  I'm not sure if it was for team spirit or protection.

At some point, they moved to the patio for a painting project.  I took a deep breath as the paint was flying and getting on our new patio and reminded myself that it could be washed off and it's just a patio.  (but a NEW patio!  breath, breath, breath.)
Preston, Oliver, Kellan, Colby
Preston showing off his work of art
Colby working hard on his masterpiece.
Colby's masterpiece
Keith working hard on his master piece, hot dogs for lunch
Bon Apetit!
Preston, Oliver and Colby
Preston, Oliver, Colby and Kellan
Before the boys went home, I made them pause for a photo.  I guess that I should have asked Preston if he needed the bathroom before we left.  Oops.  Or, maybe it was just a guy pose.  Who knows?
Preston, Colby, Oliver
What a great play date!
Looking back at these I think "hmm... I should probably schedule another play date before 2014 arrives".

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