Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of Oliver's favorite past times in the tub, blowing bubbles!

Buffalo Bill Day

On Saturday, we woke up to cloudy skies and a forecast of rain.  We had planned a pool day with the Stack family but with the forecast we decided to go to the Buffalo Bill Days in Golden.  By the time we got there it was a beautiful day and a perfect day to enjoy the festivities.  I had never been in the nine years I've worked in Golden.  It was great!  Saturday was kicked off with a parade and then we promptly made our way to the carnival in the park afterwards.
Of course, Coors was proudly represented in the parade with both a classic delivery truck and a modern delivery truck.
These two crack me up.  Don't you think they would make a good team for the FBI with that serious look and the dark shades?
The parade even had a mariachi band.  YAY!
I think this was suppose to be the high school football team but they looked awful small and young.  Is that a sign that we're getting old?  Right in front of us they dropped to do some push-ups.
It is so fun now that Oliver is old enough to participate in more activities, including the carnival.  They had one game for little guys and it was the ducks.  I used to love the ducks when I was a kid.  He was so quick that this is the only picture I got.
Every kid wins.  For $3 he got to pick one duck and won this stuffed thing.  I thought it was an alligator but Oliver thinks it's a whale.  Regardless, he loves it!  Yes, that would be $3 worth spending.
Parker was impressed by the prize and even more impressed by the duck game.  I don't think Parker's parents had to spring for the $3. Parker is still young enough that he's ok looking and splashing occasionally.  No duck pick or prize needed.
They also had a jumpy castle for the little guys too, which Oliver is a huge fan of.  He stopped for me to take this quick photo and then he was off and running again.
Action Shot: Oliver jumping in the castle.
What would a carnival be like without indulging in the food.  We took full advantage of the situation and had lunch under a shade tree.  On the menu: corn dog, hot dog, gyro's, funnel cake and fresh lemonade. 
Calorie content: An entire month worth of calories consumed in one meal. 
Was it worth it?  YES! 
Oliver even had his first funnel cake.  MMMmmmmm!!!!
So I know it's not attractive to see a kid eating and attempting to say Cheese at the same time but I couldn't resist posting this picture.  Check out those eye brows.  Does that remind anyone of his Grandpa Garner?
This is some drift wood that was lodged against a rock in Clear Creek.  I thought it was quite impressive.
What a great day.  We will definitely keep Buffalo Bill Days in mind for next year.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Garner Visit

This past weekend Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Washington.  It was great to have them here.  We had a very mellow weekend compared to some of their visits but we still had a great time.  It was 100 degrees outside and with me being 8 months pregnant, a mellow weekend was perfect.  Some of these photos Grandma sent my way.  Thanks Grandma (Mom)!  It's fun to have pictures from a different perspective and to actually have a few with me in them since I'm usually the picture taker.

One night after work, I went to change into some comfy evening clothes. (not to be confused with our pre-kids evening clothes which usually was for going out on the town.  Oh how things have changed :)  I had just flown in that afternoon from a business trip to LA and Oliver hadn't seen me in a few days.  He was stuck to me like white on rice, all of the way upstairs.  Grandma got this super cute photo of us having an evening snuggle and chat.
On Friday at work, some of the ladies had a surprise baby shower for me.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to some high priority work issues.  I was completely bummed.  They were kind enough to include something for the new big brother in the house, this marker and coloring book set.  He LOVED it!
On Saturday Mom and I headed to the annual Nordstrom's Anniversary sale.  This is a MUST Attend Sale every year.   While we were there, Keith, Oliver and Grandpa spend some time in the backyard at the beach.  Grandpa took a few photos in our absence.
When we got home Oliver was excited to tell me that "Grandpa let me waste water".  Hmm....  I"m thinking this is just one more thing we would been in trouble for as kids.  Grandpa snickered as Oliver exclaimed this and made some comment about our water bill.  Ya ya ya.... paybacks.  At least with the heat the grass probably loved it.  It wasn't necessarily wasted water, right?
Ahhh... nothing like putting your swollen cankles (calf muscles that go straight into your ankles with no definition, thanks to swelling) into a nice cool pool.  Oliver thought it was a splendid idea as well since he could join in the fun.
Keith giving the baby bump some love in the kitchen.
When Keith found out he had an audience with a camera he turned on the humor and pretended to put the meat thermometer in my belly.  Almost done!
After all of that backyard playing and splashing in cold water, Oliver had to come inside to warm up and take a rest.  We found him and Grandpa on the couch watching Little Einstein.
On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa treated Oliver to an early 3-year birthday present.  Grandma was quite impressed with Oliver's cart pushing skills.Too bad he can't see where he's going and occasionally tried to take someone or something out with the cart.
What did he get?
A new tricycle!!
After seeing him test drive a tricycle in the store that was not very sturdy, I decided he needed a helmet too.
Oliver sportin' his new helmet, complete with a pop-up Grandma.  Ok, not really, but it makes me laugh.
Oliver checking out his tricycle, complete with a helmet, horn and bell.
The pedals are a little too far away (nicer than saying his legs are a little too short) so Keith fixed him up with some blocks on the pedals.  Looks closely in the photos and you can see them.  It was the perfect fix!

Oliver giving a honk on his new horn to let people know he was coming.
We took his new trike to the park for a test drive and some evening exercise.  The park is always a huge hit!
Hello Down Below!

Oliver thought that is was great to hear Grandpa's voice coming through this pipe.
Strolling to another playground in the same park near our house.  Since Oliver was just learning to pedal his way around and the grass was thick, Keith had a big stick to help out.
Headed Home
Grandma and Grandpa also got Oliver this sticker book full of dinosaur's.  He could sit for hours putting stickers on the right pages and reading about the different dinosaurs.
The next morning, Keith took Grandma and Grandpa to the airport before Oliver got up.  First thing in the morning, Oliver asked to see them.  When I told him they were gone he said "I want to give them a kiss".  Ahhhh, such a sweet boy.
Thanks for coming to visit Grandma and Grandpa (Mom and Dad).  We hope to see you again soon!

Painting the Baby Room

Our weekends have been full of visitors, work and fun.  One weekend we spent working on the babies room.  Keith painted, Oliver and I observed and kept out of the way.

We have made more progress on the room since these photos were taken, but you'll have to wait until I take new photos to see those.  Until then, watch Keith work on painting the baby room on one of the hottest days this summer.
Oliver taking time to sit with Madalyn
Hey Mister, are you laying down on the job?
Oliver doing some art of his own just outside of the boys' rooms.
Thanks for all of the hard work painting on a hot summer day, Keith.   The room looks fabulous!


Time is sure flying this summer.  We have so much to catch the blog up on.

Several weeks ago Chick-Fil-A was having a promotion and Oliver's school participated.  If the kids dressed up like their mascot, the cow, they got to eat for free.  The idea was that we would take the kids for dinner.  Sorry Chick-filet (and Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Jeff),  Keith and I aren't fans of their food so we didn't go.  Oliver did have a great time dressing up like a cow.  He loved is so much he insisted on wearing his cow shirt again the next day.  He was so cute in his outfit that I had to take pictures of him when we got home.

Oliver taking a moment to show me his cow outfit that he made at school. 
What cow outfit would be complete without a tail?  He loved the tail too.
Oliver giving me a big "MOO". 
What a ham.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thirty-Two Weeks and Growing

This past Sunday marked 32 weeks of pregnancy.  Only Eight to go.  WAHOO!!!  This pregnancy has flown by and has been fairly uneventful, which is always a good thing.  All tests have come back great and there doesn't seem to be any worry.  I had my 32 week check-up yesterday and everything is right on track.  Well, everything except the baby is taking his sweet time moving into position, head down.  The doctor teased that if he hasn't headed south by my next visit she was going to have to have a talk with him about doing his job in this process.  Oliver was turned by this point and I'm sure this one will follow suite soon enough.  If he's like his Dad he's thinking, "hey, I have 8 more weeks, what's the hurry".  As long as he's ready to do his job and move into position in plenty of time for the big day.  I've been feeling good and I think I may have more energy this time compared to my last pregnancy.  This could be because we have a two-year old who keeps us busy and doesn't seem to care if I'm tired or not.  He still has his routine to keep to and that includes support from his Mom and Dad.  Keith and I do think my belly is bigger this time.  This kid seems to have sprouted out of nowhere.  I'm measuring a tad big, but I did with Oliver too and it was a false alarm.  I guess we'll find out soon enough.  As of today, only seven weeks and two days, but who's counting?

Out of curiosity, I pulled up these photos from each pregnancy. 

2007 Pregnancy - 33 weeks
2010 Pregnancy - 32 weeks
What do you think?  Bigger belly or the same?

I can tell you this... below the belly is smaller this time around.  Most of my pants from the 2007 pregnancy are way too big.   Just what a woman wants.  YAY!!
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