Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mumford & Sons ROCK the Rocks

Randomly, a few months ago I happen to open a concert announcement email.  I always delete these emails.  They was a reminder that Mumford & Sons was coming to Red Rocks and they went on sale in the coming days.  I knew they would sell out but I still recruited our friends Kristi and Patrick to join us.  At 10:00, I was online, ready to purchase.  I'm absolutely convinced that the show was sold out before they went on sale to the general public because we didn't get a single chance to purchase tickets. 15 minutes later, an announcement came out that a second show was added.  Lickety Split, we had four tickets in the 48th row.
Kristi, Patrick, Keith and Carrie
Carrie and Keith, loving a hot summer date night at Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Kristi and Patrick
While we waited for the show to start, Keith shopped for a new truck.  Or... he sat in the new truck that was on display for advertising purposes.  Same. Same.
At the top of Red Rocks, we had a great view of the amphitheater, the rocks and the city down below. Being as it was almost dark, you'll just have to trust me that the view is magical.
Thanks to the technology of my digital camera and my mac, an enlightened view of the stadium.  

The heart pounding music, the dancing lights of the stage and the twinkling lights of the city down below made the moment unforgettable and breath taking.
Mumford & Sons ROCKED the Rocks!!  It was SO Great!!
The sheer musical talent of these four was beyond our expectations.

They were so amazing, they even made it snow on a Hot August Night!
Hands Down, this was the best show that I have ever seen at Red Rocks.
Do you want a sneak peak of the magic that we experienced?  Check out their new video, filmed at Red Rocks.  
We Were There!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ready for Some Football!!

Since the last football season, we have been saying that we need to take Oliver to a Broncos game this year.  Our preference was pre-season when the weather was warmer.  We also thought that maybe the tickets would be less expensive and the crowd would be lighter since people typically don't want to go to pre-season games.  This was before Payton Manning came to town as our new quarter back.  This was before the opening day tickets were going for MUCH more than face value.  While at work one day, I heard of a colleague who has great season ticket seats and she sells them now and then.  I happen to mention this to her on a Thursday prior to a Sunday game and she had that coming weekends game available.  I texted Keith and without hesitation he said "yes!".  That's all it took.  Sunday, August 26th Keith and Oliver headed off into the horizon and the Sports Authority Stadium (Mile High) for the big game.  

Oliver had his eyes on the prize as they entered the land of wonder, the stadium where the Mighty Broncos play.  We took Oliver to a Broncos game when he was about 2 and didn't need his own seat.  He clearly doesn't remember that glorious treat as we sat on the 50 yard line just a few rows up from the field.  Since he has been old enough to comprehend that football exists and the Broncos are our home team, he has stared at the stadium in wonder every time we drive by it.
The Broncos colors were flying high in hopes of seeing Manning play and a pre-season win.
The boys got to the field early and in time to see the warm up and pre-game entertainment.
They were there early enough to gorge themselves on fresh squeezed lemonade as it was going to be in the 90's that day.
The two Hamilton Fans READY for SOME FOOTBALL!!
One of the pre-game highlights was Miles the Mascot and his Mini-Me.

This is the Bronco statue that Oliver points out every time we drive by the stadium.  It is the statue that peaks his curiosity as to what's inside.  He now knows as he was able to peer upon it from inside the stadium.
Watching football is serious business.  
Drinking fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot day is serious business too.
It is very technical to learn the skill of keeping your eye on the game and your lips on the lemonade.
The greatest highlight of the pre-game show was the sky divers that landed right in the stadium.

You can see the sky diver's parachute right next to the right side of the goal post.

As the flag came on the field, Oliver helped sing the national anthem, one of the latest songs he is learning in school.

This picture is questionable.  Since I wasn't there I had to get the summary from Keith so that I could write the blog post.  He claims that he was testing the zoom so that he was ready for the game.  One could argue that he was trying to take a picture of the player and missed because they were so far away.  I would say that he was taking a picture of the cheerleaders back sides.  At the very least he could have said it was for his son's benefit.

Finally, after all of that pomp and circumstance, it was time for the big game.
First up, Peyton Manning!!

Oliver LOVED being at the game with his Dad.  An entire box of skittles were the icing on the cake.
The half-time show was a big hit.  The mascots of teams around the area played a pee-wee football league.  It was quite the show!

At one point, this poor guy took such a hit that he deflated and they had to bring in the resuscitation crew to...  Pump. Him. Up!
For the rest of the season, the boys will enjoy the Broncos games in the comfort of their own home.  Yes, that's the plan.  Or... maybe that WAS the plan.
Oliver discovered that this was a pre-season game and somehow, he learned that these games did not count toward the BIG win.  Therefore, these games were just practice.  He has informed us that he would like to see a real game, preferably one where they win a trophy.  I guess we'll be saving our pennies for the day the Broncos go to the BIG BIG GAME.

Happy Birthday to ME!

After everyone left Kellan's birthday party, the boys laid down for a nap.  In nearly no time, the adults were outside enjoying the fine summer afternoon.  Papa (background right) fired up the lawn mover, Carrie caught up on the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue that came in Kellan's box and Nana enjoyed some shade and an ice tea.  (The goal for next year is a patio with built in shade!)
This was Saturday, August 25, Carrie's birthday.  Since it was also the day of Kellan's 2nd birthday party, Kellan got the first 9 hours and Carrie took the next 9.  Time to relax and start the birthday celebration!
Papa got his daily work out in mowing our luscious yard.
I accomplished a bit of magazine shopping for Kellan's future big boy bed.
"See Keith, wouldn't this be a nice bedspread?  What do you think?  Maybe you should think it's a great choice, don't you think?" 
That afternoon, we had moved the relaxation to the front yard in the shade provided by the house.
(Que Top Gun music)
Much to Mamas birthday surprise, in walked Maverick, complete with his aviators.
Oliver giving his best tough-guy look.  It's always hard to give a tough guy look when you would prefer to smile.  He's such a handsome boy.
That night, Keith and I went downtown to celebrate another fabulous birthday together.  We had dinner reservations at Rioja in Larimer Square.
Kristi and Patrick joined us to celebrate and since we were a tad early for dinner, we kicked it off at Oceans for cocktails.
We LOVE Rioja!
They have amazing food that is fresh and new each time we visit.
Once again, this time exceeded our expectations.
Carrie and Keith enjoying a great birthday dinner.
Patrick and Kristi, our birthday celebration partners in crime.
We had such a great time and closed the place down.  By the time we finished our amazing dinner, complete with dessert, we were the last lone diners. 
Thanks to Keith for making this birthday a great one!  I loved every minute of it from the special delivery Starbucks Chai first thing in the morning, the exact necklace that I had been hoping for (two medallions with the boys names and birth dates on them), mani/pedi in the afternoon and topped off with an amazing night out on the town.  You're the Best!!
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