Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shane and Rio Visit Colorado

This past weekend Shane and Rio came to visit from Washington. We all had a great time and the boys got along famously. It was also a little insight into our future with two boys since Oliver and Rio are about the same age apart as our two little guys will be. The weekend was full of fun adventures all over Denver. The weather wasn't the best, but we made the most of it. The boys also had a great time going to the park and playing in the yard. I didn't get any pictures of that though. I was usually catching a cat-nap or a little rest while they went outside with Keith and Shane. That's pregnancy for ya.

Oliver and Rio having a great time coloring.
I scream
You scream
We all scream
For Ice Cream!
Friday I took Shane and Rio to the Red Rocks Amphitheater. They were quite amazed with it. Maybe next time there will be a concert in town that we can go too. Friday afternoon we met up with Keith so that he and Shane could tour the Never Summer snowboard factory here in Denver. It is a small shop but they both loved the tour. Shane is a huge fan of their boards and Keith is now a converted fan. I guess there is a new snowboard in our winter '10/'11 future. BTW... I hear they are the last American made snowboard available and they are all 100% hand made.

Rio and Oliver having a fruit snack Friday afternoon.
This is one of many snack times. When you run around for hours on end, you can really work up an appetite!
Saturday we took Shane and Rio to the zoo. It was Rio's first zoo experience. We saw everything on his list, including: bats, sharks (tiny ones), penguins and bears (three kinds). We also saw all of the animals on Oliver's list including seals, a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros, elephants and snakes. Of course, that was just a few of the many animals we saw.
For ease of travel we rented a "jeep" for the day. It was a choice of a wagon or a jeep and Keith thought the jeep was the best idea. I must say, I agree. The boys loved it and it was easy for them to jump in and out of. For some of the animals they could stay seated like they were on safari and see the animals from their jeep. This came in handy when we were trying to make quick progress through some areas and when they were getting tired.
Here is a photo of Keith testing the jeep on some steep and twisty terrain.
Oliver and Rio checking out how far they have to grow to be as tall as a polar bear. Looks like they had better keep eating their Wheaties.
In the tropical section the boys got a sneak preview for what they would see at the aquarium the next day.
Admiring the elephants.
Whew! Looks like they have it made on this height chart and they are taller than the penguins.
A trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without a carousel and train ride.
Rio and Shane on the carousel.
The four of us on the carousel.
Time for a train ride!
After watching the clouds move in all day, it started to rain. The kids didn't mind, they had jackets to keep them warm and dry and an umbrella to keep the water off of their head.
Shane pushing the boys to the front gate. The rain really started coming down hard and we had been at the zoo for five hours. It was time to call the zoo a wrap.
On Sunday we took the boys to the aquarium. Rio really wanted to see sharks. He saw some! Several really big ones! I didn't get any good photos of them, but they did witness big sharks at the aquarium.
Here, Rio and Oliver are checking out the otters swimming.
Fish, Fish and more Fish!
A turtle swimming over head.
Rio and Shane checking out some medium size sharks that were taking a nap. Who knew sharks actually napped in the bottom of the ocean (or tank in this case)?
Rio in one of the observation bubbles with a fish floating by over head.
We had a great weekend with Shane and Rio. We already have big plans for all of the fun stuff we want to take them to see and do next time they visit!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boy oh BOY!

Today is the day! We had our 20 week check-up and ultra sound today. It revealed not only are we having another boy, but the phrase Bouncing Baby Boy is an under statement for this little guy. He is a definite mover and shaker and seems to be very strong. He is measuring 1 week ahead of schedule with long legs and feet. He has the cutest button nose and two big eyes. He looked right at the ultra sound so we could see both eyes were open. He was probably wondering what all of the poking and prodding was about. We saw lots of movement and a a small case of the hiccups. Everything is measuring exactly as it should be.

When we found out Oliver was a boy, we already had a name picked out. This one is proving to be a more difficult decision. Anyone have any suggestions to add to our list? We only have 20 more weeks to decide!

When we told Oliver he was going to have a baby brother he said "OK". We'll remind him that he agreed to having a younger brother when they are fighting over toys. Seriously though, he is in for many fun filled years with a little brother to pal around with.

We couldn't be happier for our future with two Hamilton boys! Below are several of the ultra sound photos from today. They now put them on a disc for us so I don't have to scan them in. The quality is much better this way.

I have also received requests of baby belly photos. I went out on a limb to take pictures on the same day as my ultra sound, even though I look worn out from another long day and busy day at work. There isn't much of a belly to show off yet, but I know it's on its way. I looked back at photos from when I was pregnant with Oliver. I'm still in shock at how big my belly is going to get!
Mommy and her TWO boys!
It started out with Oliver touching my belly. Then, I noticed his aim was a little off. Oops! Oh well :) He's still a cutie!
Mommy and Oliver comparing bellies. I think in the end I might win this contest!

Sesame Street Sunday

Sunday, we went to see Sesame Street: 1, 2, 3 Imagine with the Hess family. It was a BIG hit with the kids!! We also discovered that Oliver is a big fan of the Cookie Monster. We had no idea.

Waiting for the show to start:
Oliver, Keith, Geoff, Freddie, Stephanie, Carrie and Evelyn
We had great seats with a good view of all of the characters on stage.

At intermission, they brought out a huge bunch of Elmo balloons. You know Oliver has a love for balloons, so you can also probably guess that he got one. He was quite excited and we took extra special care of it to make sure that we made it to the car without it blowing away. We left it in the car while we all went to eat pizza. Keith and I spaced that it was in the car and when we got there after dinner, we opened the door and Elmo flew away. Oliver didn't even notice but when he started asking for his Elmo balloon we showed him that it was floating away. I think I was more devastated than he was. I felt terrible! I promised to go get him a new balloon the next day and he requested a Cookie Monster balloon. Monday, after school, we went to the party store and I made good on my promise. Of course, he picked out the biggest Cookie Monster balloon they had. It is nearly as tall as he is!

Cuddle on the Couch

This past weekend, Oliver curled up in my lap for a cuddle. Moments later he was fast asleep. It reminded me of when he was just a baby. We had many cuddles in this very place on the couch. I can't get enough of these moments.

Happy Birthday Fire Toucher

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!!!
AKA Fire Toucher.
On Saturday we joined the Stack's to celebrate Parker's 1st birthday. Like most kids, he went for the flame on the candle. This guy's got some quick fingers because he got a little too close to the flame. Later that day Oliver was calling Parker the Fire Toucher. (This is how nicknames start!) It was all quite appropriate since the party was a fire fighter theme.
According to Oliver, a party is complete with a chocolate chip cookie.
He also knows that when we sing Happy Birthday, cake will soon follow.
These kids are quick to learn!

Parker's fabulous cake
The big debate... how to cut the cake.
Hint: Very carefully!
Toward evening, Oliver and Parker hanging in the living room.
Oliver showing off his Fire Chief hat.
This kid is such a ham for the camera.
Oliver showing Parker all of the bells and whistles on the gift he picked out for his buddy.
Parker checking out his new airplane riding toy. Oliver was convinced we bought this for him until the party. He happily left it at Parker's house. Whew! Potential catastrophe avoided.
Oliver and Parker checking out some of Parker's new toys.
Happy First Birthday Parker!!
April 13

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