Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summertime Playdate with Pizza, Popsicles and Pool

It's been way too long since Adriano came over for a play date, so finally, we had him over one fine Saturday.  Since it had been so long, we doubled down and made it an over-nighter.

First up, we grilled some homemade pizza.

Once the boys put on their special toppings, Keith tossed it on the grill.
Kids masterpiece complete.
The kids LOVED their pizza!
After filling their bellies, Oliver and Adriano battled it out with some flag football.

While Kellan steered clear and cooled off with a popsicle.

Once the word was out that there were popsicles, Adriano and Oliver joined in too.

While the boys were enjoying popsicles, the sprinklers turned on.
How can you deny a run through the sprinklers on a hot summer evening?

Kellan, Adriano and Oliver loving a hot summer night.
Adriano and Oliver, buddies since Kindergarten.
After a good night sleep, we ventured to the pool the next morning, complete with solo cup beverages.
The kids had a mini reunion in the kiddie pool when Reese and Reagan showed up.
Girls or not, they were fair game to fall victim to the squirt gun.
In no time, someone (wink, wink) armed the girls with their own squirt guns.

Game on, Girls and Boys!
What a fun time Adriano and Oliver had.  It was so great to have him over!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Aquarium Camp

From Golf Camp to Aquarium Camp, these boys are taking full advantage of summer and LOVING it!!!
Oliver, Owen and Kash

Sunday, June 21, 2015

That's a Wrap

The Lightnings last weekend of baseball was a two day tournament.  Kellan snuggled up to Gami and was ready to watch the game.
It was a HOT day, but Jennie knew how to keep cool and add some humor to the day.
After winning the first game, many of the boys went out for a mid-day lunch before going back to the field for another game that afternoon.
It was SO hot that some of the Dad's put up a tarp for the second game of the day.
After a second win, Oliver and Owen took a much needed cool off dip in Gami and Pappa's pool.
These two nuts were all giggles and smiles.
Kellan was a big fan of cooling off in the pool too.

On Sunday, we all came back together again.  The boys played a tough game, but had a heartbreaking loss in the end.  
They gave it their all this weekend and wrapped up a great season together as the Lightning.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Best Invention Ever

The best invention ever!
A movie theater with reserved recliners.
Owen, Oliver, Cole and Kellan think that it's AWESOME!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Baseball Team and Rockies

One of the perks of playing baseball is going to a Rockies game with the entire team and walking around the field.  To do this, you get to carpool down with some of your favorite people and arrive at Coors Field early.  We were super excited!!!

Carrie and Jennie, fired up and waiting for the boys to walk the field.
Hey look, we gained Kristen.
Carrie, Jennie and Kristen... all waiting for our boys.
Hey, hey, here they come!
Eric was awesome and quickly rounded up the team for a super fast team photo.
Oliver's got his parade wave mastered.

Kellan was charming the stsdium from the top of the stands.

After the parade of baseball players, we all retired to the stands for copious amounts of cotton candy.  Kellan and Emerson were loving it!
Oliver is always game for some cotton candy.

Owen and Cooper were loving a bit of the blue gooey yumminess.
What a great way to spend an evening with friends and baseball.  We loved it!
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