Monday, August 30, 2010

Kellan's First Day - August 23, 2010

One week ago today, we celebrated the arrival of our newest family member, Kellan Alexander Hamilton.  Our cameras have been firing off shots left and right but it will be a little slow going to get photos posted.  Kellan is changing, growing and looking like Oliver more and more every day.  He has a very sweet disposition and (so far) has been very easy going.  Oliver has a special way with him that calms him down and Oliver seems to know exactly what he needs.  Kellan is the first person that Oliver looks for when he gets up in the morning or enters a room.  I hope the two of these boys continue this special bond for many years to come.

Kellan's first poopy diaper change.  Thanks Dad!
The one eye peek to make sure we are still there, or wondering how many pictures we will take.

Grandma meets Kellan for the first time!
My Mom (Grandma) is here for two weeks to help out.  It has been a huge help to have her here and I'm already sad that she will be leaving soon.  
Only six hour later, Oliver meets his little brother.  This was his first expression, pure joy and excitement.
Oliver is such a gentle child, especially with his sister Madalyn (as he has referred to her this week) and his little brother Kellan.

Kellan's first kiss from his big brother.  Oliver LOVES to kiss and hug on his little brother.
Oliver telling Kellan about the ways of the world.

How can you resist these puppy dog eyes?
Oliver was jealous of the matching bracelets that Mommy, Daddy and Kellan had.  The nurse was awesome and gave him a matching bracelet with a sheriff's star to match his cowboy shirt.  I'm thinking the nurse understood the importance of this since she has four kids under the age of six herself.

It took a good 20 minutes for Oliver to warm up to me when he came in the room.  After seeing these pictures, I know why.  Mommy looked a little scary.  YIKES!  Plus, it was probably a shock to see me in the hospital bed with a baby.  Hmm... what was going on while Oliver was at school?  
He eventually warmed up enough to have a dinner picnic on my bed and share my fries.
Oliver, Kellan and Mommy together for the first time.

We have a ton more photos to share and a ton from Grandma.  I'll be posting as I get a chance.  
We can't wait to share our newest addition with everyone as well as the usual star of the blog, Oliver!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kellan's Arrival

Kellan Alexander Hamilton arrived on Monday, August 23, 2010 at 10:48 AM.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:00 PM on Sunday, August 22 to be induced.
Here I am, waiting for the action to start.
Keith wasn't shy to get comfortable on his bed for the night.
Kellan is here!!
He is just moments old in this photo.

Proof that we have a big boy!
9 lbs 8.5 oz
22.25" long
Proud Daddy with his new baby boy.
Happy Mommy with her new little munchkin.

Preparing for Kellan's Birth Day

In preparation and celebration of Kellan's birth day on Monday, Oliver made cupcakes on Sunday.
Mixing the batter.
Placing the festive cupcake papers.
Diving in for some frosting.
Frosting his master pieces.
Adding a few sprinkles.
The more sprinkles, the merrier.
Quality control check.
Mmmmm Bon Appetite

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Final Countdown

Tonight is the night!
We are waiting for the phone to ring.
The hospital is suppose to call with an arrival time so that we can go in and be induced.  My Dr says it is time and who am I to argue with such a great idea.  My Mom arrived yesterday and we are all set.  Tonight, we took some photos of my two boys and I.  The last photos of my pregnant belly with Oliver.  Oliver was a trooper, handing out lots of hugs and kisses to his little brother in my belly.

I love how he is on his tip toes in this one.

I love when Oliver curls up with me for a hug.  When he is like this I tell him he is my puzzle piece.  He loves puzzles and he fits so perfect right above my belly.

I know Oliver is getting really cozy when he tucks his arms in.

After we were done taking photos, he was intrigues by watching the kids ride their scooters on the street outside of our house.  Mom took a few more photos and these are the ones where I said "wow, my belly is huge!".

Wish us well tonight and tomorrow for the delivery.  Next post, the introduction our our youngest son!

The Boys Rooms

We have finally added the finishing touches to Oliver room and the babies room.  I am excited about the work that we have done and I especially want to show case the hard work that Keith put in.  These rooms would not be as wonderful without all of his handy work.

The entry to Oliver's room.

These are the shelves on the wall above Oliver's bed.  We couldn't find matching shelves so Keith made them.

With all of the hard work Keith put in, I added a few small touches as well.  I found this super cute train at the craft store and painted it fun colors for Oliver.

Oliver, demonstrating his favorite way to get into bed.  Up and over the foot board.

Oliver hanging in his library.

Keith made the bed and night stand before I met him.  He sanded both items down so they were nice and smooth for Oliver's precious skin.

The bed that Keith made.  Oliver loves it and it should be useful for many years to come.

Oliver checking out his dinosaur sticker book with his train table in the background.

Keith also made this lamp.  We saw one at Pottery Barn that was the wrong color and quite expensive.  Keith took on the challenge to make one just like it except this one is customized with Oliver's name.  I would like to get a fun shade for it but for now, this one will due.  I was quite impressed with his craftsmanship.

On to the babies room.  
The furniture and bedding is the same that we used for Oliver but we tried mixing it up a bit with the wall color and some of the finishing touches.

Again, my addition was the painted name.

The bookshelf that is ready for another library collection and new pictures of the baby.

We are all set!  Both boys have great rooms that are ready to be occupied with snips and snails and puppy dog tails.  
(hypothetical only, of course)
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