Friday, February 27, 2015

Denver Fire Department Annual Ball

When our friends invited us to join them at the Denver Fire Departments Annual Ball, we said "Yes" and figured out the details later.  We were SO Excited!!  

This called for a new dress, new shoes and a trip through the tailor to take in Keith's suit.

At the last minute (literally), we opted to get a hotel downtown.  Thanks to a great recommendation, we stayed at the Curtis Hotel.  Each floor was themed and we had the "Pop" floor.  It was very appropriate to throw down a little Staying Alive right there in the hallway with the John Travolta silhouette.  
Mr and Mrs Hamilton at the Ball.

The even was so much fun.  It was an evening of dinner, awards and DANCING!!!!
We were thrilled and humbled to have the pleasure of honoring our dear friend Mark as he accepted an amazing award.  In true Mark fashion, we celebrated with a super fun group of friends and many trips to the bar.
Keith, Carrie, Mark, Chooch, Danae, Pete, "Roxanne" and Jeff.
We really hit the friend jack pot when we moved next door to this gem.
Mark and Keith
The photo booth was so much fun that we may just put one in our living room.  No party is complete without a photo booth.  LOVE IT!
Congratulations Mark!
We love you!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow Day on 3 Wheels and in a Tunnel

When Colorado gets dumped on, we go out to play.
Sometimes... that play requires a helmet and goggles.
After more than a decade in the corner of the garage, Keith brought his old 3-wheeler back to life.
It may have spit, sputtered and taken away from the ozone layer a bit, but Keith was in hog heaven.
It wasn't long and he had a sled tied to the back and a kid on the sled.
(don't worry, Mommy kept a watchful eye and threatened Daddy's life if any harm to the boys occurred).
It wasn't long and both boys were saddled up.

Fresh Powder in the Face!

It was here that Kellan had enough fun on the sled.  Maybe because he was getting a straight shot of powder to the face.  Oliver, he was ready for more.
It's great to be a Colorado kid with a Wyoming Daddy!!!
Many summertime posts include Keith in this pose, but he's usually mowing the lawn.
Have you ever seen someone snow blow the backyard? 
Keith was piling up snow to a tunnel fort.
The boys were shoveling a clear pathway.
After some snow blowing, shoveling and digging, a tunnel was coming to be.
Owen came over to hang with the Ham Fam and build a tunnel fort.

Daddy was the official supervisor and strong arm.
Charlie came over too and added to the fun of four.
Counter Clockwise from top:
Oliver, Owen, Kellan and Charlie
The supervisor was great at striking a pose on the equipment.
Isn't he adorable?!
After much time outside, the fun foursome came inside to battle.  After discussing the Civil War over lunch (true story), they reenacted it in our house.
Nerf Guns - Check
Safety Glasses - Check
We have learned the hard way that eye injuries are easy when Nerf guns are in the picture.
Resolution, safety glasses.
Grandpa Garner would be so proud!
With the Civil War reenactment in the books, Charlie and Oliver were back outside to put the final touches on the tunnel fort.

Oliver headed to the garage for the final touch.
A sled!

As dark was approaching,  Oliver and Charlie paused for a quick moment from sledding down the fort for a photo.
As much fun as Oliver and Charlie were having, Kellan had no interest in braving the snowy cold.  He made it clear how he felt about the final activity of the day.
Happy Snow Day!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nothin' but Love on Valentines

February 14, 2015; Valentines Day.  It was a glorious day in Colorado with nothin' but love on the agenda.
It was such a glorious day that we headed up to Boulder to do some hiking and grab some lunch.
We even snatched up an extra participant in our Valentines Day extravaganza.

Oliver, Owen and Kellan

These boys love each other like brothers, so it was a perfect fit for our day with nothin' but love.
Kellan loved hiking along while talking to his pocket sized dinosaurs and munching on a snack.

Oliver gave Kellan some brotherly support to keep-on-keepin'-on.
A highlight with any Ham Fam hike is to identify the scat.  There was a ton of coyote scat just lying around.
Nothing makes a snack break complete like stacking a pile of stones.
As an added bonus, Keith threw in a lesson on how to build a fence.  I guess his fence building days in Wyoming are coming in handy.

As we headed back toward the car, Mommy wanted a family photo.  Oliver was my model to determine if this was just the right spot.

The three boys were the first up to test our photo spot.
Owen, Kellan and Oliver
Owen was so kind and talented to take a Ham Fam photo for us.  Thanks Owen!!
Daddy, Kellan, Oliver and Mommy
After a couple of great hours hiking around south Boulder, we headed into Boulder to eat at one of Mommy's favorite treats; Pasta Jays.   Bring on the Pasta Pillows!  YUM!!!

It was a HUGE wait, but we lucked out and got this great spot at the corner of the bar.  It was perfect for our group of five.
Love Birds on Valentines Day and Every Day!
We loved the hike, we loved the lunch but a day in Boulder would not be complete without a stroll down Pearl Street to check out the entertainment.
We were in for a special treat as this street performer had it all; humor, acrobats, juggling, fire and a hairy body that we all could have lived without seeing.
Look to the performers left.  Do you see our three boys with Keith protectively standing over them?

Nothing tops off an afternoon on Pearl Street like Ice Cream!
I Scream,
You Scream, 
We all Scream
for ICE CREAM!!!
What a glorious and perfect Valentines Day.  I loved every single second of it and so did everyone else.  We each had our own favorite highlight, but the overall consensus was that it was an truly awesome day with nothin' but love.
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