Friday, July 31, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Grillin' for the Girls

We love having people over when they come to town and we especially enjoyed having Danielle and her two daughters over for an evening of pizza on the grill.

Mia was very anxious to make pizza with the boys.
Alex also wanted to get in on the action with Mia and Kellan.

After a bit of time on the grill, these masterpieces were ready to enjoy.
SO Good
What would a dinner party be without dessert?  Lucky for the kids, we had leftover sundae fixins from some recent dinner guests so they all loaded up.

As the sun went down, I found Keith hanging with the kids in the yard.  He's kind of a a big kid himself.
Thanks for coming to see us Danielle!  We loved having you here all the way from Texas.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Love Language of Summer.... Watermelon

Nothing screams summertime like eating watermelon on the patio.

Kellan gives the watermelon hundreds of thumbs up.  He counts them off by tens.

Still counting!!
Watermelon and Summertime.... SOOOOOO Goood!!!

Sundaes and Snuggles

This past winter, Samantha and Kaitlyn moved from next door to another neighborhood and we were all heartbroken.  Now that summer was here, it had been far too long since we had seen them so, we invited them over as well as some other friends for a little reunion.  It was way too long in the making and oh, so much fun!

Kaitlyn, Kellan Reese, Raegan, Oliver and Samantha
Reese and Raegan treated the kids to a make-your-own sundae bar.  YUM!

Samantha was loving an ice cream cone.
Raegan and Reese were loving some sundaes.
Kaitlin was loving an ice cream cup.
Kellan was loving some simple ice cream with chocolate syrup.
Oliver joined in on the ice cream sundae cup.
As the evening wore on, a movie was popped in while us parents enjoyed the outside fire pit.  When we stopped in to check on the kiddos, it appeared that a few of our little angels had snuggled in for the night.

By the looks on the boys faces, I'm not sure that they are really thrilled with the snuggles or maybe they just oppose photos of it all.

We miss these girls dearly but we are so glad that we get to see them for sundaes.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Piece of Paradise

We absolutely love getting to go to the top of the mountain to visit our dear friends Mike and Linda.  It really is a piece of heaven and we love every minute that we get to spend with them on top of the world.
Mike and Linda work with service dogs and this special girl had just been rescued and was starting her training.  She was a bit timid with people but Oliver had the special touch.  It is quite possible that he is the dog whisper.  It really breaks our hearts that he is so allergic to dogs and yet he has such a tender heart for them.

She loved him so much that she laid down and took a little siesta under his gentle touch.
As the sun went down the fire stoked up and the s'mores came out.
It is quite possible that Mike is more excited about s'mores than the boys are and the boys are a great excuse for him to bust them out.  We're on to his secrets.

As the evening chill set in, Oliver snuggled in with a blanket.

It was such a glorious night on top of the world.  So much love and thanks to Mike and Linda for inviting us to their piece of paradise.

Fitness on the Rocks

For five years, I've been wanting to go Zumba at Fitness on the Rocks.  Finally, I found my Zumba loving peeps who wanted to join me.  Laura, Megan and I headed out to Red Rocks Amphitheater on one hot and sunny Saturday morning to Zumba away on the rocks.  What we didn't expect was the hike to get there since all of the parking lots were full.
So... a bit of a hike up Red Rocks Trail was our warm up.
After a quick natural energy shot, we were ready to rock the rocks!
Time to Zumba, Ladies!!  WHOOP!!!

It was SO! MUCH! FUN!!!

So much fun that we stayed for another rockin' hour with another dance class.  It too was fantastic and we actually liked it better than Zumba alone.  LOVED IT!

After we sweat away for an hour of dancing on the Rocks, we hit up the misting fans.
We swiped some giveaway squirt guns and made some cheesy Charlies Angels poses while we watched...
... other people do lunges with weights on their backs up the amphitheater stairs.

Lucky for us, we had a bit of strength left in us to pose with the worlds largest dumbbell.  We're strong, we can bring out the big guns.
As if this wasn't enough, Megan talked us into a 7 minute spring of Orange Theory.  WHEW!
The morning kicked our butts and WE LOVED IT!!!  It was so great and I can't wait to go back again next year.  Fitness on the Rocks 2016, here we come!
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