Monday, May 24, 2010

What a Weekend. Whew!

I knew this past weekend was busy and productive but looking back at these pictures makes me think "Wow, what a busy weekend".
Nothing like kicking Saturday morning off with a fashion show.
Here we have Oliver, show casing the diaper bag, a.k.a. man bag. You can often see it slung over the shoulder of his Mom or Dad. Hopefully we'll tackle potty training sometime soon.
As Keith fondly refers to the diaper bag, the European man bag.
The goal for the weekend was to get Oliver's new big boy bed set up. Saturday morning we went to run a few errands including buying a mattress pad, sheets, comforter and bed rails. Everything we thought was necessary to move a toddler from his beloved crib that he really didn't want to move out of to a log bed that is much bigger than he is used to. While at Toys R Us in search of bed rails, we walked right past the Thomas the Train section. It was nearly impossible to get Oliver past it. We had been saying we were going to get him a train table when he was in a big boy room. Since we were there and the theme of the weekend was to get Oliver into a big boy bed(room), we bought the train table. The first order of business went from moving the crib out and bed in to putting together the train table. He was so excited that the only way we could get Oliver to nap on Saturday was to tell him that he could play with the train set when he got up. Two hours later, he woke up and wanted to play with the train. When Keith told him he had to wait until the next day he asked to speak with him Mom. Well, we did promise him. Needless to say, Keith and Oliver spent the next couple of hours putting together the train set and table. His room was a disaster so we set it up in the dining room for the evening. What do you think? Is someone a little spoiled?
Hooray for Trains!
The hardest part about waiting for Dad to put together a new toy is the actual waiting. Oliver tried passing the time by popping bubble wrap.
He couldn't take it any longer and decided it was time to start unwrapping the train set pieces.

Madalyn knew the best way she could help was to steer clear and take a nice long afternoon nap.
Saturday night I had a much anticipated girls dinner date with some friends. It is crazy to think that I have known these girls in Denver for nearly ten years. Now that we are all leading such busy lives, months can go by before we get together. It was great to see everyone and catch up. I'm hoping for another girls night out before the new baby comes.
Jen, Kelly, Katie, Julie and Carrie First thing Sunday morning, Oliver wanted to play with his train set. It actually proved to be a great distraction to keep him busy while we worked on the bedrooms upstairs.

While I was cleaning up breakfast, Oliver took a stroll into the kitchen in Dad's shoes. It's funny how kids love big shoes!
Mmmm Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich for lunch on the deck. Nothing like a little lunch outside on a warm and sunny Sunday.
Friday night, Keith had set up the pool for Oliver. We were thinking the warm temperatures and sunshine would warm the water. We had no such luck and the water was still cold. This didn't stop Oliver from wanting to go to the beach. The beach, you ask? Every time Oliver saw the pool outside, he would longingly ask to go to the beach. If we would correct him and ask if he wanted to play in the pool he would say "No, the beach". Hey, I'm with him. If we want to think we're at the beach in our own back yard, I'm game!
Keith taking a much deserved rest after all of the heavy lifting he had been doing. Seriously. He moved a queen size bed and frame down 2 stories (upstairs down to the basement). Then, he moved a full size bed and log bed (oh so heavy) up two flights of stairs. All of this after he sanded down the bed and end table he had made about 10 years ago. He also put together a train table on the main level and then moved it upstairs a day later. What a guy!! Don't hold you're breath ladies, he's a keeper and I'm holding on tight!
Mom lounging in the sunshine for a sunny Sunday break. If you look close, you can see the reflection in my sunglasses of my feet resting on the side of the pool.
Oliver taking a quick break for a "Cheese" photo.
You know things are getting serious when Oliver takes off his shady straw hat and has this look on his face. Uh Oh, I think I'm about to get splashed!
Sunday, Oliver had the pleasure of napping in his new bed for the first time. Since it was a little warm, I didn't put him under his new comforter. We waited for night time for that. He slept great both at nap and night time. I hope it continues! He seems to be very comfortable in his new bed that his Dad fixed up just for him.

Sunday night, Keith was plugging in Oliver's reading lamp. Oliver's idea of helping, jump on Dad and take a ride!
Before bedtime we had a family cuddle on the new bed. Ahh... it was quite cozy.
Oliver and Dad wrestling around.
Notice the two guys have fresh hair cuts. Yup, one more thing checked off the list of to-do's this weekend.
Oliver and Mom, striking a pose.
Monday evening, I took a few pictures to show the progress of the room. Oliver is loving it so far, but gets confused sometimes as to why his old furniture is in the other bedroom. I think he is starting to think he has two bedrooms. We have a few finishing touches to complete. I want to find some stuff to spruce up his walls since this is how his bedroom was decorated with the baby furniture. We are also debating on re-painting. What do you think?
Oliver loving his new train table set.

A blurry picture of his library. We are planning to get him a new book shelf since this one matches the baby furniture and he has clearly out grown this one. The kid loves books and to read.
I also need to pick up new curtains since this one will move into the babies room.

Whew, what a busy weekend! We still have a little more work to do on Oliver's room and then we'll be tackling the babies room. I think we'll be taking a break for a week or two though. Whew!

Pina Colada

This picture makes me think of the song "If you like Pina Colada...". I think Oliver is ready for summertime too.

Hawaiian shirt - Check
Straw sun hat - Check
Frosty Lemonade in a fun straw glass - Check
Sunshine and warm weather - CHECK!

Congratulations Geoff

Congratulations to our friend Geoff, who graduated with his Masters degree from CSU two weekends ago. They had a great party to celebrate. Even with the cold temperatures, we all had a great time.
One of Geoff's favorite beers is Miller High Life. Lucky for Geoff, thanks to the MillerCoors joint venture, I have connections since we now brew it in Golden. We hooked Geoff up with not only the Miller High Life, but a few of our favorite brands as well to help him and his friends celebrate.
I had no idea that all of that beer would take a front end loader to move around. You may only see this at the Hess house.
Keith and Oliver delivering the beer to it's appropriate location.
Oliver working on a chalk master piece.
Oliver dipping into the tray of Doritos. Yum!
Everyone was having a great time! Wahoo!!

Oliver taking his turn at the pinata. He wasn't quite sure what to think of this activity since we have always told him not to hit things or swing sticks to hit things. He kept looking at us for approval.
Oliver and the ladies watching the bigger kids take a swing at the pinata. The pecking order was by height, so Oliver was one of the first to take a swing.
Finally, the oldest kid broke into the pinata and there was candy for everyone.

Later in the evening the kids decorated cupcakes. What a fun time!
Oliver working on the right mixture of sprinkles to frosting.
Carefully applying a few last touches.
Evelyn (Geoff's daughter) with her master piece.
Oliver with his work of art.
Time to Eat!
We stayed the night so that Keith could enjoy the evening with his friends and we didn't have to make the hour long drive home late at night. Oliver and I hit the hay and Keith had a great time hanging with his friends. The next day Oliver got to play a little longer with Evelyn before we left. They found some fun hats and enjoyed running around in them.
We had such a great time. Thanks Hess Family and Congratulations to you, Geoff!

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