Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meeting Isaac

When Jeff and Lindsey told us they were having another baby I responded by inviting myself to their house to help out and get some baby snuggles in.  Remember, William and Kellan have the exact same birth date.  I can't imagine having a new baby with a 17 month old, but Jeff and Lindsey do!  Talk about a lot of work!  So, when William and Kellan were celebrating their 18 month birthday, I was in Texas celebrating Isaac's one month birthday, lending a helping hand and stealing a few snuggles here and there.  
What kind of Aunt would I be if I didn't show up with goodies for the boys?  William was quite thrilled with the new loot.  Isaac doesn't really know but he'll be excited someday.  Until then, I'm sure William will keep everything dusted off and in working condition.
Lindsey was excited to have company and to get out of the house.  She thought William might need a new scene for a few hours so we headed to the Children's museum.  Isaac was perfectly content watching the world go by while William explored everything he could.
William watching the bubbles go higher and higher!

Isaac loved the computer stations.  I laughed to myself as I imagined that this is what his Dad Jeff looked like at that exact same moment at work.
To say William is quick is an understatement.  I really don't think he knows how to walk, he just RUNS at full speed from point A to point B.  He was tough to capture pictures of but I did find him pausing for a quick moment with these trucks but you'll see that he already has his eye on his next destination.
Lindsey and he new bundle of boy, Isaac Paul on his One Month Birthday!
Aunt Carrie got some snuggle time in as well.
I thought that I had more photos of Isaac and I snuggling but I don't.  Maybe Lindsey has them on her camera.  I'll keep an eye on her blog :)
It didn't take long for Isaac to warm up to his Aunt Carrie and melt in her arms.  She may have the magic bounce that baby boys can't resist!
That afternoon we took advantage of the nice weather and went outside to burn some energy and soak up some Vitamin D.  It was nearly 80 degrees!!  William LOVED running down the driveway over and over and over.
Then William ran through the yard.
Then William landed on the side walk with some bark sticks.  They were quite entertaining.

That evening we went to Nana and Papa's house for Chicken and Dumplings.
The new family of FOUR!
Jeff, Lindsey, William and Isaac.
When we got home we found some batteries for Williams new puzzle that Uncle Keith picked out for him.  It made all kinds of crazy sounds when you moved the puzzle pieces around.  William seemed to really enjoy it.  I'm not sure if the rest of the family enjoyed all of the the emergency vehicle sirens because they were LOUD!

The next day, Isaac was sportin' his outfit from Aunt Carrie that he received months before he was even born.  You've got to love a sock monkey.

Isaac was starting to smile and I caught him giving his Mommy a loving look. 

Isaac was sweet as a pea, but like all babies, he liked to exercise his lungs as well.  I thought I might get a cutie pie picture of him in this chair but he thought otherwise.  He's still a cutie pie, even when he's crying.
One night after William went to bed Isaac got to stretch around on the floor.  When William is awake the middle of the living room is like a freeway exchange crossed with a football field.  It's a bit risky to lay in the middle of it.
On Saturday, Jeff was home from work and William got to go outside and have some guy time.  I laughed watching those two mess around.  It was in the 50's, Jeff was dressed like it was the middle of summer and William was dressed like it was the middle of winter.  What a combination!
Learning to drive the four wheeler is serious business.
Isaac loved a mid day snuggle nap.
Saturday night, Nana and Papa came over for dinner.  Isaac enjoyed spending time with Nana before we ate.
William was playing King of the Clothes Basket.  I think it's safe to say, he won.
Mommy Lindsey and Isaac taking a break.
I had a great visit in Texas with Jeff, Lindsey, William and the newest, Isaac.  I could have sworn I took more photos but this is it.  I can't wait to see them all again in June.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All You Need is Love

Valentine's lasted nearly a week since it was a mid-week holiday.  For a Valentines celebration, Keith took us out for an adults only dinner.  We left the kids at home with the babysitter and didn't look back, until nearly 10:00!  First off we went out for a couple of drinks and then out for a great steak dinner.  Thanks for an unforgettable evening, Mr Hamilton.
Lounging on the couches during cocktail hour.  This is also where we were sitting when the news alert came across my iPhone that Whitney Houston had died.  (we usually keep our phones handy when the kids are with the sitter).  The people behind us were quite intrigued with our conversation.
On Sunday morning we brought up some of Oliver's old puzzles from the basement for Kellan.  Since our house has been on the market to sell since early January a lot of the boys toys have been put away.  Kellan loved the puzzle pieces.

Truck sounds with the transportation puzzle.
Nearby, Oliver was playing his new favorite iPad game; Where's the Water.
We spent an entire day in our PJ's.  It was the first time  in over a month that we didn't have any showings on our house and we didn't have to go anywhere.  It was wonderful!
After nap, the boys and I made Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Once Upon a Time I used to bake more often but it just hasn't happened much since the boys have arrived. It was time to break out Betty Crocker and show the boys Mom's killer Chocolate Chip Cookie making skills!  

Oliver and Kellan helped dump in many of the ingredients.  Mom may have had to fish a few egg shells out of the batter but other than that it was great.  Oliver couldn't wait to dump in the big bag of chocolate chips.
Kellan kept a close eye on Oliver's dumping skills.
Finally, we were ready to put the dough on the cookie sheet.  Oliver was quite skilled at making the little balls.  We still have some time for Kellan to learn.
Kellan diving in for the next cookie in the making.
It is important to get a great big hand full!
To all of the co-workers who ate the cookies, don't worry, they DID wash their hands!
Kellan keeping close watch on the cookies in the making.
Kellan telling Mommy all about what was going on in the oven and expressing that it is HOT!
He is quick to tell us and sign that it's "Hot, Hot, Hot"
Mmmmm First Batch is ready for sampling.
I just noticed... one cookie has a bite out of it.  What?!
The boys enjoying their first cookies.
A cheesy seal of approval.
Monday night we realized that we hadn't completed Oliver's valentines for his class.  He was excited to complete them and fill them out as To: Friend From: Oliver.  He wrote Friend and Oliver on most of them and then he was worn out.  Mommy may have helped him out on the last few.  With a class of 24, there is a lot of writing required.
The next step was inserting the sucker.  
Gone are the days of the simple valentine in an envelope.  They no longer come with the white little envelopes and the cool ones have treats to go with them.
Ta-Da... The completed Valentine.
The next day was Oliver's classroom party.
Each student decorated a bag to fill with valentines and goodies.
Check out that loot on the lego table.
Later we headed over to Kellan's valentine party.  He was cruising the room like he owned the place.  They were having a dance party and he's all about a good boogie woogie.
Doing a lap with a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  We know that they aren't as good as Mommy's because most of it didn't get eaten.
Happy Valentine's from Oliver!
Kellan giving some suspicious (or maybe flirty) eyes to the other party people.
The school had a mail box for Mom's and Dad's to leave mail for mid-day delivery leading up to Valentines Day.  The boys got two special deliveries and when they got home they enjoyed looking at their cards again.
Sometimes I find it ironic that the best photos are blurry.  It happens quick and the camera doesn't always have a chance to focus.  Much like life sometimes.
Oliver having fun on the stairs.
Mommy and Kellan self portrait.
What's funny about his shirt is he wore this last Valentines Day too.  He's grown but his rate of growth has slowed significantly since the first 6 months.
Mommy and her sweetest Valentines.
It wasn't long before the party and sugar crash kicked in.

After dinner, Oliver went through his gift bag again and someone had given him this lip kazoo.  In no time, Kellan swiped it and figured out how to make it whistle with a hum.
Oliver and his whistle smacking lips.
Kellan back in lip smacking action.
Happy Valentines Day from our sweetness to yours!
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