Monday, January 30, 2012

Hamess Weekend 2012

The skis are loaded and we are ready for Hamess (Hamilton and Hes) weekend 2012 in Steamboat.
Look closely and you'll see Oliver's super fast super cute skis loaded up and ready to roll out of town.
The accommodations were perfect for our two families and the "big kids" got a room all to themselves.  Evelyn, Oliver and Freddie
First up Friday morning, Stephanie and I took the kids out skiing while the Dad's stayed back with the babies.  While we waited for lift tickets Oliver and Freddie enjoyed a snack.
I think the little ski boots are so cute swinging from the bench.
Hey, Hey the Gangs all Here!
After so many runs that we lost track of the count, we went to lunch at Slope Side and Stephanie and I  enjoyed a much deserved frosty beverage.
Freddie was super cute double fisting his hot cocoa and ice water.
Back at home Jonny was doing his best to wear a path in the staircase.
As we put all of the kids down for naps, the Dad's went out to ski the fresh powder at the top of the mountain.
Snow so fresh that it was clinging to the trees.
One of the Steamboat peaks with the sun breaking through.
Friday night we took the kids to a much needed dip in the pool and hot tub.  The pool was a big hit with everyone but Mommy was super happy that Kellan preferred the hot tub so that she could join him in the steamy warmth.
Kellan getting acclimated to the hot tub.
The Ham Fam in the hot tub.
What strikes me funny about a family of boys is that people could confuse us as all being naked.  EEK!
Bedtime was always a cute time with all of the kiddos.
Keith had the kids rolling during a Dr Suess story.  They would all say "He aint lyin'" with a high picked southern voice.  Ok, so you would have to be there to find the super cute humor.
Geoff and Stephanie's babysitter came up to Steamboat Friday evening and we got a night out with just us adults.  First stop, Dessert and Drink!
Keith and Carrie out for a Blue Moon.
What a great time with amazing dessert and wonderful friends.
Saturday morning we hit the slopes again.  Mommy and Oliver are geared up and ready to ride.
First out of the gate, Geoff (front) was available for some pointers for Mommy and Oliver (left).
Right out of the gate Oliver wanted to go faster and faster.  However, to cut him loose of his straps he needs to learn to control his speed and stop so that was the goal of the day.
Check out the slack in those straps!  Wahoo!!  Go Oliver Go!
Whoa Nelly! Learning to control speed with hand out front, leaning forward and Pizza Pie in the pants.
Once again we are back to lots of slack in the straps.  He's really getting the hang of skiing.  He has naturally good balance and an instinct for controlling his speed.
What a gorgeous day to work on your speed.
Even the best skiers crash when they push themselves to excel.  Oliver took a few big spills and this time Stephanie and Evelyn were hanging around for the moment.  Oliver handled the spills well, got up and hit it again.
Watch Out Daddy!  We're headed your way!
Then... there was THE big crash.  Just as we approached the final slope before the condo Oliver took off a bit fast, Mommy wasn't quite ready and a crash was inevitable.  Mommy coached Oliver to lean forward, hands out front and PIZZA PIE!!  It became a bit much so Oliver sat down, which is what Geoff told him to do to stop if pizza pie wasn't enough.  He took a big tuck-and-roll header which resulted in a yard sale and a busted edgy wedgy.  The busted edgy wedgy was more than this super star could handle.  It had been a very long run from the top of the gondola and he was beat.  All he wanted to do was lay down and be done.  I couldn't blame him, after two days of snow plowing I had similar feelings.
Daddy saved the day and strapped Oliver onto his snowboard so that he could finish the run on a sled.
"Come on, Dad.  Keep up, Old Man!"
Living the good life.
Once the kids were all cozy in the condo and we grabbed some lunch it was time for us adults to head straight for the highest peak.  Carrie and Stephanie were SO happy to rest the over used snow plow muscles to ride on some steeper and deeper terrain.
Ahhh... Happy Together!
Keith and Carrie with some beautiful snow covered trees at the top.
Mr and Mrs Hess loving an afternoon out and about.
Keith was thrilled to finally get a chance to ride his new Never Summer Heritage board that he got for his birthday.  He said it was "Screaming" fast and you could see the happiness beaming from him.
All good ski days end with a toast to good times.
Soaking in the view and some vitamin D from the gondola deck.
Does it get much better than this in January?
Saturday night we took the kids to the Western BBQ at the top of the Gondola.  All you can eat BBQ, dessert, live music and dancing.  YEE HAW!
After a big day the kids desperately needed to refuel.  Oliver ate and ate and ate.  He knew that he needed a lot of energy for what was to come.
It was SO great to be out for an evening with Oliver and our friends.
Ahhh... signs of a full belly and fuel that is kicking in.
Ta Da!!
Happy Boy!!
We're ready to ROCK!
What is dessert without a birthday to celebrate.
Happy Birthday Miss Stephanie!
Kick up your heals and give your partner a swing.  Evelyn and Oliver LOVED taking a spin (or two or three) on the dance floor.
The Good Times Keep Rolling.
The kids didn't care if the dance floor was packed or empty.  They were the life of the party.
Keith and Carrie pausing from a great time to capture a photo.
During the Cotton Eye Joe round dance the kids found a new friend and established a round dance of their own in the center of the dance floor.
Just when you thought the Months of the Year song was just a silly dance, the moves came in handy.  All it took was a whisper in Oliver's ear that the Macarena was on and it is just like the moths of the year.  The boy was On Fire!
Freddie was cranking out his own moves with some air guitar.
Evelyn busted out a little conga line.

As the evening came to an end, the band took a break and the kids turned to some smart phone games.  We had an amazing night with friends and we were the last gondola car to leave the mountain.  We closed the place down.
The next morning it was all hand on deck to clean up and pack out.  Well, kind of.  Freddie, Oliver and Evelyn got in one last morning together with a movie even though they knew the risk was high that their eyes would burn out of their heads from sitting too close to the TV.  (don't even think about saying we sound like our parents!)
Hamess Weekend 2012 was once again a big success.  Each year is more and more fun.  Before we know it we will have all five kids on ski's, whopping it up at the Western BBQ and living the rocky mountain high life.
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