Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hamess Weekend in Longmont

Last weekend we headed North to spend some time with the Hess family for a Hamess weekend.  That would be short for the Hamilton Hess family weekend.
Before we left town we had a nice morning at home where Oliver and Kellan enjoyed riding the tractor and firetruck.
Oliver thought it was fun to pull Kellan behind him and Kellan didn't seem to mind.
After a 30 minute swim lesson for Oliver and lunch for the family we headed North.  Keith dropped me off in Boulder at the St Julien Spa with Stephanie.  It is an AMAZING spa and we loved every minute of it.  I had a facial and she had a pedicure.  We enjoyed the steam room, pool and even some time in the sun on the patio.  Meanwhile, the guys were juggling the five kids in Longmont.

That evening, we had a baby sitter for the kiddos and us adults went out on the town.  The first stop was the Tasty Weasel which Stephanie said was her favorite place on earth.  It is the tasting room of the Oskar Blues brewery.
This is Geoff with the wall display of the Hops and Heifers business which he runs for Oskar Blues.
The whole gang in front of the bar with the fermenters in the background.
Geoff, Keith, Carrie and Stephanie
After happy hour at the Tasty Weasel we went to Sugarbeat for an amazing dinner.  
Geoff and Stephanie prior to dinner.
Geoff, Stephanie, Carrie and Keith
This Bellini was perfect on a hot summer night.
The more adventurous diners enjoyed some west coast oysters from Washington and some east coast oysters from somewhere on the east coast.  I suppose I can't remember where they were from because they were not from my home state.  Regardless of where they were from, one of us did not fit in the adventurous diner category and opted out. (that would be me, Carrie, the author)
The food was spectacular.
This is a snapshot of the garden salad.
Then, the main course arrived.
This is Keith's ahi tuna.
Geoff and Carrie had the short beef ribs.  They were melt in your mouth amazing!  With a side of au gratin potatoes.  Mmmmm.....
Stephanie had the scallops on purple potatoes.
After dinner we went to the Oskar Blues Home Made Liquid and Solids.
This is Geoff with one of the hops plants he placed on the back patio.
The Oskar Blues silo.
Geoff, Stephanie, Carrie and Keith on the back patio.
Stephanie, Geoff, Keith and Carrie with the Silo.
The next day, the guys went off to golf a round of 18 holes while the Mom's stayed home with the five munchkins.  The kids had a great time in the backyard pool party.
You were fair game to be hit with the squirt guns if you weren't on the porch.  Yup, even if you had a camera in your hand.
Evelyn, Freddie and Oliver having a great time in the pool.
Freddie joined Kellan in the baby pool for a while.
Once Jonny finished breakfast, he joined Kellan in the baby pool as well. 
The whole pool party.
Evelyn, Freddie and Oliver; armed and dangerous.
Just before lunch, Evelyn set up a lemonade stand.  I am still amazed that Stephanie was able to juggle three kids, lunch and still had the energy to put up this lemonade stand for Evelyn.  Truly Amazing!
Evelyn's first customer, Oliver!
Each cup of lemonade even came with a piece of yummy watermelon.  Bonus!

Meanwhile, Kellan and Jonny were having some quiet time to themselves in the living room.

Evelyn's second customer was her brother, Freddie.
Oliver, Evelyn and Freddie having fun at the lemonade stand.
The third and fourth customers were the ones that the kids were greatly anticipating, Daddy and Daddy.  Or, Geoff and Keith, depending on who you are.
Geoff going in for some lemonade.
Keith getting in on some lemonade as well.
A bit later, Freddie took Oliver on a tour of the property on his John Deere.
He even kept a close eye on the penguin passenger.
Here they come!  It must have been a crazy ride.  Freddie had to hold on tight.
Taking a tour around the tree.

Thanks for a GREAT weekend Hess family!!
We had an amazing time in Longmont with your family.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anniversary Sale Weekend

Have you heard?  It's Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale time!
This annual sale is a Can't Miss event for me.  I love it!  Keith knows that it is one shopping event that I look forward to all year.
Early that Sunday morning the kids were enjoying some time at home.  Kellan was having a bit too much fun in the pantry.  Oliver sat in for the photo but had to keep an eye on the cartoon.
Kellan is still trying to figure out how to lay on his belly and still drink his bottle.
We headed to Nordstrom's to be there when they opened the doors.  Keith was a trooper and brought the boys down so we could have their feet measured for shoes.
Here is Kellan, trying on his first pair of real shoes at his first Anniversary Sale.  These will come in handy this winter when he's running to keep up with his big brother.
Keith Is The Best!
After we found some shoes for both boys and had a quick lunch he took the boys home for naps and left me at Nordstrom's to shop shop shop!!
When I got home I found a party in the back yard.  Keith had all of the fun toys out; the hammock, the big kid pool, the baby pool and a house that blew in our yard this past winter.
Oliver and Kellan having fun.

Later in the evening we had our first corn on the cob of the summer.
Kellan had his first corn on the cob, EVER!
It was a hit!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday Night Baseball

Saturday night we took Oliver to a Rockies game.  Since Kellan is a little tyke, we left him at home with a baby sitter so that the three of us could whoop it up as long as we could stand it.
As usual, Oliver was all business heading to the game.  We had told Oliver a week prior that we were going to the game and it was all he could talk about.  He couldn't wait!
As we entered Coors Field at 5:30 for a 6:00 game it was a beautiful day.
As you can tell, Oliver is thrilled to take photos before entering the stadium.
He really IS excited, just not to take photos.  He is ready to get a move on into the game.
Our first order of business once we got into the stadium was to get dinner.  The game started at 6:00, dinner time and we knew we wanted to meet the Metzger's for a Dinger greeting during the 2nd inning.
While we were waiting in line for our hotdogs Oliver turned to me with a big smile and said "Mommy, take my picture now!"
A sign of the times.
Getting settled in with dinner in hand.
Then... we had a rain delay of AN HOUR!!!
Oliver was in charge of the umbrella and couldn't take his eyes off of the field.
"Hey Dad, what ya doing up there?"
The sign reads:
Tonight's game is being delayed due to lightning and possible heavy rain in the area.  We will make every effort to start the game as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, we had peanuts.
Then, the rain came in.  Fortunately, it was a mild rain shower compared to what we have been having in the evenings.
(Wanda - thanks for the umbrella.  It is the Coors Light one you left in your office when you retired.  It's getting plenty of use this year.)
The Rockies were playing the Miluwaukee Brewers, which brings out our Wisconsin friends.
Jen, Craig and Parker joined us for the game.
Hey  look, Parker has a pizza-stache.

At 7:00 the game started up and shortly after that the beautiful blue skies returned.
Everyone was having a great time!

Daddy and Oliver watching a pop fly.
Keith took this picture of Carrie and Jen just as he and Craig were taking the boys up to the playground. As Keith walked away he mentioned that we could sit and relax like the days before kids (and husbands).
Oliver and Parker scoping out the playground.
Parker and Oliver at the bottom of the slide.
Another round on the slide.
How to dismount a slide, Parker style.
Oliver heading down the slide, again and again and again.
You'll never guess who we saw next and who belonged to these shoes.  A hint, they also have Wisconsin roots.
The Metzger Boys!!!
Charlie, Oliver, Michael and Craig.  Hey... how did Craig get in with that crazy bunch?
(Shout out to cousin Rio.  Thanks for the Red Crocs!  Oliver LOVES them!)
The boys having fun while they wait to meet Dinger.
Hey wait... who's the crazy new guy in the middle?

This is what Charlie and Oliver often look like when they are together.  A blur of fun and excitement!
When entertaining a couple of 3-4 year olds, a dance party is always a good idea, even when there is no music.
Almost our turn.

FINALLY!  Oliver and Charlie with Dinger.
I LOVE that Keith is taking more photos.  Next time we'll work on getting the mascot in the photo of the kids WITH the mascot.
Michael, Dinger, Charlie and Oliver
After the photo the boys got some autographs.  Dinger signed Oliver's Rockies hat.  He even got a few extra high fives for the awesome CSU shirt.  We never knew Dinger was a CSU fan.  Go Rams!
The boys with their autographed loot.
Then like a flash of lighting, they were off!
Charlie and Oliver were dodging through the crowd.  Thankfully they had bright crocs on so we could keep our eyes on them.
The Metzger's headed back to their seats and we met back up with the Stack's.  Parker was getting antsy waiting around for Dinger so they went to hit some t-balls.  We treated Oliver to a watermelon shaved ice and he shared a little with Parker.
Then the ice started to fly.
It's all fun and games until someone gets ice in the eye.
Since Parker is the ripe 'ol age of 2 and he turns into a pumpkin a big earlier than the much older 3 year olds, the Stack's headed home.  We headed back to our seats to watch the best innings of the game, the 6th and 7th.
There was some debate on what was going on and the players took a few moments to themselves, so Oliver danced around to the music.  We could tell he was getting tired when he started plugging his ears.

What will happen next?
The game went back and forth in the sixth inning and we pulled ahead by a run at the bottom of the 7th.  It was 9:30 and we were all beat so we headed home.  When we walked in the door at home our baby sitter had been watching the game and she said the Brewer's had just won by a run.  Major Bummer!  It was a GREAT game all of the way around, the game, the friends and the fun.
Through the game and the next day Oliver asked if Kellan could come next time.  We explained how this was a special treat for Oliver and if Kellan was there we would have had to leave much earlier.  He understood but he said he thought Kellan
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