Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oliver's Great 8 Party

Oliver is Eight and doesn't he look Great!
He's loving his new Oregon jersey and cake.
For Oliver's party, he invited a few of the boys over for some football and reptiles.
They may have been happy to just play football all day on this glorious October day.
Oliver and his buddies:
Oliver, Charlie, Luke, Cole, Chase, Adriano, Ethan, Owen, Jack and Kash
It took every ounce of effort for them to stand still for a photo.  This is what they really wanted to do.  Kellan even popped in for the photo.  Can you see him?
Inside, we had a full on presentation of cold blooded animals.
Cole was loving it!
Oliver was in his happy place with a snake draped around his neck.  (UGH!)
Charlie was a little nervous of the slithering creatures.
Adriano and Ethan weren't quite sure what to think.
Bullfrog and boys.

Kellan may have been the most animated participant.
Oliver truly loves these animals.  He would have a whole zoo if he could.
I think they may love him too.

Oliver doing the tango with a snake.

He kind of loves it.
Some of the boys had to be talked into this, some were hesitant and some couldn't wait to get their hands on this big guy.
Oliver, Charlier, Kash, Owen, Adriano, Jack, Chase, Cole, Ethan, Luke, Kellan

I hope that Oliver never wants to bring this guy home to snuggle with.  I think Mommy's feelings on cold blooded creatures in the house is clear :)

If Oliver brings home a lizard, I almost expect Kellan to bring home a hedgehog.  (They'll all be sleeping outside if that ever happens.)

The scorpion is almost more nerve racking than the big lizards.

After all of the fun was to be had with lizards, snakes and hedgehogs (oh my), it was time for cake!

There is nothing but love for this birthday boy!
Charlie goes WAY back to the beginning of time for Oliver.  They have been buddies since they were infants at Primrose.  They don't get a chance to get together often, but when they do, they sure love it.
I think he's trying to say that he loved his party and 8 is already great!
Happy Birthday, Oliver.
We love you more!

Kellan's Kickin' It

Kellan's soccer season is in full swing and he's starting to dive right in.

Kellan's biggest fan!

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