Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Garner Visit From Washington

Last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Garner came to visit from Washington. We had a great time and took tons of photos. Believe it or not, it was a low-key trip compared to usual. Keith, Oliver and I needed some slower days and we were exited to spend them with G'm and G'pa.
On Saturday of their visit, we went to White Fence Farm for dinner. Not only do they have great food, they have a fun farm atmosphere that is always entertaining.
Here Keith and Oliver are checking out the goats in the petting zoo. Looks like they might reach out and give Keith a sloppy smooch!
Here is the BIG PIG!!! It might not look to big in this picture but trust me, it was!Keith and Oliver checking out the John Deere tractor.

'Uh, Mr Indian, Is that Buffalo talking to me?"
This buffalo on the wall would move its mouth and talk. Oliver was fascinated with it and stared at it for the longest time.
"Yes, by golly, I do love cottage cheese! YUM!"
Oliver demonstrating his utensil skills.
Oliver and Mama with full bellies!
Grandma and Oliver
Grandma decided to try a lemon with Oliver again. The result, a little pucker!

"Come on guys, you've got to try this!"
I think he likes it!
After dinner we walked around to check out the shops and the band that was playing. Oliver was pooped and he was all smiled out. Since he wouldn't smile, Grandpa put on a grumpy face too. HA HA!!

Sunday at the Zoo

The zoo is always a hit and they had a new baby giraffe. What more of a reason do we need to go?

Before heading out to the zoo, Oliver and Grandpa shared a snack of dried fruit.
I know that we have been to the zoo several times, but every time there are new animals that are ready to strike a pose. Check out this lion that was right by the glass!

By the way... in my monthly zoo newsletter that I received today I read that the rocks for the lions are heated to help keep them warm in the winter. I wonder if this one was heated or just comfortable at this moment.
Check out the hat on this bird!
Here is the new giraffe, Pongo. He was exactly 1 week old on this day. He never did stand up or really show us his face, but he was still cute. At one week old, we'll grant him forgiveness, ha ha!!
Here is Pongo's birth announcement that was posted.

The Polar Bear was striking a fabulous pose. Thanks Mr Polar Bear!
This photo was for comic relief more than anything. You should have heard Keith making wise cracks about these two polar bears mulling over the bear poop in the corner.
"Who's responsible for this? George, is this yours?"
"Henrietta, you know I would never" (looking away guilty)
SO Happy to be walking around

Since it was a little chilly outside, we went inside to the tropical exhibit. Here, there were lots of fish, snakes and reptiles. EWWW!!!
We don't have many family photos since we're usually taking pictures of each other, but here is proof that we really do hang out together.
This picture kind of freaks me out!
This is Oliver scoping out a BIG Snake through the glass. Look close and you can see his reflection. I hope he never tries to bring something like this home.
Oliver walking with Grandma and Grandpa
Oliver and Grandpa watching the rhino
Still at the top of Oliver's favorite list is the bears.

Marvelous Monday

The last full day that G'm and G'pa Garner were here we had some down home fun at the park. It was a warm day but the clouds were hanging around. This didn't stop Oliver. As a matter of fact, he was moving so much we didn't get many photos. This is unheard of! His favorite was the twirly slide, which we discovered that he loves to go down by himself. The first ride down he went with his Mama.
Clearly they don't make these turns for long legs!

Next trip down, Oliver insisted on trying it himself. G'ma was at the bottom, ready to catch him. He positioned himself at the top, turned around (just like the stairs at home) and WHOOSH, down he went!
Yes, his shirt came up and his belly rubbed on the slide but he didn't mind. Actually, HE LOVED IT!!!!
G'ma passing Oliver back up to the top of the slide
WHOOSH!!! Down he goes again. Can you see the speed through his hair?!
Oliver loved the slide SO much that he literally cried almost all of the way home since he didn't want to leave. We spent nearly an hour there and it was past time for lunch and a nap.

Here, Oliver and G'ma are reading Hop on Pop, one of Oliver's favorites!

Check out G'pa in his new threads!
G'ma picked this sweater and shirt up for him on our Girls Day Out shopping day. I think it is a great new look for him. He will claim that it is a come back from the '70's. Whatever it is, I like it!
G'ma surprised Keith with a new tie for Oliver. We took Oliver to Intertech Plastics to see Keith and then go out to dinner. We wanted to surprise him with his very own "mini me"
"I bring this meeting to order on behalf of my gold fish snack!"
Yes, we had a little fun in the conference room while Keith was on the phone.
Prepping Oliver with some gold fish snacks before the Oliver's big introduction at Intertech.
Quick Family Photo!
Keith was so proud of his "mini me"!
G'ma and Oliver
Dad and Oliver
Like Father Like Son
Yes, if Keith could snack on Gold Fish all day, he probably would too. HA HA!!
Dad and Oliver.
Working Hard or Hardly Working?
After our visit at Intertech we were headed to dinner. We had some time to spare between the visit and dinner so Oliver, Mama, G'ma and G'pa strolled through Borders.
Oliver LOVES books, so he was thrilled to spend some time here.
Hmm.... what else do we have here?
YES! This is the book for me. Ten Little Ladybugs!
We went to dinner at Texas De Brazil and it was quite delicious. Poor Oliver was a little tired and cranky so he wasn't quite the happy camper we're used to, but he started out Loving It!
Occasionally Oliver will stop what he's doing just to smile for the camera. Here, he was eating a tomato and he put it down just for this grin. I love it!!!

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