Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hamilton House Fun

Here are some photos from the past week or two from around the house.

I'm not sure what to think about this but after dinner one day Oliver was enthralled with chewing on his socks. We thought it was quite funny.

Laundry is never as exiting as it is when you're a kid!

Oliver, Keith, Fantasy Football and Ritz!
Oliver always examines his food very closely!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

I couldn't wait to tell everyone, Jen and Craig Stack are having a BOY!!!!

We just found out last night that Oliver has a little buddy in the oven. If it was a girl I was already plotting the marriage, but I guess maybe that is a little TOO forward thinking to be arranging marriages anymore. Lucky for Oliver, he'll have "Short Stack" to pal around with and he won't have to worry about an arranged marriage. HA!

Jen and Craig - We are SO exited for you!!! We can't wait to meet Short Stack and smother him in smooches!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here are a few photos of Oliver from this past weekend.
I just love this photo of Oliver and his big blue eyes!
Here he is trying on Mom's ski hat. He'll have to get one his own size for when he learns to ski, maybe next year! Time to sleep, sleepy head!
Now that Oliver is the proud owner of 2 bottom teeth, and nearly four top teeth, we have been working on brushing his teeth. Tonight he decided that he could take over for a while. I think he did a pretty good job!


Saturday we joined the Hess family for the CU (University of Colorado) vs OSU (Oklahoma State University) football game. John Hess went to OSU, so most of the group was decked out in Orange. However, I dusted off my CU sweatshirt for the special occasion. I figured that since I spent quality time on the Denver campus working on my Masters, the least I could do is wear the appropriate attire to show my appreciation. We had a great time, nearly froze, enjoyed some fabulous treats and drinks, all with the pictures to prove it.

Hail, Hail, the gang's all here!
Tailgating before the game.
Jeff and John Hess.
A little history.... Jeff and Keith met when Keith was in college at CSU. He became great friends with the Hess family and we try to see them every chance we get. John now lives in southern Idaho with his wife, Jamie and two daughters. Their parents, Fred and Linda live back at the farm John and Jeff grew up at in Massachusetts. Stephanie is the ONLY person (well, and Jeff since he's her husband) that I forgive for supporting Anheiser Busch since her brother works for them in St Louis.
Stephanie's brother, this picture was for you!

Stephanie and Jeff
Carrie and Keith
Keith, lovin' Linda Hess' warm ham and cheese sandwiches.
I was Fired Up to have the opportunity to wear my new boots. We've had a very warm fall but we finally had a cold night where I was able to test out the new boots. Great news, my tootsies were toasty warm all night!!!
My buddy... my buddy.... my buddy and Me!
Jeff and Keith
Fred Hess supporting OSU with this fabulous hat!
Keith and Carrie at the game that OSU won.
Fred and Linda Hess

For all of the pictures of the night out, Click Here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Madonna Madness

Jen and I went to the Madonna concert on Tuesday and it was Amazing. Since we couldn't take cameras in we took a couple of pictures with our cell phones.

The show was scheduled to start at 8:00 and we took our seats. Little did we know that she wouldn't start until 9:30. Our seats were $99 and 3 rows from the ceiling at the very end of the Pepsi Center. Nose bleed seats for sure, but I don't think there is such a thing as cheap seats at a Madonna concert.
Nacho Mama enjoying something to eat.
Do you see Jen's 19 week baby belly bump?
I had a friend with suite seats and we were fortunate enough to hook up with her and upgrade our seats. Not only was the view better but the comfy seats and bar of food and bottled water kept Mrs Jen Stack happy.
We can't wait to find out next week is Short Stack will be in adorable pink or blue.
Even though you can't tell from this picture, we had a much better view of the stage.Denver Post Review

Journey to Jacksonville

Last weekend, Oliver and I travelled to Jacksonville, FL to celebrate my friend Jenni's 40th birthday. Her husband is in the Navy and he was out of town for a few weeks, so Anne, Kim and I flew in to celebrate with her. I met them all when I lived in Fallon, NV in the late 90's and into 2000. Oliver was a champion traveller and did quite well with the airplane ride, time change and a whole new group of people.
First thing Saturday morning we took the boys to the park.

Oliver is LOVING the swing!

Slide Time!
Carrie, Oliver and Jenni's 3 year old son Kaden

Jenni's turn to take Oliver and Kaden down the slide

Jenni and Oliver
Oliver by the pond

This photo cracks me up!
"Ya, I know you're just a stick. You can't fool me!"

"I think I'll use this stick to poke this bushy thing"

Saturday night we all went out for shopping and dinner to celebrate Jenni's 40th birthday.

Here is Carrie, Jenni, Kim and Anne
Happy 40th Jenni!!!
Where does the time fly?

Make a wish!

On Sunday we went to St Augustine for some shopping and lunch.
Here, Kaden and Oliver are getting ready for some fish and chips. "Oh, Mama, these are THE BEST crackers EVER!!!"
"SO GOOD..."
Carrie and Oliver by the Atlantic Ocean
Oliver is clearly done having his picture taken.

PJ Time!
Kaden and Oliver sharing a chair. Isn't amazing that a plastic spoon can be so entertaining? What do you get when you mix a curious three year old boy, red finger nail polish and a house full of women... a red finger nail, of course!

Oliver sharing smiles!

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