Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nana, Papa and a Bit of Snow

The best part of Nana and Papa having a house in Wyoming and another house in Texas is that they travel back and forth frequently so we get to visit with them often.

On their way from Texas to Wyoming, they stopped in for a quick visit.  The kids have discovered that they like to play games and they were not shy to challenge Papa and Daddy to a game of Go Fish.

There were a whole lot of games played during their visit.  Many games of Go Fish and several more games of Checkers.  I think that the boys may brush up on their gaming skills for Nana and Papa's next visit.

Just in time for Nana and Papa's visit we had a bit of snow fall.  The kids also received their new snow coats and pants the week prior and then Nana treated them to new snow boots.  They were all set for a day outside in the fun and fluffy white stuff.

When I poked my head outside to take a photo, I found Oliver pulling Kailtyn, Samantha and Kellan in sled's.  Needless to say, they weren't moving very fast.

When I went back inside, I found Keith, Papa and Nana all looking at their electronic devices while the college football game played on TV.  You can see that it was a really hard snow day around the Ham Fam house.  HA!
The kids came in, the kids went out.  It was just that kind of day.  Later on, they gave up on the sleds and opted for shovels.  When they deemed the driveways and sidewalks cleared to their liking, they headed toward the road.
Oh to have this kind of energy and ambition.
Some of the snow got a bit heavy and required a team effort to push around.

I asked the kids to get together for a group photo.  It took a bit of convincing and it took a bit longer for the littler ones to get together with the bigger kids.  During this time, I noticed Samantha and Oliver looking uber cute so I took a photo of just the two of them.  This photo about melted my heart and all of the snow around them.  It was so sweet.
The four sweeties!
Kellan, Kaitlyn, Samantha and Oliver
It was a quick stop by for Nana and Papa and by Sunday morning, they were hitting the road for Wyoming.
Quickly before they left, I grabbed a photo of them with their grandsons.
While we were taking photos, we threw Keith in for good measure.
Since Keith had been in the photo, there was a vote that Carrie should be in a photo to.  Yes, I'm the only one still wearing my PJ's.  Hey.. it had been a busy morning.
Thanks for stopping by Nana and Papa!
We loved the visit.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oliver and Attitude

In the month of November, Oliver was nominated for his school CARE board for Attitude.

We are SO Very Proud of him.
Way to Go, Oliver!!!
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