Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ready for some Football

 Are you ready for some football?
Thanks to Julie and Alex, the boys are.  They got them these great Broncos shirts that they wear every Sunday!  Now if the Broncos could only win some games!

Miles is the Broncos mascot.

Kellan and Madalyn

 Madalyn and Kellan enjoying a sunny afternoon on the bed, but keeping their distance.

 Kellan's curious eyes.
 Kellan starting to smile at Mama
 I love these monkey toes!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Potty Trained!

Wahoo!!  Oliver is potty trained.  I have hesitated to say anything in fear I might jinx it, but I think it's official.  On Monday, October 4, he personally decided he was potty trained.  We told him after his third birthday party there were no more pull-ups.  He asked several "why" questions and pondered this thought for many days.  Up until his birthday he could choose pull-ups or under pants.  He could even go back and forth because up until his third birthday party it was just practice.  (plus, this made it his idea and not something we forced) On that Monday he went to big boy under pants and didn't go back.  He hasn't had a single accident expect when he misses the toilet bowl.  I don't count that since technically he is trying to go in the potty.  He is a boy ya know and not only do they have to learn bladder control but aim as well.  We are SO proud of him and SO thankful that it was fairly painless.  We know Oliver well enough to know that when he makes up his mind to do something, he will do it.  He is very much in his own head and likes to have a new skill mentally down pat before taking it on.  He may just be a self-proclaimed perfectionist like his mother.  Hmm...  He learned to walk the same way, at seventeen months!  One Friday he decided he no longer wanted to be picked up and by the end of the weekend he was walking like a champ.  With a little (or a lot) of patience, he will master skills, all in their own due time.  YAY, OLIVER!  We are SO PROUD OF YOU!!

I was hoping for a cute picture of his modeling his new big boy underpants, but it has yet to happen.  Again, all in due time.

Happy Birthday, Oliver!

Oliver is THREE!!
It is crazy to think that three years have gone by, Yet, when we think of everything that we have done and the growth that we have seen in Oliver, it is amazing that it has only been three years.  Oliver is such an amazing boy and we are truly blessed to have him as our son.  

This is the first year that Oliver has fully understood his birthday.  He has been looking forward to it since Kellan's birthday.  It was so much fun to watch him anticipate his birthday and then fully enjoy every day we celebrated it.

First up, his birthday party at school!  Oliver was SO excited to bring cupcakes to school and celebrate with his friends.  When I arrived they were just getting up from their nap.  Through the window in the door I saw several munchkins, including Oliver, circled around a small table.  When I walked in I witnessed them hovering over the cupcakes, picking out which one they wanted.  Ahh... brought me back to my childhood memories.  It is amazing how much you forget until you re-live it through your children.

For Oliver's birthday dinner, we went to Red Robin, YUM!  We love that place for Oliver.  Good food, good atmosphere and balloon's!
Kellan took the party in stride.
Oliver and Keith working on a master piece.
This is Oliver's expression as the wait staff sang him Happy Birthday.  He was Thrilled!  There were five other birthdays there that we heard songs for while we were eating.  Oliver was stoked that it was finally his turn.
Enjoying some dessert with Dad.

Dad getting Oliver with some whip cream.
Pay backs!  I encouraged Oliver to get Keith with the whip cream.  You can see he hesitated...
... but not for long!

When we got home Oliver opened his gifts from Mom and Dad.

Saturday was the BIG party day!  The party was after nap, at 4:00 so we told Oliver he had to rest prior to the party.  He had a hard time falling asleep so we left him in his bed with some books and told him he at least needed to rest.  When I went back to check on him, this is what I found.  I had a hard time seeing Oliver, and then discovered him all cozied up.  Can you see him?

Sleeping so sweetly!
Party Time!
With a new baby, knowing how much energy kids have and knowing weather in October is unpredictable, we opted to have the party at Little Monkey Bizness.  I highly recommend it for parties!  We couldn't have been happier!!
This is how much of the first hour of the party went, trying to capture pictures of kids running from here to there.
Oliver's best buddy from school joined up.
Oliver and Charlie, running, running and running.
Keith said he would hear this without seeing them:
Charlie: "Oliver, where are you?"
Oliver: "Here I am, Charlie?"
then, they would go running by.
Adie making a phone call.
Noah in the tree fort.
Alexander crawling through the tube.
The way a kids party should be, filled with relaxing parents!
Charlie and Oliver shooting hoops.
Jin on the tunnel.
Parker's turn to make a phone call.
This cracked me up!  Parents in the monkey cage!
Oliver pretending to be a cowboy.
Charlie also pretending to be a cowboy.

Jen and Parker.
Kellan with Theressa
Whew!  Play time is over.  The kids took a water break on their way to the party room.

Happy Birthday Party Room!
First agenda item, art time to bring about calm kids.

Keith trying to hold off Kellan until after the party.  He decided it was snack time for himself too.
Dinosaur cupcakes, of course!
Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

I think Oliver liked the Dinosaur topper more than the cupcake.
Even the parents had a good time!

Come on, Jen, don't you want to let Parker have a cupcake full of sugar?
Oliver still thrilled about the triceratops that was on top of his cupcake.

Happy Third Birthday, Big Boy!  We love you very much!
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