Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Sunday was such a glorious day that we opted to prep for Halloween when we got home.  We headed to the back bar and bellied up for some pumpkin carving.  
With temperatures inching into the 70's, the boys spared their shirts for potentially slimy event.

Kellan was quite intrigued by the whole process while it was a mastered process by Oliver.
I still couldn't get over the amazing blue skies.

Above and Below
Matching furrowed brows
After the pumpkin carving was complete, we moved out front to put the Halloween decor in place, complete with spooky spiderwebs.
Of course, we had our traditional pumpkin-on-the-front-porch family photo.  We have had years where we have been surrounded by snow and the pumpkins perched in a snow bank, but not this year.  This year was sunshine and fall colors, all around.
Kellan and Oliver with their pumpkins.
This year we went for Less is More on our pumpkin designs.

Kellans Bat
Olivers Bats
Our house was prepped, but it wasn't Halloween yet.  Not for four more days.  Once Halloween did arrive, Oliver was suited up and ready for the big day full of classroom parties and trick-or-treating.
Oliver with some of his Kindergarten buddies.
Before the parade of costumes, they went through their morning routine.  It was so great to be able to watch what happens every morning for Oliver while Mommy and Daddy are at work.
First up, was the parade of costumes.  The weather had changed and it was cold and SO windy outside that the parade was in the gym.
Oliver in the parade
Just as he headed out the door, I got his attention and a quick shot.
Out little Bronco at the pumpkin making table back in his classroom.

Ta-Da finished product.
For the next table, it was time to take the helmet off and get serious about making a mask.
Ta-Da, another finished product.
After crafts, we had snacks.  My all-time favorite snack was from a box of Crispy Cream donuts.  It's a given that they will be a favorite just for being a Crispy Cream, but doesn't this just take the cake (donut)?
I thought that it was tough to juggle two parties in two classrooms.  I now know that juggling two parties in two classrooms in two entirely different schools is a whole new world.  Fortunately, Oliver's party was in the morning and Kellans was late in the afternoon.  Upon our arrival, the Pre-School kids were parading around in their cutie-pie costumes.  Our favorite was this super cute Cowboy!
Howdy Cowboy!
After the parade, the Kindergarten class put on a short presentation and we found Kellan saddled up with his teacher.  It is very common for us to find Kellan sitting in the teachers lap if the opportunity is available.  Maybe he is just a true opportunist who knows what he wants.
After the parade and presentation, it was party time for Kellan too.
Give me some CHEESE Cowboy!
But wait... that's not all
Party, Party, Trick-or-Treat.
We connected with our neighbors and hit the hood for some goodie goods.
This was all very serious business.

I love this shot of our nextdoor princess with her cape rounding the corner.  
Note: Kellan buttering up the neighbor lady for the last of the candy in the background.
Trick-or-Treat Cowboy!
Quick Quick... Group Shot before heading out!  There is candy to be had!
Lynn was quite festive in her cat woman outfit.
This was my all time favorite Halloween trick-or-treat house for photos.  Loved it!

As a special treat, our neighborhood firemen came out to celebrate Halloween with the kids.

After walking an entire culd-a-sac further than last year, the littlest trick-or-treaters in our group were ready for a ride.  As we would pull up to a house Kellan would yell "There is candy in that house!!" as he would point and try to get out of the wagon.  As you can probably tell, it was quite cold.  The wind was blowing like crazy and Keith's anemometer clocked it at over 40 mph on our house.  We are lucky that our cutie pie trick-or-treaters didn't blow away.
After the last house on our route, the princesses decided to ride the wagon like a float in a parade.  Next year, we'll have the parade wave mastered.
All the kids were loaded up and ready for the last bit of a ride home.
Back at our starting point, Oliver investigated his loot.
Kellan was super excited to see what he had in his bucket too.
Samantha had a serious sorting process in order.
Kaitlyn was thrilled with her goodies.
We all had the best Halloween yet.  Every year, it gets better and better.  We had such a great time!!

On top of it all, we are very proud of the boys.  A few days after Halloween the picked a small bag of candy to keep for themselves and then sent a HUGE bag to school with Oliver to donate to the troops.  They agreed that the troops would love and appreciate the candy more than they would, so it was a great idea all of the way around.  Nice Job Cowboy and Bronco!!
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