Thursday, March 26, 2009

From Spring to Snow

Last weekend we were frolicking in the park while the sun tanned our skin. Today, we were home early for a snow day! Oliver's school closed at 11:00 due to the weather conditions which means that I was home with him early. Keith left work at 11:00 and didn't get home until 2:00. Yes, 3 hours to do a drive that usually takes about 30 minutes without traffic. Throw in traffic, closed roads and detours and it turned into 3 hours. The snow has slowed down quite a bit but according to the news we have 10" in Littleton. It doesn't seem like that much but the wind is blowing it around a bit.

Since we FINALLY got some snow, we took Oliver outside to check it out while Keith shoveled the drive way. I think it took more time to get ready to go out than we were actually outside, but it was worth it. We've had Oliver's snow gear since the first of the year and we have yet to have a chance to use it.

Oliver was quite exited to put on all of his new snow gear!
Wow! Those are some big boots! Keep in mind, I bought these boots before he was even walking and we knew what size he wore. They are a 6 and he is a 5. They were a little big but he got around in them just fine.

Oliver wasn't too thrilled with the cold snow blowing on his face. This was suppose to be a cute snow shot but instead he kept his face buried.
We spent some time standing in the garage so that Oliver could get used to the weather and watch Keith shovel. After a while, he warmed up to the idea of exploring the great outdoors.

He even let a smile or two slip out.
Eventually he warmed up to the snow, but he made sure to keep it off of his boots. He kept bending over and we couldn't figure out what he was doing. Then, we realized he was brushing the snow off of his boots.

After we brought him inside he ran around and felt quite frisky with his first personal snow experience under his belt. Keith found him later, warming himself by the fire with his drink of choice, water.
Oliver showing us where his belly is. He will also show off his nose, but that usually entails his finger going UP his nose. EWW!!!
Don't you just want to reach out and give that belly a tickle?
Oliver admiring the snow.
I have had people ask if his legs are really as short as they look or is it just the picture. Yes, they are really that short. His pants are ALWAYS too long for him. He has a really long torso and short legs. We have confidence that there are great things in store for him. Remember, Michael Phelps has short legs which the Olympic commentators contributed to his swimming success.
Short legs or not, we love him!

Rocking Chair

Oliver has become quite fond of sitting in his rocking chair while catching his favorite show. He has also become quite fond of Dancing with the Stars. Sometimes, he will get up and start dancing himself. When the dance is over he signs and says "More, More". I'm not too sure that Keith is thrilled about this, but we both find it entertaining to watch Oliver dance around.

Do you remember how little Oliver looked in this chair when we first got it in September?
Once again, I was paranoid he would fall out. Now he is in and out of it usually before I can get the camera!

Evidence that even Keith is watching Dancing with the Stars!

Fireside Read

It used to make us nervous as Oliver would teeter with his new found walking skills near the fireplace brick. We would worry that he was going to fall and crack his head. We know, that could happen anywhere and probably will when we least expect it. However, we noticed the other day that he has become quite fond of sitting by the fire, even if there isn't a fire going.

He is even talented enough to read upside down. Yet, when it comes to Dr Seuss, who know if upside down is right side up or right side up is upside down.

He even manages to pull out another book from the pile, read it, and put it in the discard pile.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sunshine

We had great weather this weekend in the 70's. Today we decided to spend the morning at Wash (Washington) Park in Denver. We met up with Jen and the two of us walked a lap around the park. Oliver and Keith kicked around a ball and ran around. Here are some great photos that Keith took of Oliver running around in the sunshine. Don't you wish you were here?
Yes, drool and all, we can't get enough of this kid!
I think he's ready for the runway. Check out that walk while looking over his shoulder.

Just as Jen and I returned to home base, Oliver and Keith were sitting down for a few goldfish crackers.
Craig heard about the fun and stopped by to say hello. Here, Keith and Oliver are waiting for Craig's arrival.
Still watching and waiting.

As Good Fortune Would Have It!

Friday, we had Pei Wei take out. Yum! We don't get it very often, but Friday was a special treat. I had been up since 3:30 AM, flew home from Vegas, in a workshop all day in Denver, picked Oliver up at 5:30 PM and then I finally made it home. Keith has been battling a nasty cold for two weeks. Oliver can't cook. Throw these three things together and you get take out! YIPPEE!!!

As good fortune would have it for Oliver, not only did he get to dine on Pei Wei, he got his first fortune cookie as well.

Check it out! There's a fortune in this cookie!
I must say, this is a great first fortune.
I think Oliver liked his fortune too!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St Patrick's Day Parade

After breakfast with Nana and Papa today, we jumped on the light rail (train) to head downtown for the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. WOOHOO!!!!

It was a BEAUTIFUL Day for the parade, even though it was only in the high 30's when we boarded the train. It quickly warmed up in the sun and was in the 60's before the afternoon was over.

First and foremost, a HUGE thanks to Keith for being the greatest Dad and husband to take his family to the parade. He has a really nasty cold and probably would have rather been on the couch. He was quite the trooper and made the most of it to make Oliver and I happy. THANKS!!!
Here, Keith and Oliver are waiting for the light rail. Ya, ya, it's just the train, but it's Oliver's FIRST TIME on the train!!!
Here it comes!
Oliver was quite curious as the miles went by outside the light rail windows.

It didn't take long and he comfortably reclining.
Here is Oliver's first glimpse of the parade outside of Union Station. It was a sea of 210,000 green people! (210,000 according to the news. I always wonder how they can get a count. It's not like we all took a number to enter downtown. Geesh!)
Watching the parade, with the sun beaming down on us.
I'm starting to think that Oliver is working on pushing his incisor (eye) teeth through. He spent a good portion of the day with his hands in his mouth.
Then along came Jen, Craig and soon to be, Short Stack.
Looks like they've traded in their green beer this year for Starbucks.
Family photo on the parade route.
Strolling through the sea of green people.
Still strollin'. This time there was more room to move around. The shady spots had much more room than the sunny spots.
Kiss Me
I'm Cute
I just can't get enough of this little guy.
Keith and Oliver watching the parade. Oliver giving a round of applause for the parade.
Even the coolest kids need some R&R.
Typically Oliver doesn't sleep in his stroller. All it took was one quiet block on one quiet street and he was sleeping before we could turn the next corner.
Of course, with an eight month pregnant lady and a 17 month (today) kiddo, lunch was on the agenda.
Here is Jen and Craig loving the sunshine and the St Patties day celebrations.
The Hamilton family was loving the day too!
Oliver strutting his stuff down 16th street.
Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo
Staying Alive!
Could it be... the next John Travolta?
Regardless... you should kiss him. He's Cute!

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