Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Every year, Halloween seems to be a bigger and bigger production.  I imagine that we'll feel this upward climb for a few years and then all of a sudden our boys will be too old or too big to participate, so we'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I like to participate in Oliver's classroom parties when possible.  I don't make it to the school very often, so this is always a good opportunity to get an inside look into his daily life.  Of course, it's not every day that you have a room full of princesses and super hero's.
The teacher had the kids break up into all boys and all girls for photos.  This made it very clear that the boys outnumbered the girls considerably.
Before the parties, the kids have a parade around the school grounds.  Oliver was too cool for a photo.  I took it anyway.
In the classroom, they had a quick Halloween story.
Nothing like super hero's and ninjas painting.
My favorite painter.
Oliver was super fired up for candy corn Bingo.  He's got a bit of a competitive side.

Plus, it's always good to have a bean bag toss where every toss is a winner or candy from the buckets.
Oliver and his buddy Adriano.
It was awesome to hang with Oliver (Opitmus Prime) at his party.  

Before I knew it, the day was over and it was time to head over to Kellan's party.

Kellan greeted the parade crowd with his cool dude shades.
He's got his parade wave mastered and he busted it out at onc glance of Mommy and Daddy.
The most handsome SWAT Police Man that you'll ever see.
The parade of kids.  Kellan is toward the right in front of the pumpkin.

Still throwing out a wave.
I dare ya to resist this cutie pie.
After the parade, there were a few songs that were sung by the kindergarten class.  Our cool dude kept the peace of the people right in the middle of the crowd.

After the parade and show, the kids all filed inside for the party snacks.  You can't stage this expression.  That's true happiness for a monster made of grapes.

We were all a  bit amazed at how much food was available for the kiddos.  We thought there was no way that Kellan would eat half of this.  He proceeded to prove us wrong.
Kellan and his Daddy.
Kellan and his Mommy.
Once Mommy saw the photo with Kellans missing smile, she insisted on a re-take.  
Kellan and Daddy proceeded to entertain each other with a comedy show.
I love how Kellan has his hand on his Daddy's knee cap.

Kellan and Daddy are never short of stories created by big imaginations.
The snacks kept going down the hatch.
Whew!  Two parties down and one night of trick-or-treating to go!

Once we collected both of our cutie pies, we headed home for an evening out in the hood.
We strung up some spooky webs, put some candles in the pumpkins and called our decorating complete.

Before heading out with our gang, we snapped a few photos.  Yes, there was bribery to get them to all sit down for a quick moment.  Before we knew it, they were of and running and didn't stop until it was time to head home.

Raegan, Samantha, Zoe, Reese
Oliver, Kellan and Kaitlyn
The kids were off...

Whew!  Halloween 2014 is in the bag... with a load of candy.
Until next years whirlwind tour... Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carving Jack

With the end of football also comes the carving of our Jack-o-Lanterns.  
With the carving of Jack-o-Laterns comes neighbor girls perched upon our outdoor bar.

Ok... maybe not exactly, but it appears that way and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Samantha kept a close eye on Oliver's work.

As the sun dropped behind the mountains, the temperatures dropped as well.  Oliver had to bring his jack carving operation inside.
We were all beat... especially Coach Keith.
Well... maybe not Oliver.  He was determined to make this haunted jack-o-lantern happen.

Oliver's final product.
Kellan's final product.
Daddy may have had a lot to do with Kellans simplistic design.  He was in-out-done before Mommy could even get the camera out.
It's official.  We're ready for Halloween!

Flag Football Grand Finale

The football season always flies by and before we knew it, it was the final game.  This final game is also known as the Championship or Super Bowl game to Oliver.

Speaking of Oliver,  I love when I catch natural smiles on our boys.  They can throw down a photo perfect smile with the glimpse of a camera, but it's never the same as catching them showing their pearly whites while having fun.  Toss in fresh and spunky new hair cuts and it's enough to melt their Mamas heart into an ooey gooey mess.
First up for us were the Polar Bear.
Kellan's flags were strapped on and he was ready to go.

The teams lined up to meet with the ref and hear any final instructions.
Kellan was looking quite handsome in his slick new do.
At half time, the team got to run through the i9 banner.

Kellan LOVED running through the banner.  He said that is was his favorite part of playing football.
Running through the banner may have been his favorite part, but we still had a game to finish.
Kellan took another shot at running the ball.
He had a pretty good run that ended in a dog pile over the defense.
At the end, each player received a trophy.
Way to Go, Polar Bears!!
What a great season!!
Receiving this trophy may have been Kellan's second favorite part of football.  Second to running through the banner.  He's ready for next season if it comes with a trophy.

Kellan with Coach Keith AKA Daddy.
A loving and proud hug from Dady the coach.  Keith LOVED coaching Kellan and the rest of the team.  I think that he may have even surprised himself at how much he loved it.  Here at the Ham Fam we are very proud of both of our Polar Bears, Kellan and Daddy.
After our Polar Bear celebration, we headed over to watch the Dragons in the Championship game.
They were alert and on fire.
Check out Oliver's bob and weave moves around these kids.

Oliver had some great flag pulls, including this one.

He also pulled out another awesome touchdown this week that was just in the nick of time.

There he goes, past the goal (cone).
Uh oh... someones got his flag.
But not soon enough.  Oliver made it across the goal line just before they pulled his flag.
Way to go, Oliver!
At the end of the season, each Dragon gets a medal for their specific accomplishments.  They also got their 5th Championship trophy for their 5th undefeated season.
Go Dragons!
We sure love these boys and this team!  We really fell upon a lucky star when we connected with them.  
Way to Go, Oliver!
We are so proud of the great season that you had.  Once again, you really pushed yourself to grow.
Regardless of the trophy that they brought home, we are so very proud of both of our flag football players.

For Kellan, this was such a big stretch for him to take on flag football.  He showed up each and every week and gave it a shot.

For Oliver, he continued to amaze us with his persistence, focus and determination.

We love you boys and couldn't be more proud!
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