Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kellan's One Month Birthday

 September 23, 2010.  Kellan's one month birthday. 
It's crazy to think that a month has gone by already.  Kellan is a true joy and compliment to our family.  We are all adjusting well and love him to pieces.  
He had a weight check today at one month because at his one week check-up he hadn't gained back enough weight after birth.
He was born at 9 lbs 8.5 oz and 22.25" in length.
Today, he is 11 lbs 12.5 oz and 23.5" in length.
The doctor gave a chuckle and said Kellan does not have a weight gain issue.  He checked out with a very good bill of health and the 97th percentile on the growth chart.

This is what nearly 12 lbs and two feet of Hunka Hunka Burning Love looks like tonight as I put together this blog post.

The rest of these photos are random shots from the past two weeks.  They are all from the camera that I have sitting on the dresser in our room, so they are mostly photos of Kellan just lounging about.

 Bath Time with Oliver's infant bath towel.
I need to pull out Oliver's infant pictures because I think there is a lot of resemblance, especially when they are sharing the same clothes (or towel in this case).

 I know this photo is a little dark, but check out those lady killer dimples.

 Oh my, how is my hair?

 Put 'em Up!

We hear regularly from people how long his fingers are and how big his hands are.  
Yesterday, I noticed he was displaying a nice hand pose. 

Kellan also has the pleasure of sharing his birthday with his cousin, William.  Keith's younger brother Jeff and his wife Lindsey had a son the same day as we did.  Our due dates were 8 days apart but the boys were born only about 30 minutes apart.  We haven't met William yet, but I can't wait to get these two boys together and snap a bazillion photos of them.  Click Here to see their Hamilton Family blog.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chunky Monkey

On the eve of Kellan's one month birthday, I thought I would post a few pictures from yesterday.  He is growing in leaps and bounds and I was noticing yesterday how big he is looking.  I might say it's just the outfit, but I call him my Chunky Monkey for a reason.  Tomorrow he has a one month check-up for a weigh-in.  On his one week check-up he hadn't gained as much weight as the doctor wanted to see so they wanted to check again at one month.  I'm thinking they won't have any more concerns.
Kellan checking out his hand.

Kellan on the floor gym batting around the sunshine toy.

The Oreo Twist

For desert, we each had one Oreo cookie.  Observant Oliver noticed that Keith pulled his apart.  For the first time ever, Keith showed Oliver how to twist the cookie apart to get to the frosting filling.  Of course, he LOVED it!

Here, Oliver is pretending to be Mickey Mouse with two round mouse ears.  So Creative!
Keith showing Oliver how to lick out the frosting filling.
Oliver going in for the lick...
...mmmmm  yummy!!!
If you haven't figured it out by now, I married a nut.  Such a funny guy!
Two of my three handsome guys.  I'm one lucky lady!

Thomas the Train

On Sunday, we took Oliver to meet Thomas the Train.  WAHOO!!  He was SO excited.  He almost looked nervous on the car ride there.  We had the 8:30 train ride.  Can you tell from this picture (while waiting for the ride to begin) that we were up and out of the house way too early for a Sunday with not enough breakfast?
Self portrait of Mom and Oliver
Kellan's mode of transportation on the Thomas Train.
This is all we saw of Kellan during the ride.  Good thing he was free!
Thomas pulling us down the track.

A view of the Colorado Railroad Museum from the Thomas ride

Oliver and I in front of Thomas. Not the best photo but proof that we met him.
Oliver and Dad in one of the trains.
If you look to the far left you will see a bell that Keith and Oliver were ringing by pulling the rope.

Oliver in a model train inside of the railroad museum.
Oliver ringing the train bell.
Kellan's opinion of the train museum, not too great.  Way too many people for his liking.  You figure, each Thomas ride had 300 passengers every 45 minutes and they were sold out.  That is a lot of Thomas fans!
Oliver coloring a Thomas the Train page at the museum.
Mom and Kellan in the Sir Topham Hat line.
After Thomas the Train we met up with the Metzger family at Woody's Pizza.  They were at the Thomas the Train even also but it was crazy there so the boys didn't play much.  The highlight of the day for Mom was definitely lunch.  We had a great time visiting and eating.  YAY!  This is a picture of Oliver with his best buddy Charlie.  Charlie and Oliver have attended Primrose school together since they began as infants.  Charlie is only two months younger than Oliver.  These two have many years of friendship ahead of them.  
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