Sunday, September 29, 2013

Flags are Flyin'

I've said it before and I'll say it again.... it's Flag Football Season, Again!
Don't be shocked if you see the latest plays from  Oliver for the next month or two, approximately the exact length of the Dragons season.
We are SO proud of him and we LOVE to watch him play.
This guy is on fire and we love to see him fuel his desire to strive for greatness while having an absolute blast.  Don't worry, there is no parent pressure here.  This guy just loves the game and the thrill of playing to win.  We just cheer loud and proud from the sidelines.  If he ever switches to golf, we'll master our gallery clap but in the meantime, I'm wondering if a mega phone is over the top??

Kellan is working on his mad skills too.  Next year, you may see this guy with flags around his waist.

When it's time for the Dragon's to take the field, Kellan takes to the iPhone.
When the suite isn't available, he shields the screen with a spare Coach's shirt.
The Dragon's are ready as they meet the opponents center field.
Not all attempts are complete flag pulls.
Not all flag pulls exactly land on the flags.
I guess a problem with a zoom lens is sometimes you capture the accidental shirt grab.
You can't catch them all.
When you don't, your team mates are there to grab the flags as they try to run by and your buddies bring up the rear to pick you up.  That's why it's a team sport.
There is no lack of focus when Oliver is on the field.
Try to crack a joke when he comes off the field and you're lucky if you get a sideways glance.
There aren't many flags getting by Oliver this season and when one or two get by, he fine tunes his focus and snatches the next several.

The Primrose Line Up:
Colby, Chase, Owen and Oliver

Oliver going for the Goal.
(Quick double check over the shoulder)
Just like that, it was half time.
He's still got his game face on.
After a quick half time, he was back in flag pulling action.
The Defense is lined up and focused.
Oliver and Owen are a tough pair.
Do you really want to mess with THIS guy?

Oliver and the Dragons had another GREAT game!!

As a disclaimer, the posts are 90% focused on Oliver, but we talk at great lengths about how this is a team sport.  We are SO proud of Oliver and we are SUPER proud of the Dragons.  Weekly, they show up, listen to their coaches, play hard and focus on giving each and every play and game their best effort.  It shows on and off the field as this team has created quite a camaraderie.  We are very excited that all of Oliver's grandparents get to see the Dragons play this season and we can't wait to show them why we spend every Sunday afternoon with this great group of kids and parents.  I wonder if they have a spare mega phone lying around?

Race for the Cure

It has been more than four years since I have physically participated in the Race for the Cure after participating for several years in a row.  In a sense, I was starting to feel like a not-so-fair weather fan as I participated when Breast Cancer was a bit too close to home.  Then, along came our second son and the logistics of participating became tougher and tougher.  This year, I was feeling a strong pull to participate in the Race for the Cure.  My friends Stacy and Laura signed up to walk with me and the MillerCoors team.  We had an amazingly glorious morning and not only did the three of us walk, but Miss Morgan participating in her first 5K too.
Even though I have several friends that have been impacted by breast cancer, this day was in CELEBRATION of MY MOM!  I am so proud of my Mom and the strength that she has.  I probably don't tell her that enough, so instead, I plastered it to my back with four safety pins and I'll put it on the world wide web for all to read.  I love you Mom and I'll be the luckiest girl ever if I have half of the strength and wisdom that you do.
Stacy and Miss Morgan, ready to walk.
Laura, Stacy, Morgan and Carrie
The MillerCoors Team
Morgan, fired up and ready to get this show on the road.
Morgan was anxious to fully participate and riding in a stroller was not for this strong little woman.  She wanted to earn that 5K.  It's a good thing that she had three strong women to help her out, especially her Mama.
Toward the end of the Race, Morgan walked the line.
She was all smiles to walk in her first 5K.  It was a TRUE pleasure and joy to have her with us.
The Race for the Cure is always a humbling event to participate in and we had an an amazing day to make it all the better.  Thank you to Laura, Stacy and Morgan for joining me on your first 5K, ever (I'm still trying to figure out how that is possible for Laura and Stacy, but I'm glad that I could help break that streak).  Most of all, THANK YOU to my Mom.  You will always be my inspiration and happy place.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mines Football

When the Heineman's invited us to join them for a School of Mines football game in Golden, we said YES!  The kids were free, we were next to free, the boys love football and we love our boys.  It sounded like a match made in heaven.
As heaven would have it, we were delivered a perfect fall day.  It was a bright and crisp 65 degrees with blue skies for as far as the eye could see.  
We even tailgated with the boys because what would a college football game be without a good 'ol fashion tail gate.  The tail gate was so much fun that we decided next time we need more time.
As luck would have it, there were some great boulders for the boys to climb on.

The big boys played football in the parking lot.  A perfect tailgating activity.

I also realized long into the afternoon that I had a big smear of goo on my lens.  I have NO idea where it came from but I bet it was attached to little boy fingers at one point.  So, many of my photos have a not-so-lovely smear in them.  (Big Sigh) Oh well!

Mark, Owen, Owen and Oliver with the big M on the hill behind the school.  This hill rises high above Golden and many people ask why there is an M and not a G.  Now you know, M for Mines.  This school is very well known for putting out high caliber engineers.
Cool Dude Kellan with a Capri Sun, YUM!
The scene:
Martin, Hamilton and Heineman vehicles, surrounding our tailgating extravaganza.
Dogs and Brats all around.
Ready to eat!
Cole gives me the BEST eating shots.
This kid is great!
The boys at the tailgating hot dog picnic:
Cole, Kellan, Mark, Owen and Oliver
We had all of the Major O's:
Owen, Owen and Oliver
As well as
CheetO, FritO and DorritO
The School of Mines homecoming game against New Mexico.
The School of Mines Ore Diggers score a touchdown and the crowd goes WILD!

They also trot a Donkey down the sidelines for a touch down.
Hee Haw!

The sky was endless and so was the sunshine.
The touchdowns kept a comin'

Owen and Oliver with their team spirit tattoos.

The Mom's with their Boys
Oliver, Carrie and Kellan with Owen and Jennie

Kellan should have won an award for the most team spirit.  He's so dedicated that he tattooed his belly!

I've been asked, why is Kellan not wearing his shirt.  The real answer is that when Jennie and I went to the concession stand, Keith took it off because Kellan said he was too hot.  The 
other story could be that he wanted to show true team spirit like the college boys who were dressed the same.
All we need is MORE COWBELL!
The band took the field for half time.
Kellan was a hit by all who surrounded him.  It's a good thing since he got rather cozy with some people right in front of us.

On our way out of the game, the boys showed their Ore Digger pride one last time.
We had an AWESOME afternoon and the School of Mines won 30-10.
Go Ore Diggers GO!
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