Sunday, June 18, 2017

Celebrating Keith Above Tree Line

For Fathers Day we headed for the hills to hike St Mary's Glacier.  It's not far from home but we've never been up there as a family.  It was a perfect hike up to a gorgeous location.

The lake was gorgeous!

Kellan left his mark, in tradition.

We found a few cozy rocks to snack upon.

Even though I crop them out in photos, there were a million other people up there with us.  The boys looked up to the top of the mountain behind the lake and said "we want to go THERE!".  We evaluated the situation and decided to give it a try.  Up and up we went!

It was steep and the snow fields were slick.  We had to navigate around the snow fields to be sure that we didn't walk across the ones that plummeted straight down to the lake below.
While it looks like Oliver is running up the snow, he was actually slipping all over the place.  This snow was slick!  I'm sure our lack of snow appropriate shoes played into that as well.  Who knew we were going to climb to the top?

As we neared the top, Kellan was distracted by some great rocks while Oliver and Keith kept marching on and on.  They were WAY up there!

The view from the top was spectacular and so was the gusty wind!

Keith and his boys above tree line on Fathers Day.  No better way to celebrate.

As we started back down, we caught a peak of the lake below.
It's rare that Kellan wants us to hold his hand.  It was very sweet that he reached out for a little help on the way down the mountain.
Not willing to let go of my hand, we paused for a photo.

Oliver lead the way down the mountain.

We had an amazing day celebrating an even more amazing Father.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

It's been nearly 3 years since we've been up to Keith's hometown in Sheridan, WY, so we jumped in the car and headed north to celebrate Easter.
Saturday morning, I went out for a morning of sisterly love with my Sister-in-Law and her Sister.  We had hours of catching up over a cup of Chai.  What did we get in return.... a photo of our boys with a tiny snake.  EWW!!!!!
Upon my return to the house, Kellan presented me with this....
The skeleton of a snake.
I could have lived without that.
He was impressed, but not impressed enough to want to keep it.  Thankfully.
Saturday evening, we kept with tradition and the kids colored eggs.  Stephanie's sister brought over her family and we had an impromptu Mexican fiesta and egg coloring party.  Really, every night could be a fiesta in our books, Easter eve or not.

Oliver, Kellan, Kaden, Nash and Hailey
Egg coloring is a serious process!

Before we called it an evening, we made all of the cousins and honorary cousins smile for a photo.  Tammy has this crew well trained, so it was fairly painless for all involved.

Hailey and Nash
Nolan, Kaden, Lauren, Kellan and Oliver
That night, the kiddos were snuggled tight in their beds.
In the wee hours, Kellan swears he heard the Easter Bunny come down stairs to where they were sleeping and then go back upstairs.
In the morning, there was evidence that the Easter Bunny has surely been there.

This Pokemon lover was beyond thrilled!
This Oregon lover couldn't believe his eyes.

This cutie pie was all smiles for a basket full of chocolate.

Kellan was so excited that he lined up his Pokemon and insisted on a photo.

Chocolate before breakfast?  Sure, why not.  We have a reason to celebrate!
Oliver LOVED his new Oregon gear.  So much so that he was anxious for a photo, complete with PJ pants.
After a fun morning, it was time to put on our Sunday best and head to church to celebrate the reason for Easter, not just the arrival of the Easter Bunny.
Kellan put on his Piano Recital outfit, which he picked out himself.  Oliver decided to bring a bit of Oregon cheer to church.  Lucky for all of us, Brian and Steph's church accepts people as they are... in ties or Oregon stripes.  They probably would have even let Oliver wear his PJ bottoms, but we decided not to test the theory.
The two paused (literally, a 2 second pause) for a quick iPhone snap.
This photo made me fall in love with this couch and rug.  I may sneak back into the church just to have photo shoots here with my real camera.
Two of the three Hamilton families all together for such a great weekend.
It was nearly torture, but when we got back to the house the kids patiently waited for the Dad's to hide Easter eggs.
Finally... they're off!

There, on the trampoline, lies the golden egg.
The kids passed up the golden eggs numerous times.
The Dad's were quite tricky with their hiding skills.  They may have enjoyed the egg hunt just as much (or more) as the kids did.
Ta Da!  After a mad dash, the golden egg was rescued.
A short time later, Oliver snuck the golden egg into Kellan's basket since they were both racing to get it.  Oliver was just a tad bit faster, but he thought his little brother would love it, which he did.
After the eggs had all been hidden and then found, the kids went inside to look through their loot.

HUGE Thanks to the Wyoming Hamiltons for hosting us.  It was so fun to spend the weekend with you.

6 hours south on our front porch, we were greeted by another Easter tradition.
Grandma had sent the traditional World's Famous Chocolate bunnies that I started selling in the 2nd grade and my nephew now sells in the same home town school.  Every year, Grandma sends bunnies to the boys to keep the tradition alive.  Every year, it's fun to see what part of the bunny they eat first.  This year, it was the basket.

Happy Easter!!
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