Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival at Primrose

Oliver had his Fall Festival at school today. Most of the kids dressed up, but several of them weren't too happy about it. This included Oliver. It was very warm in his classroom and he wasn't in the mood to wear a warm costume. Maybe we'll get some pictures of that on Friday. Whether the kids were dressed up or not, there was a parade from classroom to classroom. Here is a photo of Oliver struttin' his stuff when we went from one classroom to the next with a detour through the playground.

Snack Time!
Check out how well Oliver sits in the little chair and eats his snack. We were AMAZED that they didn't cut the snack up into little pieces. Hmmm... maybe we are being too paranoid by giving him bite sized pieces at home.
Oliver with a few of his classmates:
Connor, Oliver, Tatum and Nicholas.
Oliver has known Tatum and Nicholas since the Infant Room when they were in there.
Oliver and Tatum
We spotted some of Oliver's artwork and his photo in the hallway.
This is him posing with his firetruck painting and his fireman hat. Oliver's picture on the bulletin board of him in his fireman hat.
I think his head is a little big for this hat.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oliver is a Young Toddler... Tomorrow!!

You may think of Oliver as a baby, but in the eyes of his Primrose School, he is a Young Toddler, tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow he moves from the Infant room to the Young Toddler room for kids 12-18 months old. He has been transitioning for the past two weeks by visiting the YT room next door. He has been playing with their "big kid" toys, playing outside with them, eating lunch and he has even taken an nap or two with them. It amazes me because he will no longer nap in a crib, but on a cot. He will no longer sit in a high chair to eat, but at a table in a regular chair with the other kids. I would have never guessed this possible at this stage. He is doing very well and he seems exited to be in the Young Toddler room. He knows several of the kids because they were in the Infant room with him. His buddy Owen has only been in the Young Toddler room for two weeks and the teachers say that the two of them are peas in a pod. Well, actually they say that they will reek havoc together, but I think peas in a pod sounds much nicer, ha ha!! They are having a Fall Festival on Wednesday and Keith and I plan to attend. We'll be sure to bring our camera and hopefully we'll get some good photos to post.

Saturday Afternoon at the Park

We have had a very low-key weekend; wiping sniffly noses, grocery shopping and playing with Oliver's new birthday toys. We did venture out Saturday evening to enjoy the sunshine at the park across the street. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the slide and swings.

Keith and Oliver wrestling on the bed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oliver's First Birthday Party!!

On Sunday we had Oliver's first birthday party. It turned out to be a perfect day. We had moved it from the weekend before because we were all sick. The weekend before only a few people could attend and it rained all weekend. This past weekend, almost everyone could attend and we had sunny weather with temperatures in the 70's. It was a perfect day for little O Man!

As you probably know from past posts, Oliver LOVES balloon's. So, it only seemed fitting that the theme of the party was balloons, 34 to be exact.

We ordered cupcakes from Sugar Bomb and they were delicious!
This is Oliver and Ian. I'm not sure why, but Oliver kept leaning on Ian. Crazy kid! Oliver and Noah checking out the fire truck.
I didn't know that Oliver was such a mooch until Phil came along with snacks. Instantly, Oliver was Phil's best friend.
Check out this great picture that Keith took of Jin at the water fountain in the backyard.
Oliver with his gifts.
He picked up this blue balloon and didn't let go through gifts, cake and all the way until we took him back inside the house.
Abigail! All kids on deck for opening presents!
Since Oliver is still learning the skills of opening presents, we recruited the help of his older friends. They were more than happy to lend a helping hand in opening gifts.
I love this picture of Oliver leaning on Jin.
Oliver with his buddies; Noah, Jin, Evelyn and Oliver.
Happy to be One!
Singing Happy Birthday!

Oliver was all business when it came to eating a cupcake.

Evelyn enjoying some ice cream.
Shawna and Ian.
Girl Party!
Jin and Abigail.
Freddie chillin' in the grass.
Carrie and Oliver after the party.
The next night Keith has some toys to put together and Oliver was on hand to help.
I'm not sure who was more exited about the new toys, Oliver or Keith.
So many balloon strings, so little time!
"Do you ever feel like you're being followed??"
Click here for more pictures of Oliver's party.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday at Anderson Farms

To celebrate fall we headed up to Anderson Farms just south of Longmont. After last weekend where we were all sick and it rained both days, we were ready to bust out of the house this weekend. We were very fortunate to have great weather with a forecasted high of 80 degrees! I'm not sure how warm it actually got today but it was in the low 70's when we were at the farm this morning. The weather made for a great fall day.

Oliver LOVED Anderson Farms. Not only did they have the corn maze and pumpkin field, they had a petting zoo, barrel train rides and more. They had tons of stuff for the kids to do but most of it Oliver will have to try out next year.

The entrance to Anderson Farms
Keith's and Oliver, ready for the Corn Maze.
Are we going the right way?
We rode out to the pumpkin patch in a wagon pulled by a tractor. Oliver was all smiles with big arm waves the whole way out. We stopped on the way to feed some long horn cows and a buffalo that were waiting for our arrival. OK, so WE didn't feed them, we let all of the other people with older kids feed them. They were very slobbery and Oliver didn't know the difference if we fed them or not. Someday, we'll have to be slimed by a cow too, just for the enjoyment of our son. It must have been fate that we were pulled by an Oliver tractor.
One of the other tractors heading back to the farm.Oliver lovin' the pumpkin patch!

Keith wearing Oliver's hat.
Funny Guy!

Oliver's all set with his pumpkins of choice.
"I just know if I keep rocking this pumpkin I can get it back to the tractor"
"Hmm... that tractor is quite far away. I wonder if the farmer will come pick me up"
Mom and Oliver in the barrel train that was pulled by a very speedy riding lawn mower. I think I maxed out the height limit because my knees barely fit but Oliver loved the ride. He was driving, kicking and talking the whole way.

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