Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hanging with the Hess'

Last weekend, the Hess family had some friends and family over for a spring break party.  Oh how times have changed.  Instead of a day filled with relaxing with adult beverages that pours into a late night, the day is filled with fun times surrounded by little people, a large jumpy castle and the burros down the street.  The common theme lots of great food and friends.

The Hess family rented a jumpy castle for the day and it was a HUGE HIT!

The weather was a bit chilly, so we had to stay a bit bundled up.  Kellan appreciated having something to chew on that was so handy.
Later in the day, Kellan acquainted himself with a balloon.
He also got to spend some time with his new friend Jonny.  Jonny is just two months younger that Kellan.
Jonny is already trying to show Kellan who's boss but Kellan just takes it in stride.  For now, Kellan's got him by at least 30% body weight.  He doesn't appear to be too concerned.
Freddie is a big fan of the babies and he was excited to have a chat with Kellan about a few toys.
Later in the afternoon, we went for a walk down the street to feed the neighbors burros.
We also fed the horses in the field as well.

Oliver was a bit nervous to feed the burros or horses out of his hand.  He was sure they would just eat out of his cup.
Oliver took a spin on the golf cart with the girls on the way back to the house.  It was a bit crowded so we had to do some rearranging before they took off.  The golf cart was a popular attraction and Lila proved that once again, women really can drive well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Times

As busy as we are, we also have regular times around the house as well.

Sometimes, we have to slow down a bit because Kellan would rather kick around on the floor and do a few push ups more than anything else.
He is getting really good at moving his body around.  He can lift his upper half and lower half.  Once he figures out how to get both ends up at the same time, this kid will be crawling.  He never stops moving, ever.
Sometimes, we have our hands full with what is most important.
That could be your two favorite boys
A favorite chew toy
Or a booger pick disguised as a nose scratch.
Regardless, it is all high on someone priority list.  Who are we to dictate that list?
Sometimes we take time for creativity, thanks to window markers from Grandma.
(Clearly, Grandma is not washing our windows and this may just be pay backs for something.  We'll never know.)

Sometimes, we cuddle on the couch.  Typically, if this involves Dad, Oliver will declare "it's wrestle time".
Often times, the boys take time for love and cuddles amongst themselves.  
Sometimes, it last long enough that I can get the camera.
Sometimes they pose for a photo with a smile.
Sometimes, the love and cuddles continue, even with the paparazzi present.
Sometimes the camera catches funny moments, like tongue comparisons.
Sometimes, the love just flows over and brings out the best in all of us.
Sometimes, we have to do laundry.
Laundry is SO boring!
So, Sometimes, when laundry is boring and Mom breaks out the camera, we crank up the Ham and take the laundry on an extra spin cycle, just for the photo.
Sometimes, laundry is so boring and books are so good, books are the main course for the next meal.
Sometimes, we realize our photo is being taken so we deny that we were trying to eat something that is meant to be read.
Sometimes, books are dimplicously good.
But all of the time, we appreciate what we have and the love that surrounds us.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun with Friends

We recently had an opportunity to get together with some of Oliver's friends from school.  Both Owen and Charlie have been with Oliver at Primrose since they all started as Infants.  It's been so much fun to watch them all grow up together.
We went to Owen's house for dinner and they got to make personal pizzas.  Ironically, Oliver is 10 days older than Owen and Kellan is 3 days older than Owen's brother Cole.  
Good Times!!
 Owen and Oliver making their masterpieces.
 We had Oliver's friend Charlie and his family over for brunch.  Charlie is about two months younger than Oliver.  His brother Peter (7) and Michael (4) are also pictured here.  Oliver and Charlie have been best buds since before they knew what it meant to have a best friend.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Camera Time

I have been experimenting with some settings on my camera, so I have a few random shots.  One evening, my three favorite boys were having a good time on the couch so I used them as a subject to experiment on.

Still experimenting with camera settings.  This time, a few days later and only Kellan was available.

Kellan LOVES Madalyn, just like Oliver did at this age.  We are working on gentle touches.  It must not be too bad, because she sticks around when Kellan is handing out some aggressive love.
Mr Blue Eyes

Kellan gives this photo One Toe Up.
I could just nibble on these little piggies.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day.
Here are Kellan and Oliver at 6:00 AM on a school day, bright eyed (or red eyed) and bushy tailed (kind of).
The first thing Oliver usually does in the morning is greet Kellan with a cuddle.
Quick photo of the boys before we headed off to school.  You can see Oliver trying to tickle Kellan to get him to smile.  What at trooper.
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