Sunday, September 28, 2014

Double Duty Football Carries On

Double Duty of football carried on, but finally, we had a week where the boys played at two different times.  We were sad that Keith had to leave town for work, but luckily, coach Brad stepped in.

Brad was very patient with all of the players, especially Kellan.  Kellan and Cole are the youngest players on the team and they are still sparking their enthusiasm for football.  Most weeks, I think that Kellan may day dream of the days when he just spent 90 minutes with the iPad while Oliver played.  But alas, every week we give it all we've got.

Run, Kellan, Run!!
There goes out boy!!
Today was Kellan's lucky day.  Grandma was still in town and she was anxious to watch from the sidelines and provide a cozy seat while he was on a water break.
Polar Bears are ready to play!

Kellan's up and he thinks hard about his plan of attack.
(or... he's noticing that the defense seems awful close.)
He's off!
In no time, the defense had his flags.
Apparently, our opponents discovered that they could move forward their line of scrimmage.
Kellan got in some defensive plays as well.  See him there, #5?
"Aw shucks, it's all just fun and games"
Maybe, Kellan is a stealthier player than we give him credit for.  We spotted him hanging with the other team, listening in on their plays.  Nobody seemed to mind much, but his Mommy did usher him back to the right side of the field after she took a few photos.
This may be about the time that Kellan decided that the defensive line was a bit close for comfort and he wasn't so convinced that running at them full steam ahead was a great plan, even though Coach Patrick was giving him a great sales pitch.

Kellan gave it a great try, but he was SO glad when the 90 minutes were over.  He was ready for some serious Grandma snuggles during Oliver's game.

On another field, Oliver's red shoes were like a rocket ship and he carried the ball.

He didn't make it to the end zone this time, but it takes a team to win a game.  The next play put points on the score board.
Oliver and Owen have such intense focus toward the offense.  I often wonder what's going through Oliver's mind.  I do know that he's waiting for the ball to move.  One move of the ball and Oliver is off.
Oops, missed it this time.  There are always more flags to pull.
We love watching the boys and their teams play every Sunday.  Add on 80 degrees in late September, we could be picking daisies and we would be happy as could be.

HUGE Thanks to Grandma for spending time with the boys while Mommy and Daddy went to Las Vegas to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.  An added thanks for staying the weekend to go to Anderson Farms and the boys football games.  We loved having you here!

As I write these posts about the boys playing football, I recognize that there could appear biases.  In no way shape or form do I mean to state that one son is better at sports than the other.  The fact is, they are three years apart with very different interests.  In three years, these blog posts will be very different.  It is fun to see how each boy grows into his own self, and that's what we encourage most of all.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grandma Love

After a great day at Anderson Farms, we took the Ham Fam for some much needed fuel at Chilis.

It's no secret that Kellan is a snuggle bug.  He will snuggle up any chance that he gets.  One of his favorite times to ask for a snuggle is when we are out to eat.  Most of the time, he is denied as he knows that we don't snuggle while we eat.  However, when Grandma is in town and she's done eating, she's fair game.

I loved taking a few photos of Kellan getting some love from Grandma.

Don't worry, Grandma didn't get all of the Kellan love.  Mommy got a bit from both boys, especially when it was time to pay on the super cool pad pad at the table.
Back at home, the Grandma love continued as she helped Oliver with his lego set and Kellan legoed it up nearby.

It was so awesome to have Grandma here and to be able to all spend the weekend with her.
We all loved getting some Grandma love.

Amazing, Glorious and Magnificent

After spending three glorious days celebrating ten years of marriage, we came home to celebrate what we have built in those 10 years, our family.

On Saturday, we loaded up and headed to opening weekend of Anderson Farms pumpkin patch.  It was a toasty 85+ degrees and there was nothing but clear blue skies for as far as the eye could see.

What else could the eye see?
Grandma and Keith in matching back packs.
Aren't they cute?

It's so fun that the boys are getting a bit bigger so they can participate in more of what the farm has to offer.
It was also fun that there were NO lines for opening weekend and we could spend quite some time racing each other around the pedaling go-cart track.

It's a Ham Fam race.
Game on!

Even Kellan got in on the pedaling action as he is very big on "doing it myself" these days.

Another first... Kellan jumped in the barrel train by himself.  Riding in this train with the little ones is physically a killer.
Oliver remembered the ropes and jumped right in.
Before the train left the station barn, Kellan's safety anxiety kicked in and Daddy volunteered to ride along with him.  Everyone was a happy camper.
While Grandma and I waited for the train to pull out, we admired the amazing day.
Yes, Colorado really is this amazing.
They are off!
The K's in car one, Oliver in car 2.

Going deeper into Anderson Farms...
... we found an Oliver tractor.
Oliver remembers these tractors year after year.  Early on, the tractor driver heard us call Oliver's name and he let us take a photo with the tractor.  Even though we didn't make it to the farm last year, Oliver still remembers the tractors.
Kellan likes photos too, so we took a "brothers" photo with the Oliver tractor.
We also found a wheelbarrow that none of us could budge.  Even the largest muscles in the Ham Fam couldn't wiggle it.
Try as he might, Kellan couldn't get his back into it enough to lift it off of the ground.
So instead, he threw out some jazz hands.
Another first, the Ham Fam boys took on the corn maze.
We may have watched them enter, but we didn't see them exit for some time.
Grandma and I took full advantage and relaxed in the shade.  Before we knew it, they were busting out of the corn maze with success under their belts.
Kellan always has a soft spot for the any and all animals.

Kellan and Oliver also enjoyed experiencing Cinderella's pumpkin carriage.  We didn't really tell them that it resembled Cinderella's and I'm not sure that they would have noticed.  What I do know is that Oliver wouldn't have touched it if he would have known that it was once Cinderella's.  Kellan doesn't know to care, yet.
Can you see ALL of the Ham Fam boys in the Zaney Rainbow Crazy Maze?

Who would have guessed that a mountain of tires could be so much fun?
Pony rides never get old... unless you're too old for the ponies.

Anderson Farms truly does have everything,
including an opportunity to rope cows.

The key to success is having a rope that's long enough to reach the cow.
Maybe next year Anderson Farms will get the memo.
King of the Tires!
King of the Web
We don't remember this from years past, but we do know that Oliver is 4' tall this fall.
We also know that it's a potential scam as the measuring platform is on a hill.  Who measures on a hill?
Even the great kids go to the Jail House at Anderson Farms.
All of this fun and we haven't even made it to the pumpkin patch yet.

We loaded up the wagon with Grandma and bumpety-bumped out to the pumpkin patch.
It really was a perfect day.
We LOVED being able to take Grandma to the pumpkin patch.
As an added bonus, Grandma took photos of Mommy WITH the family.  What a concept.
Mommy is almost always with the family, but she's usually with the family behind the camera.  Those photos aren't going to capture themselves.
The great pumpkin debate was a big one.
Kellan wanted a nice small one while Oliver wanted a nice big one.  In Oliver's search, he tried selling Kellan on a a pumpkin that he thought was perfect for his little brother.  Oliver is quite the sales man.  Keith may be hiring him soon for Hammer Sales Group.
Mommy's not too bad of a sales woman  herself.
See... proof... Mommy taking photos WITH the family.
(Psst... check out that Las Vegas tan.  Ahh... I miss it already)
Oliver is always game to hunt out the fun pumpkins and then sit on them for a photo.
Kellan finally found his "cute" perfect little pumpkin.
He loved it!
He could carry it.
The (almost) annual Anderson Farms family photo.

Kellan and his cute and perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkin fun.
Check out this crazy and groady pumpkin.
Yes, those "things" are growing on the pumpkin.

Kellan always has a lot to say.
He had a lot to say about his pumpkin and where we were all sitting.

Oliver LOVED his pumpkin too.
He declared it the perfect size and shape for carving.
I would agree.

Oliver literally LOVED his pumpkin :)

Kellan loved his pumpkin AND his bar snack.
He loves his Daddy too.

We all had such a great day that we topped it off with some kettle corn.
Yes, it was worth every penny of the $5 for that bag of kettle corn.
Fun fact about Kellan, he doesn't like popcorn and won't eat it.
Mommy and Oliver, we gobbled it up.
The boys were SO happy to have a day at Anderson Farms and they could have kept going strong for several hours.
We had a truly amazing day at Anderson Farms.
We all left sweaty, exhausted and ready for dinner.
Yes, the boys could have kept on keepin' on at the farm, but all of us over the age of 7 were ready to mark it as a success and hit the road.
Yes, Colorado truly is this magnificent.

Even more magnificent is spending a glorious Saturday with our family and Grandma.  
We Loved it!
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