Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summertime Super Man

I don't gush about how great Keith is as often as I should, so I thought I would take a moment and do just that. Gush, Gush, Gush!!! Keith is THE BEST!!!

On Sunday, he suggested that I should go and get a massage. His reason is because I am always much happier afterwards. I disregard the fact that I could twist this around to mean that he thinks I'm cranky. No, I fully acknowledge the fact that he is the best husband ever, call Massage Envy to get an immediate appointment and skip out the door with a passing kiss to Keith and Oliver. I am fully aware that the countless hours of work that I mentioned in the last post gets all knotted up in my neck and back and life is always more pleasant when someone releases all of that tension. Ahhhh.....

As I skipped out the door I left the camera with Keith just in case Oliver had some cute moments. You know me, I never let a moment pass without a few photos. That morning we FINALLY set up Oliver's pool for him. We bought this pool last summer with high expectations to lounge on the hot summer days. A year later, we put it to use and Oliver couldn't get enough of it. That is, if he was on the outside splashing in. He wouldn't get inside, but he was all about splish splashing from the edge. Can you blame him? The water was CHILLY!!!!

I always find it interesting to look at the photos that Keith takes when I'm not around. Leave two boys at home alone and the creativity freely flows.
This is Oliver going for the setup.
Hmmm... I asked, setup for what?
For Super Man, Of Course!
Keith and Oliver were taking turns pretending to be Super Man on this plastic end table. As much as I shook my head in amazement, I couldn't stop laughing!
I think this sideways twist has a name in the snow boarding world, but as a skier I wouldn't know. Anyone??
It's a Bird!
It's a Plane!
It's an End Table Super Man!!!!
As the morning went on, Keith got side tracked taking pictures of the birds in the fountain. He tells me as he was taking these pictures he began to wonder to himself if Oliver was doing anything cute to take pictures of. As he looked to the side, he saw Oliver proving that cute was an understatement.
Cute with a bucket on his head!!
Hold on tight!!!
Thanks Keith for a great Sunday morning!!!

Rockies Game... Priceless!

Recognition Rockies Tickets for a job well done.... Countless hours of work (The beer must brew!)
Rockies Memorabilia (hat and foam finger) for Oliver.... $35
Hot Dog dinner for Three and Cold Coors Light for Two.... $25
Kids Ice Cream Cone to buy four more innings of patience..... $1.75
A night of family fun.... Priceless!

As you may have guessed, we went to the Rockies and Giants game on Saturday night. We had a great time!
Oliver even found a statue that was just his size!
Who can resist getting a foam finger and a team cap for their kids?
Here is Oliver practicing the finger wave.
Father and Son strolling along at the ball game.
Munchin' on a Hot Dog! YUM!
38 rows up from the 3rd base line. NICE!
Go Rockies, Go!
EEEeeee!!!! This can't be good!
Family Self Portrait with Oliver wondering what on earth we are doing taking pictures when we are suppose to be watching a baseball game.

Sometime around the 3rd or 4th inning the rain came in and moved many of us under cover. Mother Nature may have tried to rain on our parade but we didn't let it scare us away.
Oliver strutting his stuff during the rain.
Mmmmm.... Oliver's first ice cream cone.
He did quite well and didn't get any on himself. I was amazed. It also bought us four more innings of the game. Before the game we were on the edge of a melt down since it was way past bedtime. Ice Cream melted all of Oliver's worries away.
Family photo during the 7th inning stretch.
Ahhh... what a great night!
I can't get enough of the sleepy Oliver photos.
Sweet Dreams of hitting a home run!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seriously, All in One Day??

I didn't realize how busy we were last Saturday until I looked back at the photos. Wow! I can't believe we did this all in one day and it didn't even feel like a busy day.

Saturday morning Oliver and I went to the Stapleton neighborhood yard sale with Jen and Parker. It was quite large but we didn't find many hidden treasures. I was hoping to find some "yard toys" for Oliver to climb on. The only one we found wasn't for sale. We did find this great car track for $1. I'm thinking it is the best dollar I've spent in a very long time. It was missing a lot of stickers and some of the parts aren't quite good as new, but Oliver loves it.
It even came with a great green car!
After we walked and shopped in the hot summer sun for two hours we went to lunch. Parker was sportin' the onsie that we got him in Hawaii last September, way before his arrival.
He was so cute!Jen trying to get Parker to smile for the camera. He had plenty of smiles to go around, until I pulled out the camera.
We headed home for Oliver's nap.
Once Oliver was up, he headed to the garage to help Dad with his latest project. Keith is working on a shelving unit for Oliver's toys in his bedroom. Oliver was sure to inspect all of his Dad's handy work and keep a close eye on the progress.

" Nice Work Dad! You are going to sand this, right?"
In Hamilton family fashion, Oliver and I took a few self portraits just so that everyone would know that I was there too. Ha ha!!

"Ok, Mom... too many pictures!"
Oliver struttin' his stuff with the rides!
Since the garage was now a work shop for the afternoon and the cars were in the driveway, Oliver was hanging in their shadows with Madalyn's feather stick. He LOVES this toy. Why do we buy him his own toys when he prefers Madalyn's?
Checking the tire pressure. He learned this from Grandpa Garner. HA HA!!
Saturday night we went to a wedding vow renewal ceremony. That's right folks... the day keeps going!!!
My friend Michelle from work was renewing her wedding vows with her husband Jason. They have been married for 12 years and now have two daughters. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was fabulous and we had a GREAT time!

Oliver playing with bubbles in the grass.

Oliver putting the bubble stick in his pocket.
Anyone have a pocket protector for this kid?
Blowing bubbles with Miss Rita
There was a great dinner at the wedding but Oliver preferred his blueberries and gold fish. Who needs a fancy dinner when you have SNACKS! They had a great candy bar for the kids (and big kids, right?) that was full of all kinds of yummy treats. Oliver was in luck! They had dum dum suckers!!
They also had "clapper" noise making toys, which he LOVES!

Like most weddings, the kids are a hit on the dance floor. It was great fun to watch Oliver win over the crowd with his moves. He found himself a friend, Page, to dance with as well.
Keith about died laughing at this time. They started a train through the reception that ended up with everyone on the dance floor. Oliver was right in line with the train, laughing the whole way.
Mama swooped in for a spin on the dance floor and Miss Rita was also there having fun with Oliver. He LOVED IT!!
"Come on Dad, it's Boogie Fever!"
Oliver working the crowd during the chicken dance.

Directing the flow during a classic wedding line dance.
Alas, all good parties must come to an end. Finally at 10 PM we peeled Oliver off of the dance floor and shuffled him into the car. Moments later he was sound asleep.
We had a great time! Congratulations Michelle and Jason!!
Check Spelling
The next morning Oliver was up at 7:30. He hasn't quite figured out that it is ok to follow a great party with a later wake up time. We enjoyed a quiet morning sipping coffee and watching Oliver enjoy his $1 find. I'm still thinking this is the best dollar spent in quite some time.

Of course, just because Saturday was packed full of fun doesn't mean Sunday won't be as well. It is THAT time of year again... Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. WOOHOO!!!
Jen, Parker and I spent the day at the mall in search of great deals. I found something for the whole family, including new shoes for Oliver this winter. I knew he liked shoes, but not this much. He seriously was so excited and loved them. I have a great video that is super cute but it won't upload :( Yes, this truly is a kid after my own heart... and feet!

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