Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy Hour, Every Hour

Finally, our first FULL day at the beach.  We couldn't wait!!
We loaded up and headed out.
Oliver discovered a boogie board in the beach shed at our rental.  He was fired up.
Ahhh..... ocean breeze!
Oliver helped Kellan approach the ocean with his boogie board and sand bucket.  It's important to be prepared for anything.
Nothing cuter than a beach bum in goggles.
Kellan had quite a hole going.
"Look Mommy.  Mommy Look!"
Kellan is (almost) always willing to give a great smile for the camera.  It typically comes with an adorable head tilt.
There goes Oliver.
He's the tiny person to the righto of the photo.
One of the (many) reasons that we love Siesta Key is because you can go out for miles (so it feels) and it doesn't get very deep.
Meanwhile, back at the beach, happy hour is in full swing.
The Hitzels and Ham Fam, loving life at the beach!!!
John, Laurie, Carrie, Keith
Kellan, Oliver
It wouldn't be a beach vacation without traditional beach photos.
Laurie and John
Carrie and Keith
Photos are done, happy hour continues.

Sista' Siesta Fiesta!
I caught Kellan trying to catch a wave from a safe distance.  I'm pretty sure that he's the cutest safe surfer, EVER!

I showed him how to move with the waves (as if I actually know, but he doesn't know the difference).  He put a few sways in his surfing.
Laurie and John LOVING Siesta Key!
Kellan was still waiting for that epic wave, from a safe distance.

Laurie and John were still having fun in the water.
Jazz Hands!!
Life is ALWAYS more fun with Jazz Hands!!
Kellan must have been doing something right because he had an admirer stroll by to check him out.  This kid has skillz!
Such a great time hanging with Laurie.
Still waiting on waves and still cute as ever.
Oliver and Daddy go their sculpting on when they created a shark on the beach.
Oliver was SUPER excited about this beached shark.
So excited that he dove for shark teeth to embellish the sculpture.
After an amazingly perfect first day at the beach, we loaded up and our sherpa ushered us home.
After a quick clean up, we were bellied up at SKOB (Siesta Key Oyster Bar) for happy hour.
While we waited for our table the boys wanted ice water.  As much as it pained me that their water was in "these" glasses, I still took photos.  They are too cute to pass up.
I think "Uncle John" kind of liked the boys a bit.
By this time in our trip, John and Laurie had been promoted to an Aunt and Uncle.

Once seated, we ordered up the happy hour special, half priced Oysters on the Half Shell.
Uncle John and Daddy couldn't wait to show Oliver the ways of the Oyster world.
Aunt Laurie demonstrated for Kellan.  He was curious but not biting.
He tried to stab it with a fork and that was about as far as his efforts went.
Meanwhile, Uncle John was giving a full demonstration to Oliver and he was intrigued.

Next up, it was Oliver's turn.
He tasted it, he pondered it...
... HE LIKED IT!!!
Our Oyster Loving Dudes!!
John, Oliver and Keith
Going back for another one.

He's practically a pro.


Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Mommy and Kellan are sticking with Calamari.

Kellan gave the calamari FIVE Thumbs Up.
Daddy tried to persuade Kellan with an Oyster.
He got an adamant, "NO!"
He also gave some funny faces, which Daddy mirrored.
So, the Oyster party continued at the other end of the table.

Keith, Kellan, Laurie, Carrie, John and Oliver.
Loving SKOB!
As dinner was winding down, Kellan pulled out his go-to line, "can I sit in your lap?"  Aunt Laurie was an instant sucker.
They had a very cute chat.

After a fantastic dinner, we boarded Johnny Free Ride and headed out.  This Ham Fam party had some family photos to go take while Laurie and John needed an early bedtime after spending the day with the always-busy Ham Fam.
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