Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baseball Rolls On

It's Saturday, so there must be a baseball game.
Yes, yes, there's a baseball game.
We've got a uniform and a bit of attitude, we're ready to roll.
Kellan knows that it's best to just get comfortable.
REALLY comfortable.
Oliver continues on his hitting streak.
As the ball flies at a consistent 40 mph, his face shows that it's no easy task.
Need a closer look?
No harm no foul, he's on first base with a bit of a smile for his fans (or... um.. Mommy).
On second base, he decides to raise the stakes.
"oh ya... you can't get me."
"What are you looking at?  I'm on base.  There's nothing to see here."
As Oliver rounded third, the third baseman was ready.
If only someone would throw that third baseman the ball, he's ready and waiting to tag the runner.
Then, he's off.
Sorry third baseman, we call that a lost opportunity.
Of course, the next move was to run it into home for another run for the Redhawks.
Kellan's not completely convinced that this is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Well, maybe it's all ok.
A much better way to spend the afternoon is messing around with your buddies.
It's amazing that I have so many great photos of these three with the jokesters in the crowd.
Sometimes, it's better to just call it a humous round of out takes.
I do have a great appreciation for Emerson's constant cute and ready pose.  That's my kind of girl!
At the end of the day, it's all fun and game, whether on or off the field.

Oh Golden Day

When the Heinemans call you on a Sunny Saturday for lunch in Golden, you go.
We love living so close to downtown Golden.  There are people who travel to come here but we just saunter down the road and arrive.  It's fantastic.

The boys enjoyed watching the river rush by from the steps of the restaurant patio.
Oliver, Owen and Kellan (who kept a watchful eye on the rushing water below)
I went to the restroom and when I came back, I saw this.
Complete Cuteness.
Yes, it may be cuteness centered around an iPhone, but it's still cuteness.
After lunch, we took the boys for Frozen Yogurt as a treat for being so patient with the parents LONG conversations.
Oliver was in charge of filling his bowl.  As it kept piling in, I said "NO MORE NO MORE" and he replied with "I CAN'T GET IT TO SHUT OFF".  This may have been a ploy.  He was pulling down instead of pushing up on the handle.
Oliver teaching his little brother how to load up his healthy frozen yogurt with not-so-healthy toppings.
The results, a $7 frozen yogurt and a VERY happy boy.
All three boys, so happy for their treat.
Oliver taking a ride on the wild side.
After we parted ways, we went for a walk to the creek so that the boys could go down the slide.
Clearly, there was no sliding today.  The mountain run off had completely buried the landing pad, along with the fish statues.  Finally, the fish can swim in real water.
The brewery and flooding Clear Creek from downtown Golden.
Since we couldn't ride the slide, we hiked the rocks.

I went to take some photos of Kellan and he busted out some great Lion roars.
"Mommy, I'm a Lion, Roar."

Do you feel like you just watched a Lion in the zoo roaring?  I do.  Kellan has such a big and amazing imagination.  He's constantly talking and imagining.

Our rock climbing guy.
"Mommy, take a photo of me on the Dragon."
Again, roaring, except this time it's like a Dragon.
As I was taking photos of Kellan, I noticed that Oliver and Keith had snuggled up on the top of the rocks.  I sure do love catching quiet moment like this.

Not to be outdone, two last photos from Kellan.

Oh Happy Day!
Oh Golden Day!

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Sign of Summer: the Pool Opening Party

We feel so fortunate that the neighborhood that we moved into has a community pool.  We love having it practically in our backyard and we always enjoy the community pool parties over the summer holidays.

It is SO fun to see Kellan swimming in the pool.  He has been practicing in the tub all winter and now, he's swimming in the little pool.  This is how he swims in the tub, on his belly with his hands under him.  It makes perfect sense that it translated to the pool.

Last year, Kellan spent most of his time standing outside of the pool.  This year, he jumped right in.
Oliver was SO excited to see his friend Adriano at the pool.  Adriano was in the hood visiting another school buddy so he joined the pool party.  When I asked Oliver if he was excited to see his friends, he said "They are ALL Here!".  It was like a Kindergarten reunion.
Kellan enjoyed some snuggles with Mommy.
Kellan then swiped the camera and took a few photos of Daddy and Oliver having fun in the pool.
Fly, Oliver, Fly!
My all time favorite pool party photo.  Oliver taking off for flight while Daddy basks in the light of a half moon.
Nice Photo, Kellan.  You're a pro in the making.
My Three Favorite Boys!!
Happy Pool Opening!
Happy Summer!
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