Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Flurries to Florida - Hamilton Family Vacation 2011

Snow, be gone with you!
When we woke up to leave for Florida, snow was covering the ground.  We smiled with joy and Oliver kicked the snow as if to say "see ya later, suckas", we jumped in the car and headed off for our vacation destination, the Sunshine State!
We are finally on the airplane and ready for take off.
Kellan has no fear of flying.  Who would at this age?  It's all good sitting on Dad's lap.
Attention, this is your Captain not Speaking.
 For the first time in a very long time, Oliver slept on the airplane.  He even denied watching a movie, which he was very excited to do.  He said "No, I'm tired", closed his eyes and went to sleep.
As siblings typically do, these two didn't nap at the same time.  Oliver was enjoying some Incredibles on the DVD player and Kellan was enjoying a nap compliments of Dad's biceps.
We arrived at the airport early, got all of our baggage and headed off to the rental car, only to WAIT and WAIT!!  Hertz had over booked their cars and people had been waiting for hours.  We had our travel agent on the phone but there wasn't much any of us could do about it.  Just as the travel agent had come up with alternative plans our car came through.  Meanwhile, Oliver and Kellan continued to be amazing troopers.  Oliver pulled out his new Spider Man coloring book and colored me a great photo.
Kellan was comfortable sitting on Mom's lap playing with a few of his toys.  For documentation sake, he had a MAJOR blow-out diaper right after we got settled in at Hertz.  Keith was in line for the car so I thought I would quickly change him in the middle of the chaos.  I knew it smelled bad, but I had NO idea that it was WAY up his back.  It's good that I changed him, but it was a disaster area.  As soon as Keith got back I rushed off to wash my hands.  It was disgusting!!  Yes Kellan, your bare bum was exposed at Hertz, but do you have any idea what trauma your poor Mother suffered?  Ugh!  His t-shirt went from "Small Fy" to "Hunka Burnin' Love"  Appropriate, right?

We had ordered a full-size car but they only had mid-size.  We (literally) crammed ourselves and all of our stuff in the car and headed out.  Kellan cried for the next hour.  He had hit his ending point and couldn't see out the window, due to the style of car.  We think he may get car sick or claustrophobic because he does best when he can see out the window.  Eventually both boys fell asleep and we soon arrived at our destination in Longboat Key, Florida.
The resort is beautiful.  To the West are the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  To the East are 400 acres of golfing and tennis.  Our room is PERFECT!  Our balcony and patio (yes, we have both) face East to the golf, lagoon and shady palm trees.  We are only a few steps from the beach.  We couldn't be happier.
I like to take photos of our rooms and I know to do it before we get moved in.  Kellan is right in the center of the main room.

We have a little kitchenette, which has been perfect for breakfast and lunch.  We tend to dine out in the evenings to enjoy some local cuisine.  There is also a washer/dryer in the kitchen closet.  To the right of the TV is a bathroom with two huge closets.
It's been a long day of travel so we are hitting the hay.  We can't wait to spend the next day at the beach.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kellan Want a Cracker?

Kellan is a snack muncher!
He loves to munch while we eat or do chores around him.  His latest find, a saltine cracker.  Keith and Oliver are big cracker lovers and Kellan is following suit.  Not only does he love munching, it must feel good on his budding gums as well.

As always, Oliver is never far away and is always interested in gaining some attention himself.
Oliver want a cracker too?

Kellan's Sick Days

Poor Kellan.  He was sick and had to stay home for four days to recover.  He had an ear infection, a bug from school and he was cutting his front two teeth.  All three together made for one cranky, uncomfortable and feverish child.  This, all just days before we were due to leave for our Hamilton Family Vacation 2011.  Mommy and Daddy took turns staying home with him and we made it through.  By Friday he was great and headed back to school, just in time to take a week away for vacation.  He did have a few cute moments that I took photos of.

Kellan practicing his piano skills.
Having some puffs for a snack.
I was trying to capture the dramatic way in which Kellan was sitting, but it doesn't come through on the photo.  He was leaning forward on both elbows.  It was if it took eery ounce of effort to hold himself up right to eat the puffs.

Such concentration, much like his older brother, Oliver.

Kellan started crawling a few weeks back and he has finally figured out how to get where he wants and get into what he wants.  He has even discovered how to open the door to the DVD cupboard and pull a few out.

"Come on, Mom.  How about some Aristocats?"
Look at me, standing all by myself.

Madalyn even came around to check us out.  She will be 16 years old in August.

Even though Kellan was home sick, he would have bursts of energy that needed released.

We are so glad that he has passed his sick stage and hopefully he is well on the mend.  We didn't know for sure that he was teething, but we were confident.  On Saturday morning, it was confirmed.  Both of his bottom teeth were poking through.  His bottom right was the first out and the bottom left was just behind it as far as progress goes.  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

On Sunday, we woke up to snow.  It must have been Easter.  With Easter being at the very end of April, I expected sunshine and warm weather.  What was I thinking?

We started our Easter celebration on Friday night when Oliver colored eggs.

Oliver LOVES stickers.
The more stickers, the better!

Keith showed Oliver how to shrink the plastic wraps around the eggs with a hair dryer.
So pretty!
It is amazing how the Easter Bunny manages to take a picture of the baskets when he drops them off.
Oliver and Kellan's baskets.
On Easter morning, Oliver was So excited that the Easter bunny had not only stopped by, but he had been in him room to hide his basket.

Once Oliver had dug through his own basket, he headed off to Kellan's room to help him find his basket.
Here he is, showing Kellan his pin wheel.
Kellan was so excited about some new puff snacks that he tried chewing on them right away.
Then, it was back to Oliver's basket.
"The Easter Bunny brought me jelly beans, and I ate one".
Oliver loved the jelly beans.  We may have let him splurge a little by having some candy first thing in the morning.  It's just a fun part of being a kid.

Check out the new Spider Man shades the Easter Bunny brought Oliver.  The other pair met the end of their days when they found themselves in the hands of a curious three-year old boy.
Oliver dreaming of eating the M&M's but Mom said "No more candy".
Back in Kellan's room, Oliver showed Kellan how the pin wheels blow in the breeze of the humidifier.
Oliver got an awesome bubble gun from the Easter Bunny.
Who knew the bubbles would stack up.
The breakfast table was a little cleaner this morning.

Kellan and Oliver dressed up in their Sunday best that Nana sent them for Easter.
Not all photo moments are perfect with two small boys.  I show you two examples of photos that were taken, clearly when they were not in the mood.  Kellan was dreaming of a nap and Oliver probably had one too many jelly beans that soured his mood.
I must say, this picture cracks me up.  I think we are seeing a future vision of Oliver as an unaccommodating teenager.
For Easter, we walked to the church behind our house.  We really enjoy the sermon's at this church.  Plus, it is so convenient.  

Kellan was so tired that he slept through the Easter service.  As always, Oliver's favorite part was the music.  The sermon was a bit tough for him this morning.  Maybe one too many jelly beans.  Then, it was back home for some bubble action.

After church, we went to the Martin house for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt.  Oliver has gone to school since an infant with Owen.  Owen is 10 days younger than Oliver.  Owen's brother Cole is 3 days younger than Kellan.  We couldn't have planned that coincidence if we would have tried.  Owen's Mom Kristi and I got to know each other while we were both on maternity leave. 

The kids getting ready to run out for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Owen, Oliver, Connor and Grace (Twin Siblings that are one month older than O&O)
He's Off!
Going Low...
Going High...

Showing off their finds to Connor and Grace's parents.
Kellan was getting sleepy so Keith went and put him down for a nap while we enjoyed lunch.
He woke up a little while later with a 102 degree fever.  We immediately packed up and headed home.  This was the start of a week long illness.  We kept Kellan home for the next four days.  Monday he was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Keith took him back on Thursday and his ear infection was still bad but the Dr wanted to give the antibiotics more time.  By Friday, he was doing much better.  On top of the ear infection, he had a bug, compliments of his friends at Primrose and he was cutting his first teeth.
Before we knew Kellan was about to wake up with a fever, the four kids checking out their loot.

Happy Easter Everyone!!
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