Sunday, April 9, 2017

Oliver's Soccer Revival

When Oliver was three, he started playing soccer with his first team sport.
When Oliver was four, we moved from Littleton to Golden and we couldn't quite figure out the soccer options and how to get involved.  In the meantime, we were invited to try flag football and Oliver has been playing that ever since.
As Oliver met friends who played soccer, he said that he wasn't interested in playing on a team even though they played at recess and in the backyard. 
This past winter, he decided to play soccer with his friends with an indoor league and he LOVED it!
This Spring, he laced up his cleats and got back on the soccer field.

In true Oliver style, he's focused, determined and aggressive.  He's learning a ton and having even more fun.  It's great to watch him learn and grow.

He is also running and breathing more than ever before.  These kids work hard!

We look forward to watching Oliver take to soccer with the same drive that he takes to most everything that he has passion for.  It's going to be a great season.

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